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UNT - JAPN 2050 - Study Guide - Final

Created by: Allison Robison Elite Notetaker

> > > > UNT - JAPN 2050 - Study Guide - Final

UNT - JAPN 2050 - Study Guide - Final

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School: University of North Texas
Department: Japanese
Course: Intermediate Japanese
Professor: Yayoi Takeuchi
Term: Spring 2019
Tags: JAPN2050
Name: JAPN 2050 Chapter 22 EXAM Study Guide
Description: These notes cover every point that we have learned in Chapter 22 of the Genki Textbook.
Uploaded: 04/05/2019
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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 22 EXAM STUDY GUIDE] Section Cousative Sentences Causative formi for 3 verlos : DROP FINAL3, and do-t3. saser) EXAMPLE: AA A #3. For 2-verbs PROP FINAL 2 and add-5 3 (seru) ENDINGS: <-> .. " OR IRREGULAR VER 72- 303 +3 ---> *3 Causative Structure: Director 4t/ti" cast vol coject te ) + Laviative verbo What does it mean? DIRECTOR < decides what is allowed. The permanentencing the action CAST = this person per torms the action The sentence describes WHO makes /lets SOMEONE do something DIRECTOR, is/tr" CAST 1 [object 7.)cassative wibo Be nedetto Sinector makellots cast done DIRECTOR 6 / CAST (ldsett) cawative + $17"3/ 3 diretor lets cast de PIRECTOR LE C AST ( [clajecte to causative +75+ **) please let me do OEXAMPLE SENTENCAST CACATIVE FORM OLYZACY ST!tatto ENGLISH: The father needed his chibeat vegetables a thot 3(103<333 Th The CTO ENGLISH: The Sew student mode tre junior studies drive the car. The 7t lt"3 - use when you watashi) are making someone who something letfang KAT< 3 use when SOMEONE ELSE (susci, mother father. et is letting you do something. 27 (1-use to ask permission or volunteer to de Sorocthing. 222222 SECTION (Zverb stem turbo Verk stem + tot E A COMMAND La masu form without masu! talking clown to Somene used by parents or teachers. EXAMPLE: 0510105 ZADU ) --- CALL HOME EVERY GAY, KAA STUDY MORE OFTEN, To make I NEGATIVE VERO (Short farm) + D a commond NOT to do something + tot 81 ** from 3 to stge EXAMPLE Otk. ab P 39 4g t?, Z. STOP / DON T COMPLANSECTIONA): - form REVIEW VERBS AFFIRMATIVE Adrp final -2, and add-1 3- Nitra II. + 3THE --- <3 ----> H re VERBS - NEGATIVE! Use tro) fom. Drop final ) ad inta Ex. - )--> 1ts: 1 6 " nit" form, tot ang ? C 't "Everything will be okay it... ( verb) Ex. 30 < 200 szt. Everything wi be okay if you take this medicine [ Clause Ar (t from Clause 3] ="if A. then B EX HORTA Vito 119613. * Review - *"* tiste If Irun, I will be in time to cater the train. I wish I had done." EX. <335it (15013Y0 3600++. If you have a car, you can go to various places, telusually this form "guarantees a good result in B SECTION :- Dec - CONNECTS 2 FACTS clause (A) Da Clause B]"A, but comtrocy to expectatins, B"} EX) LOT 301 KOLCZ She is home, but does not swer the phone B despite the fact A * te city on fans, that to becomes ts) *

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