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LONG BEACH STATE / Physics / PHYS 152 / How do you find the magnitude and direction of an electric field?

How do you find the magnitude and direction of an electric field?

How do you find the magnitude and direction of an electric field?


School: California State University Long Beach
Department: Physics
Course: Physics
Professor: Montserrat geier
Term: Spring 2020
Cost: 50
Name: Exam 1 Study Guide
Description: These are some questions from the review, a few class examples I remember were pointed out as important in lecture, and some simple iClicker examples and concepts from lecture
Uploaded: 02/23/2020
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Review for Midterm 1We also discuss several other topics like How are leaders influential?

Chapter 13: Q14 Draw a diagram like the one below

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We also discuss several other topics like What is a medium-sized instrument usually fitted with seven sheep gut strings and has a plectrum of metal or bone?

On your diagram, draw vectors showing:

  1. The electric field of the dipole at the location of the negatively charged ball
  2. The net force on the ball due to the dipole
  3. The electric field of the ball at the center of the dipole
  4. The net force on the dipole due to the ball

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Chapter 13: P33 What is the magnitude and direction of the electric field at location <20, 0, 0> cm if there is a negative point charge 1 nC at location <40, 0, 0> cm? Include units

E = R If you want to learn more check out What are threadlike structures in the nucleus that contains genetic material?
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= 9x109 

r =<20, 0, 0> - <40, 0, 0>

=< -20, 0, 0> cm

|r| = 20cm

r=  = < -1, 0, 0>

Chapter 13: P60 two dipoles are oriented as shown below. Each dipole consists of charges held apart by a short rod (not shown to scale). What is the electric field at location A? Star by drawing a diagram that shows the direction of each dipole’s contribution to the electric field at location A

E axis = R

= 9 x 10-9

= 9.23 N/C

E axis =<0, 9.23, 07 N/C

Eㅗ = R

= 9 x 109 

= 4.68 N/C

Eㅗ=<0, -4.68, 07 N/C

Chapter 14: P35 A charged particle with charge q1 is a distance r from a neutral atom, as shown below.

  1. If q1 is negative, which diagram (1-10) in figure below shows the charge distribution in the neutral atom in this situation

  1. Which of the arrows (a-j) in figure below best indicates the direction of the electric field at the location of the charged particle, made by polarized neutral atom? g
  2. Which of the arrows (a-j) best indicates the direction of the force on the charged particle, due to the polarized neutral atom? c
  3. Which of the arrows (a-j) best indicates the direction of the force on the polarized neutral atom, due to the charged particle? g

Chapter 15: P57 Two thin plastic spherical shells (shown in cross section in figure below) are uniformly charged. The center of the larger sphere is at (0,0); it has a radius of 12 cm and a uniform positive charge of +4 x 10-9 C. The center of the small sphere is at (25, 0); it has a radius of 3 cm and a uniform negative charge of -1 x 10-9 C.

a.) What are the components of EA,X and EA,Y of the electric field ΔE at location A (6cm to the right of the center of the large sphere)?

b.) What are the components of EB,X and EB,Y of the electric field at location B (15cm above the center of the small sphere)? Neglect the small contribution of the polarized molecules in the plastic.

c.) What are the components FX and Fy of the force on the electron placed at location B?

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