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Texas State - Chem 1342 - Class Notes

Created by: Skylar A Elite Notetaker

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Texas State - Chem 1342 - Class Notes

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School: Texas State University
Department: Business
Course: General Chemistry II
Professor: Jeff McVey
Term: Spring 2019
Tags: Thermodynamics, Spontaneity, and entropy
Name: CHEM 1342 weekly notes
Description: these note will cover what will be on the upcoming exam (Exam 4) as well as information needed to know for the ACS final exam this is part one of chapter 19. part 2 will be uploaded at the end of the week
Uploaded: 04/21/2019
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Unformatted text preview: * entropy spontaneity * 4/15 Chapter 19 - Thermodynamics Kinetics V. Thermodynamics thermodynamics tells us the direction of the rin Wl no info on the speed of rxn Kinetics focuses on the pathway btwn reactants & Products thermodynamics focuses on initial final States Spontaneous Rxns a Spontaneous rxn occurs wlo outside intervention the rxn may be fast or slow most spontaneous vxns (w nut Oil are exothermic what other factors are important? Examples of Spontaneity boll YouS down a hill gas filling the gas tank Uniformly heat flow always OCCUES from a hot object to a Cooler One @ temps below 0 C, water freezes, temps above 0'C ile mens [endothermic process] Entropy . the driving force for a Spontaneous process is an Tin entropy of the voiverse entopy is abbreviated as S. * things notruly progress from order disorder concentrated + dilute / Spread outSpontaneous Rxo Voder a given Set of conditions, arxn Will naturally proceed in either the forward or reverse direchon until the System is equilibrium thermodynamics + the Study of energy A energy drives au reactions Using thermodynamics, it is possible to predict which run will occur Spontaneously Lachvation enexy determines vate Spontaneity of Rxns water undergoes Phase Changes dependent on temperature: @ temps higher than 0 C H2O(5) H20 (1) temps lower than DC: SOME Halo H20 (5) 4 temps higher than 100 VDH2O0) Hz0() * What is the advantage of the liquide gas phases higher temps??? Spontaneous Spread of Energy * 2ND LAW OF THERMODYNAMICS the entropy of the Universe 1 for any > Spontaneous process energy always spreads out in some way during every Sportaneous process *if energy con spread out during a rxni will be Spontaneous (but may be slow)Phase Changes Revisited" @ high temps. L energy confined in matter Spreads out by Spreading out the matter itself (liquids boil) @ low temps... > energy is released as helt when new bonds form (the freezing of a liquid exothermic energy Spreads out in some way for any Spontaneous process Entropy (S) entropy (S): measures how widely energy is dispersed aka "measure of disorder a system wh relatively few equivent ways to arrange it's components has low entropy (a crystalline Solid low T) . a system wil many Quivalent ways to arrange it's components has high entropy la gas high T) Example Spontaneous Processes # expansion of a gas * dissolution * exchange of heat from a hot Object Object cold

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