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Final Exam Study Guide (Spanish 102)

by: Hannah James

Final Exam Study Guide (Spanish 102) Spanish 102

Marketplace > University of Wisconsin - Madison > Spanish > Spanish 102 > Final Exam Study Guide Spanish 102
Hannah James
GPA 4.0
Second Semester Spanish (102)
Margaryta Bondarenko

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About this Document

This is a study guide for the final exam of Spanish 102- Second Semester Spanish
Second Semester Spanish (102)
Margaryta Bondarenko
Study Guide
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This 6 page Study Guide was uploaded by Hannah James on Sunday September 6, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to Spanish 102 at University of Wisconsin - Madison taught by Margaryta Bondarenko in Fall 2014. Since its upload, it has received 73 views. For similar materials see Second Semester Spanish (102) in Spanish at University of Wisconsin - Madison.


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Date Created: 09/06/15
Spanish Final Review Listenin Com rehension 5 s IReadin 5 s Five Sections of Vocab 0 1 1012 0 2 1314 0 3 1516 0 4 17 0 5 18 IDOPDOP Multlee Choice Chapter 7 0 Who or What the action is received by 0 Me te lola loslas 0s nos 0 EX Las frutas como todos los meses 0 Place before the verbafter the conjugated verb IDOP Chapter 8 0 Receives the DOP 0 Me te le les 0s nos 0 Ex Escrito cartas a mis amigosl Les escrito las cartes 0 IDOP always after negative word nonunca and before verb 0 If two verbs put IDOP at end of unconjugated ex ayudarte Preterit v Imperfect gChoose Correct Preterit Chapter 89 0 Regulars 0 Ar aste 6 aron amos O ErIr i iste i6 ieron imos 0 car gar and zar verbs have spelling changes in yo form saqu jugu etc 0 Verbs eer have spelling changes in el and ellos forms ex crey creyeron 0 Stem changers change ou instead of oue ei etc EX server sirve 0 Irregulars O Dar di fuiste dio dieron dimos Hacer hice hiciste hizo hicieron hicimos SerIr fui fuiste fue fueron fuimos Decir dije dijiste dijo dijeron dijimos Traer traje trajiste trajo trajeron trajimos Tener tuve tuviste tuvo tuvieron tuvimos Poder pude pudiste pudo pudieron pudimos Poner puse pusiste puso pusieron pusimos OOOOOOO Estar estuve estuviste estuvo estuvieron estuvimos Querer quise quisiste quiso quisieron qusimos Saber supe supiste supo supieron supimos Venir vine viniste vino vinieron vinimos O Haber hube hubiste hubo hubieron hubimos Imperfect Chapter 10 0 Regular 0 Ar aba abas aba aban abamos O ErIr ia ias ia ian iamos I Irregular 0 Ser era eras era eran eramos 0 Ir iba ibas iba iban 1 bamos 0 Ver veia veias veia veian veiamos OOOO Preterit vs Imperfect Chapter 11 I Use imperfect for 0 Continuing actions 0 Background infodescriptions in a story 0 Actions in progress uses mientras O Habitual actions often uses every day always etc 0 Ongoing emotional physical or mental state distracted interesting etc 0 Setting the stage It was 8 and the room was cold I Use preterit for 0 Completed actions 0 Sequence of different completed actions I walked sat and danced O Interrupting actions interrupted action is imperfect interrupting it preterit I Often uses cuando 9 6 Mandates FormalInformal Coniuggte Correctly Mandates Formales Chapter 7 I Affirmative Commands 0 Take the yo form 0 Drop the o 0 Add opposite ending ar e erir a 0 When using a pronoun add it to the end of the command and add an accent to stress the root part of the verb if needed I EX poder pida lo pida pidalo I Negative Commands 0 Same conjugation as affirmative commands 0 Article comes before the verb unless there are two verbs I EX poder no pida no lo pida 0 If two 1 words are together change the first one to se I EX le la compre se la compre 0 Irregulars O Dar de 0 Estar este 0 Ir vaya O Saber sepa 0 Ser sea Mandates Informales Chapter 12 0 Affirmative Commands 0 Ar aEr e change to present indicative Ud form 0 Stem changes occur but no change for car gar zar verbs 0 Negative Commands 0 Same as formal take yo add opposite ending 0 But add an s at the end 0 Stem changes occur change in car gar zar verbs irregular yo forms are irregular commands 0 Pronoun is attached to affirmative but in front of negative I EX dile la verdad vs no le di la verdad 0 Irregulars O Decir di Hacer haz Ir ve Salir sal Ser se Tener ten Venir ven Poner pon 0 Vin Diesel has ten weapons Ven Di Sal Haz Ten Ve Pon S Indicative v Subiunctjve Choose Correct Subjunctive Chapter 12 13 0 Subject 1 indicative que subject 2 subjunctive 0 Regular 0 yo present form 0 Drop 0 ending 0 Add the following I Ar e es e en emos I ErIr a as a an amos 0 All forms follow stem changes except nos and vos I ir verbs eiou in nos and vos forms 0 Verbs ending in car gar and zar change the g to a j 0 Irregular O Dar de des 16 den demos O Estar este estes este esten estemos O Haber haya hayas haya hayan hayamos 0 Ir vaya vayas vaya vayan vayamos O Saber sepa sepas sepa sepan sepamos 0 Ser sea seas sea sean seamos I Use to express subjunctive things things that might not happen 0 Ex Mama quiere que Juan estudie I Just because mom wants him to study he might not do it 0 W wish amp willing Mama quiere que Juan estudie O E emotion Me gusta que Juan estudie 0 I impersonal Es bueno que Juan estudie O R request amp recommendation Recomiendo que Juan estudie O D doubt amp denial No creo que Juan estudie O O ojala Ojala que Juan estudie ojala means hopefu11y Indicative vs Subiunctive Chapter 1213 I See WEIRDO 0 Always use SUBJUNCTIVE with these phrases O A menos que unless Con tal de que provided that Antes de que before that En caso de que in case Sin que without unless O Para que so that 0 For future events with adverbial conjugations of time 0 Conjugations of time I Cuando when I Despues de que after I En cuanto as soon as I Hasta que until I Tan pronto como as soon as O SUBJUNCTIVE is used when action hasn t happened yet or is pending in some way frequently uses cuando I EX Pagare las cuentas en cuanto reciba mi cheque I ll pay the bills as soon as I get my check 0 INDICATIVE is used when action is habitual or complete I Ex Siempre pago las cuentas en cuanto recibo mi cheque I always pay my bills as soon as I get my check 0 O O O Indicative Subiunctive In nitive Choose Future Coniug 0 Infinitive ending 0 ArIrEr endings e as a emos an 0 Irregulars O Decir dir Querer querr Poder podr O Haber hab Saber sabr Tener tender 0 Hacer har Salir saldr Poner pondr O Venir vendr 0 Ex Decir Dire Comprar Compraras st Subiunctjve Coniugm 0 Use Ustedes form from preterit drop on ending and add ending a as a an amos 0 Accent goes on ar er of nosotros forms ex comer comieron comieramos 0 Irregulars O Dar dier Decir dijer Estar estuvier O Haber hubier Hacer hicier IrSer fuer O Poder pudier Poner pusier Querer qusier O Saber supier Tener tuvier Venir vinier Por v Para Por reasoncause 0 byby means of 0 throughalong 0 duringin time of day 0 because ofdue to 0 for in exchange for 0 for for the sake ofon behalf of 0 for period of time 0 fixed expressions por lo menos por favor por eso etc Para goal purpose destination 0 in order to infinitive 0 for destined forto be given to 0 for by dedlinespecified future time 0 for towardin the direction of 0 for to be used for 0 for as compared Within relation to others 0 for in the employ of Relative Pronouns Chapter 11 0 Que that Which Who refers to thingspeople 0 Quienes Who Whom refers to only people 0 Lo que that Which What refers to a situation Compositjon 10 Sentences Si Clauses 2 0 Spanish uses si to express hypothetical situations O Si part Subjunctive O Other part Conditional 0 Ex I Si yo fuera tu no haria eso If I were you I wouldn t do that I Si yo pudiera iria a Spain IfI could I would go to Spain I Conditional Form would 0 Infinitive ending I ArIrEr endings ia ias ia ian iamos O Irregulars Same as future tense I Decir dir Querer querr Poder podr I Haber hab Saber sabr Tener tender I Hacer har Salir saldr Poner pondr I Venir vendr 0 Ex hablar hablaria ian etc querer querriamos ia etc


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