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colorado - COMM - Study Guide - Midterm

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Schools > University of Colorado at Boulder > Communications > COMM > colorado - COMM - Study Guide - Midterm

colorado - COMM - Study Guide - Midterm

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School: University of Colorado at Boulder
Department: Communications
Course: Group Interaction
Term: Fall 2019
Tags: communication, Comm, comm1600, groupinteraction, Group, interaction, and Communications
Name: COMM 1600 - Essay Exam, Midterm #1
Description: Part A: Compare/Contrast (24 points) The exam will include 3 compare/contrast questions at 8 points each. Short essay format for this type of question: Define concept 1 (2 points) Define concept 2 (2 points) Describe how the concepts are similar (2 points) Describe how the concepts are different from each other (2 points) NOTE: think carefully about the similarities and differences--if you simply repeat the concept definitions again, you will not get credit for that part of the question. The exam will include pairs comprised of the following concepts: Week 1: interdependence, input, throughput, output, synergy, open system Week 2: theoretical description, theoretical explanation, transmission model of communication, social constructionist view of communication, performance metaphor for communication Week 3: structure, rules, resources Week 4: task work, team work Part B: Multi-Part Essay: Explain Concepts (18 points) The exam might ask you more specific questions about the following themes discussed so far. Format for this type of question (9 points): Define or explain concept 1 (2 points) Define or explain concept 2 (2 points) Provide your answer to the question posed, drawing on the readings (3 points) Use example(s) from assigned readings and/or media (e.g., short films) (2 points) There will be 2 questions on the exam related to these themes from readings and lecture: Week 1: How an “open systems” metaphor helps us explain group (rather than individual) behavior. Week 2: How the “Making Social Worlds” and “Communication as Construction” readings illustrate the differences between how we view the world when adopting a transmission model for communication versus when we adopt a social construction model. Week 2 & 3: What the foreground concerns in the transmission model for communication are, and given those concerns, what the theoretical explanation the model offers for the phenomenon of “communication.” Week 3: How structuration theory might help explain how patterns of interaction persist or die out in a group context. Week 4: Circumstances under which team charters work the best, and what communication design considerations should go into crafting a good team charter. Part C: Matching Concepts with Definitions (8 points) 4 questions (2 points each) will ask you to match a concept from the first 4 weeks with its definition.
Uploaded: 11/02/2019
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