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Texas State - Chem 1342 - Class Notes

Created by: Skylar A Elite Notetaker

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Texas State - Chem 1342 - Class Notes

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School: Texas State University
Department: Business
Course: General Chemistry II
Professor: Jeff McVey
Term: Spring 2019
Tags: Gibbs Free Energy
Name: CHEM 1342 weekly notes
Description: these notes cover gibbs free energy and a few important concepts and equations needed for the upcoming exam.
Uploaded: 04/27/2019
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Unformatted text preview: 4/22 Ch 19 Pt 2 - Gibb's Free Energy Review: 2nd Law The increase of entropy in the Universe is necessary for any spontaneous process (Out Some result in a lower entropy) A Scale A Suniverse - A smundings + 4 Ssystem if arxnis exothermic O sus <0 9 Sure > O AS sur > 0 the entropy of the Surroundings increases if heat is evolved (if system loses heat) AS surr = -9.sys AS sur = -AH /T @constant p Gibb's Free Energy AS01 : A Suniv = ASS + AS system * Substitute AS Sur. = - 4H sys/T A Suniv. 3 - AH sys/T + AS system - TAS - A Hsys - TAS sys + Gibb's free energy Free Energy & Free Energy Change . for a process Constant TAP SEA G Sys = AHS - TAS sys if AGD Inegative), a process is Spontaneous Suniv>O if AG > @ (positive), a process is non spontaneous Sunir <0 * the reverse rum is spontaneous * *if AG B the process is equilibrium *Temperature & Spontaneity w Under what conditions SAG negative? LAGAH-TAS . Consider the Sims of AH AS L>if AH S () AS is (+): always negative! always spontaneous! if AH IS (+) AS 5 (-) . it is never Spontaneous At what temperature does a ran become Sporttaneous ? . AGAHTAS as AG passes from (+) (-) it crosses 0 : AH - TAS TEAHAS @ temp rxn begins to occur AG Olways (-) Olways (+) SPVT sp@1 AH - TAS - (+) (-) (+) =Additional Meaning of AG the "free energy is the of energy Dv Dilable do work one rxn moy drive another: Cuz 018) + AG37 - 140 kJ 2 CV (S) + 72 02.(4) (15) + /20169) 2012 AG375 = -143.8 kJ Cuz Dis) + (15) 2 Cuis) + C019) AG'375 -3.865 Review AH -EAH products - <A He reactants Six EA Soducts - EA Sveactants A Gran > SAGarducts - EAG reactants (kJ/mol AS = AH - AG Gibbs Energy & Equilibrium AG-AG + Rtin (Q) - nonstd. 19 AG (not provided) AGO AGE-RT in K - provided of Ke Por eso tempo [Q=1.0 under 000 Convert Std conditions

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