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WSU - PSY 1010 - Chapter 14 Notes - Class Notes

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> > > > WSU - PSY 1010 - Chapter 14 Notes - Class Notes

WSU - PSY 1010 - Chapter 14 Notes - Class Notes

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School: Wayne State University
Department: Psychology
Course: Intro Psych
Term: Winter 2019
Tags: Intro to Psychology
Name: Chapter 14 Notes
Description: The final notes for the semester! They will help with the final exam as well as the study guide I posted.
Uploaded: 04/30/2019
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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 14 Social Peychology Jacial poy that chudier The branch of paychals how others influence au Thoughts . Feeling Actions Coubteld of facial pay loat Linker social cognition the way we think Examines pret ourselves and other the courex of Cagnition : Attribution Social Attributina: Explanation about ereoteor behavere CFAE) Athabutin errore Zbiaser Fundamental attriauton error - - saliency line - Self-reruing biar y Aetor-obreries etteet Cuttere attrieutena biaver 1 Collectivel culterer Cr China more laware of situationed constraints on behessen than in individuelicho FAE lewe likely (ex :0.8.) culturesActor : Situational attributin Focuver attenon an external facture I den even like drinking beer, but the best way to meet area Observer : Dispositioned a butin - Focuver in the personality of the actor U Me reem to always have a be b i hand; he must have a drinking poolem Attitudes - learned prestis putin o respond ponticchi e negatirely tea particular doject, perin er erint. sources of attitude formation: Direct intretin - perunal experience - Watching others . Attitude charge A Cognitive dissonanceCognitive diddhance: Utepl => Peupe acea brehunted to maintain consistency e theyhte, feelings and acting Step 2=7 When incennetencies or conflicts exist bedaceae laur thashto feeling on achun headl tuo , they can Step 3 => Strong discomfort and arouca ceonibie diacon Utep 4: 7 to reduce this cognitive dissonance, we are metiented to change ar thaghta eelings, and lor actinis Cx. Smociny cigaretten

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