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Baylor University - PSC 2302 - Political Science Week 13 Notes - Class

Created by: Alex Lamb Elite Notetaker

> > > > Baylor University - PSC 2302 - Political Science Week 13 Notes - Class

Baylor University - PSC 2302 - Political Science Week 13 Notes - Class

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School: Baylor University
Department: Political Science
Course: American Constitutional Government
Professor: Mr. Ben Slomski
Term: Spring 2019
Tags: polysci, notes, Baylor, Week13, courtcases, and 2302
Name: Political Science Week 13 Notes
Description: These notes cover the cases for the past week
Uploaded: 04/29/2019
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Unformatted text preview: Study Soup polyesi nates the lockner sta still alivo . in samo sonce, 40 1 07 OF contrasting views courts say that substantive due process in different has standards tqual protection clauso what does it mean? regarding the 14th amandment case plesty ve fergeron iscue at hand segregation an railway cars, way of transport of the timo louicana low cars must be stporated . This wa taitcase arrested on purpose, to overturn the law - pless y sues that it goes against 13 + 14" amendment judge brown says 13. (prohibiting flavory) doesnt apply here, 14 says it applies to political things, not social requiation social cquality happenis overtimo, fo louisong is in its right, majority judge marshall constitution is colorblind, race has to be ignored, violater 13th lowering african americans to an inferior status, dissenting view, louisana law is unconstitutional from this case comes "separate, but equal" one of the worst decision court ever makes, amongd cases like Kormatsu case: VS VA Caroline products . commerce clause case during the great depression milk filled w reopie oil as a way to save Caroline products Cavant selling milk wi coconut milk nut fat rational basis test judge Stone - not allowed to discriminate against discrete +! insuldi minorities, quard the rights of minorities SoupSlutty Soup Study Soup Case: brown w board egregated school in Kancas, as equal in quality of the white school, but violates the cqual protect/ Sep put equal law Id c vincent nor a heart attack during ruling Warren wanted a vnited voice belweenjadores, overtakes Vincent spot, education is ariant that should be available to all equally, segregation makes students feel inferior and thus not antqual education dollist picking what doll they liked better w difskin colors, african Kids Picked white doll too, thus illustrating a mindset of inferiority most important cupitine case Hot deaded is this the best reasoning or is there a letter one? ver constitution is colorind Seen in Otely vd felgisch Not 10tyse Studies to wrue to decision, ICOK to constitution instead didnt Choose the decision bc he wanted no direnirA Study Soup Sky Soup povel Sou how effective 13 Les browry board ? neiped the Civil onts movement Sparked a moral realization others_believe that racial barriers were broken lay Congress threatening to take away funding it integration didn't happen 50 what's the riant answers probs Somewhere in the middle Cums: - de facto -> by fact - ole jure by La evels of how camping interest coses are treated: Strict Suspect race, ciclistelig) tienende Intermc.catneignted quasi suspect genelco Standard metod for age, GEX VALOrientations close titor important looking @ Tamament -purpose needed Lowest level ----rational basis-> almost all will pass rational basis test case: Bakkeys US is denied twice from uc Davis med scrook twice Special ocimiesion applies Only Orecio minorities says it violates 14+" Amendment . using stuct" method of 1ooking @ case . judge pall preferring students bec et cace to reach a quota 15 racial discrimination Anus violating 14amendment says that uc Davis avota system is struck for being unconstitutional race can only loca plus factor not something that tips the Score majorly towards you

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