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OLEMISS / Psychology / PSY 309 / What does pavlov's dog mean?

What does pavlov's dog mean?

What does pavlov's dog mean?



What does pavlov's dog mean?


Chapter 3

reflex→ not the leg kick, the relationship between the patellar strike and the muscle reflection → innate stimulus reaction

→ relationship between stimulus and a response, not the behavior

Neutral/Conditioned ⇨ Unconditioned

Stimulus (metronome) Stimulus (meat)

⇩ ⇩ ⇨ Reflex

Conditioned Unconditioned

Response (drool at Stimulus (drool)

Sound of metronome)


- He was a physiologist

- Studied digestion

- He became interested in salivation

- Took dogs and placed a system in the glands that cause salivation in order to measure it - Weighed drool under different conditions

What was john watson's theory?

- Thinks everything has a cause and effect until he does this experiment and the effect happens but there is no cause

- The experiment laid the foundations and is still the overarching model even today The experiment:

- He would prepare and unconditioned stimulus (meat) and produce and unconditioned response (drool) We also discuss several other topics like What is a simple definition of theory?

- This is what is expected, but the dogs started salivating before they got the meat powder - He then paired the unconditioned stimulus (meat) with a neutral stimulus (metronome) - The neutral stimulus does not produce any response on its own

- Once neutral stim has been paired with the unconditioned stimulus it is called the conditioned stimulus We also discuss several other topics like What sternberg did & his predictions?

- Many often think that he used a bell but actually used a metronome

- Paired the sound metronome with the meat powder

What did pavlov's experiment prove?

- Later when the metronome came on the dogs salivated despite no meat powder being released (conditioned response)

- Conditioned response and unconditioned response will be the same in form as well as intensity

- So predictable that we have a mathematical formula

Need to be able to recognize conditioned and unconditioned responses in example questions for test

- Making your pupils dilate

Pavlov experiment End of the 19th century beginning of the 20th century - Makes its way from russia, translated, transported to USA translated to english, and is in the john hopkins university library in digestion and physiology section and a psychologist finds it If you want to learn more check out What is software in human cognition?

John Watson

- Did terrible things but changed psychology but nearly ever domain of public and private life forever by torturing babies

- Watson-Rainer experiments

- Made millions using classical conditioning in order to make people buy product - Little albert- kid from day care at john hopkins, mom had no idea watson was doing experiments on him

- He was so sure of what the outcome was gonna be because of posterity, videoing was a lot harder back then and he paid to do this If you want to learn more check out What is a hematocrit?
If you want to learn more check out A partnership means what?
We also discuss several other topics like Aortic valve sounds refer to what?

- Had the money and the ego to do this

- Exposing albert to fire, dogs, and monkeys (things that are scary) and no reaction - Introduce him to a rat, want to show that he has no fear of the rat

- Shows albert the rat and then smashes a pan behind him and scares him, does it multiple times (6 times with a few minutes in each trial)

- Eventually did they started putting the rat in alberts lap and he would automatically pop his pants and fall over without the pans being smashed behind him

- Unconditioned stimulus is the sound, unconditioned response is fear, conditioned stimulus is rat, conditioned response is fear

- Every single one of our emotions have been conditioned over our lives, outside of our own awareness

- Only born with 7 maybe 8 primary emotions

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