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C of C - ACCT 204 - week 7 notes - Class Notes

Created by: Leah Endean Elite Notetaker

> > > > C of C - ACCT 204 - week 7 notes - Class Notes

C of C - ACCT 204 - week 7 notes - Class Notes

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School: College of Charleston
Department: Accounting
Course: Managerial Accounting
Professor: Jeffrey Yost
Term: Spring 2019
Tags: Accounting
Name: week 7 notes
Description: Please do course evaluations!! if 95% of people do it we all get 5 points on the final
Uploaded: 04/18/2019
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Unformatted text preview: Review for Test Tectoraty based costing | ? E4337 Compute the activity rate for each OLEH of machine hows 30,006 40,000 10,000 of design hours 3,200 1. roo 3,000 of batches 50 2 275 Total Chau.cost COST driver 54-4) frity-Based cosima Determme the amount of overhead assigned by earn product? Product A S PEED machine 3.90 y 30000 - 7000 Design 9.20 x 3200 = 29,940 Setup 143.20 X50 = 7 Ibo Total are nad 153,600 for Product To find orehead - Activity rate X fictrine Driver Fadd all valves together 40 E 4-12 Fabric Cose Leo . COS T# of labor nous 15 000 9.000 # of material moves 440 600 # of setups 40 MOH costs = $150 000 - $ 110,000 materials - 40,000 set up traditional Cong Sysco Calculate the overbead assigned to the fabric case Hotal overhead costs 150,00 62S DL hour COS+ driver 15.000 +4,000 activity rate Fabric Case Ime: DL hours x activity rette 15,000 X 6.25 = $93, 7750

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