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UNT / Criminal Justice / CJUS 2100 / What is the primary purpose of an arraignment?

What is the primary purpose of an arraignment?

What is the primary purpose of an arraignment?


School: University of North Texas
Department: Criminal Justice
Course: Crime and Justice in the United States
Professor: Jordan winkler
Term: Fall 2019
Tags: Intro to criminal justice
Cost: 50
Name: Criminal Justice
Description: This study guide will cover what is on exam #1, this tool will be really helpful so I advise you to utilize it.
Uploaded: 09/26/2019
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What is the primary purpose of an arraignment?

1)As an institution of social control, criminal justice differs from the family, schools, organized  religion, the media, and the law in that it....

- is generally society's "last line of defense."

2) Which of the following types of offenses is punishable by death in the United States? -A felony

3) The term "jurisdiction", as used in your text, means  

 -A politically defined geographical area

4) The primary purpose of a(n) ________ is to hear the formal information or indictment and to  allow the defendant to enter a plea.


5) Currently, five general types of punishment are in use in the United States. Which of the  following is NOT one of these punishments? If you want to learn more check out How does conflict theory apply to homeless people?


What is the most important aspect of crime control?

6) Defendants can appeal their convictions on legal grounds. Which of the following is NOT one  of the legal grounds described in your textbook?

-Illegal search and seizure

7) In the United States, the states that do not utilize preliminary hearings schedule an  arraignment date at the ________.

-Initial appearance

8) The most important aspect of the crime control model of criminal justice is -The control of criminal behavior

9) In 2012, the federal government spent about ________ of the total expenditures on criminal  and civil justice.


10) In the Florida cocaine possession case described in the text, which criminal justice function  cost the most?


11) Like the family, schools, organized religion, the media, and the law, criminal justice is a(n) -An institution of social control

What was the general profile of typical arrestees in 2014?

12) Which of the following is true of parole?

- It is given before prisoners have served their full sentences Don't forget about the age old question of What is the molecular clock formula?

13) A typical ________ definition of crime is behavior that violates the norms or mores of  society. Don't forget about the age old question of How are simple monomers related to protobionts?


14) If a person did not want to commit a crime but was forced or coerced to do so against his or  her will, he or she committed the crime ________.

-Under Duress  

15) In most American jurisdictions, the upper age limit for juvenile delinquency is ________,  and the lower limit is usually ________. If you want to learn more check out What are the controversies about intelligence?


16) Which of the following is the most important problem with the M'Naghten rule?

- It fails to address the situation of a defendant who knew the difference between right and wrong  but was unable to control his or her actions.

17) What is the Latin term for crimes that are "wrong in themselves"-crimes characterized by  universality and timelessness?

-Mala in se

18) Near the end of 2015, ________ of Americans said there was more crime in the United  States than in 2014.


19) Which of the following terms is defined as crimes that are not officially recorded by the  police?

-The dark figure of crime

20) Which of the following types of single-bias hate crimes was reported most often to the  Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in 2014? Don't forget about the age old question of What is an example of bulk transport?

-Crimes motivated by racial bias

21) Which of the following sets of characteristics best describes the typical arrestee in 2014? -Young, male, white

22) Which of the following terms is defined as an act that is illegal for a juvenile but would not  be a crime if committed by an adult?

-A status offense

23) Which of the following is a problem associated with finding an appropriate definition of  crime?

- Many dangerous and harmful behaviors are not defined as crimes, while many less dangerous  and less harmful behaviors are.

24) What was the index crime for which women were most frequently arrested in 2014? -Larceny-theft

25) Which of the following is a product of the Enlightenment period, or the Age of Reason, a  period of history that began in the early 1500s and lasted until the late 1700s?

-A Classical Theory

26) Which of the following scientists suggested that some people were "less highly evolved or  developed than others" and that some people "were nearer their apelike ancestors than others in  traits, abilities, and dispositions"? We also discuss several other topics like Who are considered the anti-federalists?

-Charles Darwin

27) Which of the following theories is based on the belief that criminals are physiologically  different from noncriminals?

-Biological positivism

28) Who argued that criminals are, by birth, a distinct type, and that this type can be recognized  by physical characteristics or stigmata such as enormous jaws, high cheekbones, insensitivity to  pain, etc.?

-Ceasar Lombroso

29) With whom are psychoanalytic theories of crime causation associated? -Sigmund Freud

30) There are at least three crime policy implications of Seymour Halleck's humanistic  psychological theory. Which of the following is NOT one of the three policy implications listed  in your textbook?

- Psychoactive drugs should be provided as part of the psychotherapy process.

31) Edwin H. Sutherland's ________ states that persons who become criminal do so because of  contacts with criminal definitions and isolation from noncriminal definitions.

- Differential association theory

32) Radical criminologists argue that ________ is an economic system that requires people to  compete against each other in the individualistic pursuit of material wealth.


33) Men's control over women's labor and sexuality is known as


34) Your textbook lists three general solutions to women's subordinate position in society for  liberal feminists. Which of the following does NOT belong?

-Abolition of Patriarchy

35) Which of the following best captures classical criminologists' concept of "utility"? - "The greatest happiness shared by the greatest number"

36) Which of the following statements reflects a feature of conflict theory? - It is reformist in its policy implications.

37) Which of the following has been identified by a leading exponent of left realism, Jock  Young, as a potent, though not exclusive, cause of crime?

- Relative deprivation

38) Which of the following refers to the way in which criminal law should be enforced? - Uniformity

39) Which of the following refers to the legitimate source of criminal law? -Politically

40) The criminal law of the United States, for the most part, is derived from the laws of..


41) The principle of using precedents to guide future decisions in court cases is called ________. -Stare decisis

42) Most of the procedural, or due process, rights given to criminal suspects or defendants in the  United States are found in

-Bill of Rights

43) Which of the following provisions in the Bill of Rights is NOT yet applicable to the criminal  justice process of the states?

- The right to a grand jury indictment

44) Which of the following standards of proof is more than a gut feeling and legally permits a  law enforcement officer to stop and frisk a suspect?

-Reasonable suspicion

45) Which of the following standards of proof is evidence that more likely than not outweighs  the opposing evidence, or sufficient evidence to overcome doubt or speculation?

-Preponderance of Evidence

46) In 2009, which case qualified the earlier New York v. Belton court decision on conducting  searches in the passenger compartments of cars only when it is reasonable to believe the arrestee  could still have access to the vehicle at the time of the search?

-Arizona v. Gant

47) Your textbook names ten critical stages during which the right to counsel has been extended.  Which of the following is NOT one of these critical stages?

- questioning by law enforcement officers of suspects not in police custody 48) In which of the following cases was the exclusionary rule extended to state courts? -Mapp v. Ohio

49) In which of the following Supreme Court cases was a good-faith exception to the  exclusionary rule recognized?

- Massachusetts v. Sheppard

50) Which of the following refers to explorations or inspections by law enforcement officers of  homes, premises, vehicles, or persons for the purpose of discovering evidence of crimes or  persons who are accused of crimes?


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