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Clemson - SOC - Exam 3 Study Guide - Study Guide

Created by: Haley Notetaker Elite Notetaker

> > > > Clemson - SOC - Exam 3 Study Guide - Study Guide

Clemson - SOC - Exam 3 Study Guide - Study Guide

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School: Clemson University
Department: Sociology
Course: Introduction to Sociology
Term: Spring 2019
Name: Exam 3 Study Guide
Description: Created from the things to know from the sheet posted
Uploaded: 04/25/2019
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Unformatted text preview: . . mul sitive : EL NU .. : r is .02 'S : 1:. .. ... .. LITA 14. Tillve - 2 l . Y. u 01:14 12 tu 'ci ali ,SHOct loyers (strata). class roce, gender A ed (open), Ascribed (closed) doctor, prof, assigned by birth Class cionn many womeri, white, - G lack effects social mobility movement from Istratum to another 3. An ideology that expiains justifies inequalit? -S aroopbeleves in Ideolay they - Will Dee that the sustem is fair wont challenge -- Sustems of Stratification 1. Estate EUTSC, South Amencal polically based Wittenwithclaw low change of social mobility gives certain ghis routies mio certain Estates (born 139 2. Caste system (Hindus-india Areligion cu Hurgh based A based on birth ascribed) Closed 10 SOCId mobility fixed permanent A cultural valves tow wellner associal Societies industrie 117 3. CROSS System (Americans) Alcohomically based Abased on aschbed Pachieved status * Open 10 social mobility A boundanes between strata are less hard to detine1. Status hierarchy * social prestiege based (respecto admiration that acull Vye attaches to vanous social pos mons) * conspkvo US consumptons" buy using product based bll of the statement of the product 5. Elite-mass Dichotomy * governing elle-few Headers who broadly hold the power of society * assume the smart wilinse to the elite and they wil do good for everyone Pareto view * system is dangerous detrimentali consandares power in few nands may not act in the peoples Intyes (Mills new 4main trends of inequality 1. Computer revolvhion technological advances rewards go to highly educated 4 creates divide between skilled Funskillech 2. Tess of goods procvang economy i more service producing Society 3 creation of more transient worker los menial jobs, lower wage jobs 4. Movement of corporation to global Work means outsourcing many working ciass/tower middie Cidssyors?

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