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MSU / ISS / ISS 310 / What does it mean when interest rates are low?

What does it mean when interest rates are low?

What does it mean when interest rates are low?


o Email: abierema@msu.edu o Office Hours: Monday 11:30am-12:30pm, Tuesday 1:3

What does it mean when interest rates are low?

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L. ISS notes cont.] - Low interest rates - increase housing ..Construction.....

uinuneased and..pa.cl ... B.aby boomen.. reach 50's prime.lanning,

What chemicals are used in lawn care?

We also discuss several other topics like What is meant by market structure?

...teams................. ... Changes in product formulator

business practices - "pullo push".. But economic factors offer incomplete

elamation. components of lawn CAALALALA

oltexbiudes. Cuveed killers.)

What is the full meaning of lawn?

-Oniginally..arsenic... - replaced by 24-...

-only targets weedy plants If you want to learn more check out What is the difference between slander libel and defamation?

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Glyphosphate ce.g. Roundup.).

-nonselective - Kills plants.down.

... to the roots PicComba , МОРА ОСОА.

- considered usage Pesticides

Most popular classified as organap

Study Sp We also discuss several other topics like What is meant by binary relation?




Farms had made use of on-farm. resources

• Mixed farming grains, vegetables,

livestock, dairy both for consumption ... & market Don't forget about the age old question of Can you be a social worker with a masters in psychology?

• Rotation grains, legumes, fallow).

pasturage Post WWII transformations

Modernization of agriculture becomes

pouay because of efficiency production . imperative


Replacement op on farm w/ purchased inputs.

· Need to increase acreage ......... Role of credit grows.financial institütions became important actors

in agri-food foydtem. Oleos



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SE If you want to learn more check out How can one determine which resonance structure is most stable?

ISS 210 Notes to 3-26-19. What is a "lown?

..-Anarea.0..short, mown grass in a... If you want to learn more check out How does the body regulate blood osmolality?


From Laund. malade". Recreational.mx aesthetic purposes

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•Grass... - Various species of twsarass...

• Rhizomatic : Grau.ws from. The bottom ..

What is the meaning of alawn?

- Duesithave the power to produce

certain kinds of people... .." Turfgrass subjects

From Robbins. shamp. (2003).

• Higher rates...ahemical usein

correspond tomaner icomess levels of educationdegree of envirome mal concen Economic Factors offer partial explanation

- Economic boom.my me 90's, more ...discretionary income.





Wild rubber trees widely spaced.cest can't.

go from treetotree.... - shift toplantations in SEAsia earm 2014 cent. Bananas.

- Panama disease - Gros Miche cavendish...


Agromonocultures & efficiency.

At ist glance vast monocultums of .. ( Whatever) appear to produce more by... way of efsinency..

Studies in numerous places. I settings... over time bevice that overa u proda uction foodl unit of land is far... Superior.o.n.diverse hetenuitwal farms

. Conclusion: Agrobiodiversity


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Second Agricultural Revolution Industrialization of agriculture

Began in Ewrope - Middle aged Later phasese post WWII acceleration

Gradual transformation across multiple sectors

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Pesticides cont.). ...- Work by interfering with nervous system.

- Blocks breakdown of messenge...

... chemical" which accumulates & over...

whelms. Hervous system... - non-Organophosphate replacement - Senin



- Risks og long term exposure UNDER

Studied - Synergisti...lffects usually not studied - Many synthetic fibers will accumulate

toxins within their structures.


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Agricultural Revenunens.....

First origins.l.original diffusion or... agriculture

La 1000 BCE, multiple hearths....

long diffusion . Secondj industrialization of agriculture ...Single hearth arreater Europe escale.extent, intensification

Medival era through industrial tero lution

•N LAW Fe(Chјаи , ГОСТ105) Crop ... Application of new machment &

technologies colonization - Speadlized production.com

agricultur. 3rd Agriculturarvendution

Post WW2; 3 main characteristics

Integration among priman, secondary

S tertiary & quartemans sectors. Intensive mechanization...

Allowed vast areas to be wiltivated

o promoted monoculture Bibtechnology












In many..countries.w.water services have

been privatized. Often as a result of ..0.0r State management. U S. Bottled water consumption Sales

Types of water saanuty...

Hydrocoel.ca - Technolog..can infrastructure


- Perceptual Bottles & Water

Both betroleum & water needed

to make bottles

3:1 - Refill Stations.?

Better than purchase penaps

• Plastie trash generation Most bottles eure not necaled

Other fresn water issues 2008 - Drugs in the water! 4 U.S.

citus & Rural wells also

Antibiotics...sex hormones,.blood. Thinners, .

mood stabiliters



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Studys pup

More customers-greater quantity of ... sales.

competition among suppliers.


• Demands of size, share appearance microbial alcantlar stricter

than public health standards

• Slotting fees Mechanization of agriculturel Energy.

Analysis - Energy input required to fill hectare. of so

Human wine.; 400 hrs.... ... Energy In/ Energy out ratios.

luosest to most efficient return) Corn 3.8421 ... Chicken 4:1 ... turkey 101

Milk 14:1 ... Pig. 14:11 egg. 3911 Beef 401 Lamt 57:11

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Opm, Tuesuay

Si dys




ISS 310 - Class.23. Bottled water. I 412/19.

Water & Justice ... Manifest globally. I locally..

- The issue for urban areas Gespecially ... wate..cannot be assessed treated.... ... delivered for free al... aspects cost.

money - Kural areas: supplies.often distant

unveriables.vanjing degree of safety. Take away people can believe that a. price tag on water can make it taste. better...

Water & Justice.cus edition). - Plight of Detroit well known.

... Depopulation 1.86 mil-676.k. - City.owed $118. million in overdue neciepts

50% customers not paying

• Account to days past due or 28100 ... In arrears received shut off notices. - Commercial accounts treated differentep Baltimore

City has $40.mil. in overdue bills

2500 households will lose water

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Office Hours: Monday 11:30am-12:30pm, Tuesd


Green Revolution". - Postar population growth malthusian

predictions especially.m india - Bigan in Mexico 1940$ - JRR Philippines established 19c6o.

'Mirane Rice success or was it? Variety of changes effected agro-nomis, conomic...&. Souar 20

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3/19/19 I56.3.10. Cass. 19: Innaland oceans.). 21 [Discussed exam grades questions. 3 [Discussed WA 2] & Fishing, fisheries, & overfishing..

Histori. New England.cod fishery

- Fisher...once mostly Ikish Subts...

commarn... English. Mange to Italian

Porto... Movie Sacred Cod











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15S 310- 3.128/19 - Water

to of the Earth's surface = water... "96.5% of water is in the oceans... u3.5% is freshwater.

1% is in groundwater, rivers, lakes

Bottled water - Bohled water is an act.of.commodifi

Apped based on "Vanified Catin heuth benefits & erit patter..

of consumption rather than rational choice" : Demand created..as a weny to o address under consumption..

remain arowth-driven company

State of the global bottled

water market an Range of bottled water products. they differ...are trecuted somewhat

differently under nationale ...International laws...





ISS310. French fries cont.). 4:10-19

Retailing & Food .• Open-air public markets.

o lath-century corered muniple.

markets lhealth reasons.

• Independent Specialty shops bitcher,

fishmonger.baiker.greengimcem.) ;.

Previsionist... o supermarketi emerged u.s., mid 20th cent




Supermarkets & the food sistem : Maximization o.s.artes obcoud.site

Widening group of.consumers.

- Economa.growth

• Consumers. construct & reshape needs

wants.. - Producers: Advocate.con behalf of


safety, quality

Price Greater site more customers

Move out of city locations lower land costs, greater areas of parking

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Ulice ruUIS. IVIUIUay


Stuc SA


........... Rates mumcard 4.2...Over 3 years.

•40% of Baltimore residents are


Study oup

Flint & the Water crisis.

Need to..contextualize .... urban cemiters in Muover 20.12184 centuries .....: Changamo...obal.economies.ismo null

1.0. neoliberal polides from 1970.5....

on ward: Wem's Rep admin.)

'faxation' 'bąd.... Fate of State funds/ infrastructure $$ EM O - Flint GML

Mrrancarta de Valenciana i edut

... Multilateral development

Порми 8 10 балуу. High custs . Displacement 0) people ... ... Dams.disrupt scosystems..





15.310 @class. 27: Agnculture final words

- E-waste Readings Key point.........



Sage ..........Carlisle :Productivism not Farmers are nisk necessarily hest averse

response.......... ...Gov't payment. Holistic approach programs maintain needed: ecological status ano... economically viable....'no market for & Soually just Montana Wafilm

lonnect.production. ..why? .. ..consumption : Alternatives are

pussibu(but not eam

GMOS Issues

- Experimentation takes place in the

field, not labs Intellectual.property rights issues - Impact on ecosystem's ? - Costs of R&D Unlikely to lead to food

Jeunity among instume populations

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3) StySound

ISS 310 Class 24: French fries. I& agriculture)

419199... ... Why French frils?

- Emblematic nature of these


the unrent agro/food system - Topic focused on agriculture

mene broadly - only topic of the course that has ...


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Agriculture Environment & Society.

Acriculture & Nature

As it is currently practiced m some areas of the world, agr. is among the most environmentally

harmful and uses Agriculture & Hunger

. warenthuningh food is produced to provide every Kumman 12000 cal/

day.... -80% 0 the worlds hunger is in

mural areas










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Agriculturamand as invesiment assets.

Both direct indirect investments ..Direct - Purchase of land.

through local actors & companies - Indirect invested in companies ...that use palm oil,etc

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What about organic?.. ...1995-81 independent organic processors

...In the usmid-2000... down to 15... Michael Pallan - Rise of biquoxqamu..

Will lower quality. Welken Standards, ... hurt small farms... Organic or local? Which is better?

Diban Agriculture ..Selming contradiction?

- Urban, rural - not a binary... - Agnulture long a part of historical

urban land use - Often framed as survival imperative

among the desparaten - Bult provide many other benefits!

| Stuasa


Agricultural.continuum.c.cont.) .... Subsistence


t commercial

• For most farmers in the world, this.... ... is not a strong dualism... ... Most commercial farmers consume. ... Some of their fam produce... most...

Subsistence farmers. Sell/market a... uitle of what they grow locali

ud So

Monoculture - Rare outside of conimer cual agriculture

systems that emerged in the and agriculturell revokition'..... - Disease...ether pest issues

can create Ideal conditions - pestuude treadmill practius

select for the most persistent resistant pests; Heed mores. repeat Historic Examples of monoculture issues * The rear Famine 1845-1852

Potato Blight

• Hundreds of landracem. Indes.one in Ireland


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Cont... What gets grown most?

- Raw materials for other pruducts,

luxunes, or food? ... ... Coffel teasugarsol.cotton.


Sady so


Accicultural Originas.

First Agricultural Revolution' (of 3) Agriculture most likely.developed.

independenti in multiple hearths

Primany & secondang . Diffusion to other areas . ca. 26.000 BLE

Earliest agriculture ürely NOT. based on


Hunger driven motives Vavilor & Harlan Nil. Valviloy

Origins of ultivated plant species a

Founded red pankin St. Petersburg ... 8 centers of origin



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4/18/19 - Electronics have been around for over

... a untuny... - Materials Shift - Majow.chandlu.mth the advent of TV... - Computers

- Circuit boards

- monitors....


computers........... .. o Plastics...

• Phones

• key point of text: Waste is a result of both producing & consuming.

-Transaction costs.

Product life aldesno ... Extremely short for techonology

- Memory.lcapability - Size - Moores law' - Market growth

Lifecycle analysis. (UCA).asa. useful tool." ...but.can be surprising!

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