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PVAMU - POLS 1113 - Study Guide - Final

Created by: Jada Davis Elite Notetaker

PVAMU - POLS 1113 - Study Guide - Final

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School: Prairie View A&M University
Department: Political Science
Course: American Government
Professor: Billy Monroe
Term: Spring 2019
Name: American Government
Description: Final exam notes/ review
Uploaded: 04/30/2019
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Unformatted text preview: American Government review Chapter 15: Judiciary Authority to create federal courts - courts of appeal -initially a geographic region Marbury vs Madison. - 1803 - The supreme court and power of Judicial review - Questioned if a government action- violates the constitution - Jucliciau review authority to strike down laws passed by congress or actions of the president that they find are violations of US constitution study soup stare decisis Study SoupAmerican Government 1 Midterm Reviews ist amendment der s assembly , periton the bill of rights Expression, speech, press, assenblu, the bir are all stated out in EiSt 10 amendments) Freedom of expression freedom of of press, freedom of assembly expression freedom of speech, freedom 0.000000 market PICICE OF Ideas: raitonalt for freedom Of cxpression based on an aingiogy to the econunc concept of a free market "free trade Of ideciso -- free speech, expression etc, similar to free market, but do instead of goods and services its ideas who care cini mbeyker dupaguojainvio: LINCOIN Civil UDOCATO liberiites during civil war: unilaterany suspended the nab aus corpus in April 1864 showed that he really excersised his power in the federal government clear and deeper present danger test: doctrine to test whether limitations may be placed on ist Amendment free speech rights - established in the case of Schenck VI. united States - basically test whether something Is Vidiciting Ist anvendment rights.court case trying to say if it was it was 'Still 'constitutionaliquestion carefully and select the correct bill of rigits and 14th amenament: - 14th amendment: rahsied in 1868 granted citizenship to all people born the United States, including former in slaves also granting ell citize s equal protection of the laws 14th Applies to Bill of Rights - right to due process equail protector applies to state sfocieral governments (House Joint Resolution) 14th amendment was submitted to the States w Selechive incorporation: Constituitonal doctrine that ensures that states cannot take away constituitional rights of American citizens that are stated in the bill of rights hardgon Violated a persons vigint to beararms o MCCONCICI vs City Of Chicago: cnicage case in which on June 28, 2010 basically States that the second amendment Sms to the US con Shtution which guantets Farms The Kght of people to keep and bear arms should be applied to the state am local governments as well as the federal governments

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