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Baylor University - PSC 2302 - Political Science Week 12 Notes - Class

Created by: Alex Lamb Elite Notetaker

> > > > Baylor University - PSC 2302 - Political Science Week 12 Notes - Class

Baylor University - PSC 2302 - Political Science Week 12 Notes - Class

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School: Baylor University
Department: Political Science
Course: American Constitutional Government
Professor: Mr. Ben Slomski
Term: Spring 2019
Tags: political, Science, polysci, Baylor, and Week12
Name: Political Science Week 12 Notes
Description: These are the cases covered for week 12
Uploaded: 04/22/2019
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Unformatted text preview: polysci SOUP CASCIOCKner idea investion: What can the stoc regulate Keyidcas: berty of contract individuals have the dont to sell their services 2) state can regulate things that are amoral, bitman fer birer bombmaler, etc. baking isn't a difficult job should be able to work the brs they wish, isn't like a hard factory job herbet Spencer - founder of social clarwinism, Survival of the fittest in social setting judge helmes Secial earwinism is @ play here, Substantive due process isn't written any where in the constitution just a way for big companies to get there ideas in law in question gives big bakeries a competitive edge, hurts small ones bc they have less workers have to work more hours to compete case: griswald vs Connecticut . was arrested on purpose to get rid of the Connecticut law that banned contraceptives griswald is the owner of planncel parenthood penumbra shadows gray arca in the bill of rights! : 1, 3,4,5,9 amendment constitutional right of privacy - judge macenall concurs judge black dissents, this is a silly law, but no where in the constitution does it say privacy is given to intimate decisionspolysci SOUP 115 the Constitution review of last clasa: different views of dve process D procedural- gov must give a fair process AS sted in gov must fairly rog, 2) ustantive liberty of contract, taken out in Create good laws . Us parish privacy - griswald vs Connecticut baming the law that prevents contraception vecy wade i case challenging a + x law that is against abortion griswald vs connecticut sets the stage for roe w Wade judge black man is involved, woman should horve the right to decide what do w/ her body -> privacy statc can regulate in that it can become a legitimate interest trimester framework is developed by black man trimester : 1st T: no regulation framework 3.21 Ti regulate for the safety of the mother C3 Ti can regulate an abortion :idea of this is balancing State and mothers needs burger (concies says that this is a moderate decision rennquist + White Laissent) - liberty protected by the 14th amoncmont, advocates for procedura States cant ban albortion when the mothers Life is at state, is lockner, in the score that this is substantive due process, his dissent is pretty moderate moras decision that 15 left ue to the States to decideyou polysci - Casci planned parenthood vs Cascy trimester framework is overculed deemed to Algid alorten must be before viability miners require parent signature_er judge Wemen do not have to notify Spouse could incit elemestic abuse it not in a good mardage Undo burolen becomes the new standard means significant difficulty er expense Judge conneqvist dissants roe was wrongly clecided this is lockner pt. 2 cases oberfes bodges questioning is same sex marriage constitutional judge Mencey Substantive due process + equal protection clause apply marriage is a fundamental right preventing that would be saying gay people are lesser than equal, two person bend is special judac roberts lissent ruling will only lead to more strive betueen the two sides supports an originalist pov => marriage_13_protected between Standard of man t woman not by other arrangements in the constitution, same argumentas incor in that the states should do as they see leest fit

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