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ALBANY / OTHER / APSY 101 / Define acetylcholine.

Define acetylcholine.

Define acetylcholine.


School: University at Albany - State University of New York
Department: OTHER
Course: Introduction to Psychology
Professor: Bruce svare
Term: Fall 2019
Cost: 25
Name: Psychology 101
Description: Hey! So these notes are a continuation of the first page I sent of the four week notes. Fell free to take a look at it!.
Uploaded: 09/24/2019
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  • Behavior depends upon the communication between Neurons

We also discuss several other topics like What is the difference between bermuda and zoysia?
Don't forget about the age old question of What is a transactional process in which people generate meaning by exchanging verbal and nonverbal messages in a specific text?

The Post synapse

  • The lock and key theory of the Neurotransmitter action

If you want to learn more check out What is a method of assigning seats in a legislature or other representative body based on the percentage of the vote the party obtained in the election?


  • Our brain, a giant chemical factory

If you want to learn more check out What is a waxy white substance protecting the baby?

Serotonin (5-Hi)


Neurotransmitters and their function:We also discuss several other topics like What is matthew 24 all about?

Adrenaline – fight or flight

Dopamine – pleasure, addiction, movement and motivation

Serotonin – moodWe also discuss several other topics like Who is responsible for responding to reports of crime, investigating reports of crime, and making arrests?

Gaba – calming

Acetylcholine – learning

Glutamate – memory

Endorphins – euphoria

Drugs can change how Neurotransmitter functions:

  • Agonists – drugs that facilitate the effect of particular movement

Example of Agonist and Antagonist Drugs

  • L-Dopa is a drug agonist that facilitate the synthesis of dopamine
  • Reserpine is a drug antagonist
  • PCPA is a drug antagonist that inhibits the synthesis of serotonin
  • Cocaine is a drug against

The serotonergic system

  • Serotonin (5-Hi).. the workhouse neurotransmitter of the brain
  • Involved in mood, appetite, violence, aggression.
  • Serotonin acts in many area… but is most involved in the frontal lobes and the thalamus

  • Thalamus is the principles gateway for all sensory information

Manipulating the Serotonin system

  • Our ancestors have sought ways of opening the doorway

Serotonin – like substance in Mushroom.

Psilocin, a natural substance present in certain mushroom, has a chemical structure similar to Serotonin, attacks like their neurotransmitter, stimulates serotonin receptors and produce distorted perception.

  • Serotonin in Japanese reflects pilgrims

Increase in serotonin receptors on red blood cells

Associated with distorted perceptions and hallucinations

LSD Binds on Serotonin Receptors

        Visionary artists use LSD as a tool to more beyond their ordinary perceptions to states of consciousness they would not ordinarily experience

LSD is known tot bind to Serotonin receptors and overload the brain

Parkinson’s Disease:

Dopamine Deficiency in the Basal Ganglia

The Dopamine Theory of Schizophrenia

        The dopamine theory of Schizophrenia states that schizophrenia is caused by an overactive dopamine system in the brain

Dopamine , endorphin and Runner’s High

  • Dopamine can regulate pain in our body. When there is a physical injury, the neurotransmitter endorphin is release.
  • Endorphin (also called endogenous opioids) binds special receptors sites in the brain

Dopamine and Bliss

  • The “love potent” of dopamine and noradrenalin are secreted at high levels in the infatuation stage of a relationship
  • There is a sudden “rush” of these neurotransmitters in to brain
  • Sweaty palms taking heart, flushed cheeks, are all

Oxytocin and maternal behavior in the rat

        Dopamine stimulation of oxytocin also may be involved in the display of many aspects of maternal behavior and attached.

Oxytocin and vasopressin receptors in the montane and prairie vole

  • Prairie voles are very maternal and solicitous of their offspring

They are characterized by high level of oxytocin in receptors

Odontane voles are not as maternal and are characterized by low level of oxytocin receptors

CRF and Nitric Oxide involvement in maternal aggression

        Intercerebral injections of corticotrophin releasing factors (CRF) suppressers maternal aggressive behavior in postpartum

Understanding Neurotransmitter function may help us to understand human psychopathology like postpartum depression

  • In most extreme form, postpartum depression can be associated with killing one offspring

Understand human Psychopathology

  • Some report suggest that vasopressin and oxytocin receptors may be alter in:
  • Autism, Tourette’s syndrome, Alzheimer’s disease schizophrenia
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