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CPS 3300 Test 4 Bank

by: CarrieP

CPS 3300 Test 4 Bank CPS 3300

GPA 3.8
Amanda Rumsey

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About this Document

All you need to know to pass test four!
Amanda Rumsey
Study Guide
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This 15 page Study Guide was uploaded by CarrieP on Sunday September 6, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to CPS 3300 at Georgia State University taught by Amanda Rumsey in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 39 views. For similar materials see INTERPRSNL COMMUNICATION SKILL in Psychlogy at Georgia State University.


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Date Created: 09/06/15
Which of the following is not considered a stage in small group development for helping relationship groups Con ict resolution One of the best examples of a support group is Alcoholic Anonymous AA When you are a large group leaderpresenter and a member is inattentive or disruptive you might best use your physical presence and move closer to the person39s space When setting ground rules for a small group as the group leader you might best State all the groundrules in the positive form Crisiscentered groups are Small groups of participants who are concerned about an urgent problem The effect of an identity group on individuals is distant and indirect Which of the following questions is aimed at learning more about a person39s identity group Are you a conservative or a liberal A group leaders eye contact with group members is important because All of these If you are leading a large group at the end of the day and members are tired or fatigued avoid Staying or standing in one spot Among the types of interactive groups the work group Functions to complete a job task or project In terms of the larger identity groups We don39t interact with them A social group is considered an interactive group because Members meet to socialize and chat about numerous things Group activities add structure to the group process Which of the following is not a bene t a using them Members learn by doing and this takes the place of discussions Among the types of interactive groups is the af liation group Which of the following is not a characteristic of this group It is important that members share personal and intimate information In terms of group content and group process Group content is the topic being discussed whereas group process is the manner in which the topic is being talked about Which of the following is not viewed as a helpful groundrule for a group Don39t interrupt when someone is speaking Which of the following is not an example of an identity group People in the same discussion group Someone who says am I the only one with this problem Is likely a god candidate for which of the following groups Support group Helping relationship groups are characterized by group members who All of these Problemcentered groups have members who focus on personal concerns that are bothersome but not urgent Which of the following is not a focus of the group members in a growthcentered group Measuring the progress of group members39 personal relationships with others When a group leader works with a target member The person is singled out by the leader without the group or person39s knowledge to receive more attention and facilitative responses Which of the following is not a characteristic of an effective group leader in terms of group content and group process ls aware of group process more than group content There are four kinds of helping relationship groups Which of the following is not among them Analytical groups In group work the acronym LEAP means Linking and extending the activity process An identity group is one that Contributes to one s selfimage and personal characteristics An effective method for pulling resistant group members into the process and discussion is to Use an indirect approach because it is less threatening If you are a speaker or lecturer which of the following group arrangements will likely work best for your presentation Participants are seated in columns and rows When organizing a group which of the following is an important consideration All of these There has been a phenomenal growth of the number of support groups in the United States because People can now chat together on the internet The difference between open and closed groups is Open groups allow new members to be added from time to time Which of the following is the best example of an interactive group You are a fan of a The primary objective of the group leader is to look for opportunities to facilitate selfdisclosure and feedback among members Interactive groups are de ned as Three or more individuals who recognize one another are together for a purpose and interact with each other If you want to encourage group participation it might be best to arrange group members In a circle One of the differences in women39s and men39s communication styles is that men use report talk to hold center stage while women use talk to connect and relate rapport There are cases of interpersonal communication that are not in uenced by intercultural considerations True The terms quotracial and quotethnic mean the same thing False Whether you consider a group to be an ingroup or an our group is primarily a matter of whether or not you identify with and share characteristics with others in the group Sexual orientation and sexual preference are equivalent terms that can be used interchangeably False An ethnic group is one that represents a relatively smaller percentage of an overall population False The birth years used by social scientists to establish the beginning and end of each generation have been determined and validated False According to the 2000 US Census data minority group is a misnomer since the ve major ethnic groups are nearly equal in size False A signi cant concern about the culture of the internet is that It has accelerated the encroachment of American culture into other countries Which of the following is not among the cues we use to make class distinctions and assess social standing Socioeconomic and cultural barriers Hofstede s cutura model was developed to help international business and corporations better understand how values in the workplace are in uenced by the national or regional culture quotOut groupsquot are groups we perceive to be different from ourselves True The term refers to a person who identi es with the biological and social characteristics of other gender transgendered The attitude that one s culture is superior to other is called Ethnocentrism Highcontext cultures rely more on nonverbal clues than do lowcontext cultures True The primary motivation for keeping one s sexual orientation a secret is fear A generation39s worldview is shaped by its location in history and where its members were developmentally during signi cant events True Groups that are part of an encompassing culture are known as nonco Intercultural communication occurs every time people from different cultures interact False Anamotical attributes that can be readily identi ed at a distance and often used for social discrimination are unreliable markers of different human races True In general when doing business with a Mexican or Saudi Arabian a lets get down to work attitude before talking about each other39s families would likely be seen as Rude Strong assertions and exaggerations that might sound farfetched in English are common features of Arabic true In recent years researchers in the elds of biological and social science have identi ed speci c genetic factors and biological constructs that validate the use of racial groupings False The federal government especially the US Census Bureau has been a leader in developing a clear and consistent system of ethnic classi cation to facilitate sociological and health data collection False Which of the following would be associated with intercultural competence openmindedness Many of the current legal protections in the United States stem directly from its foundations of religious Freedom The task during the second stage of developing intercultural sensitivity is to Recognize that we project our own cultural perspective onto other people39s expe ences In a study by Herek negative attitudes about homosexuality were strongest among heterosexuals who Said they didn39t know anyone who is gay or lesbian In order to consider yourself a part of a particular culture you need only to share a number of characteristics with other members of the group False When people from different cultural backgrounds interact they experience challenges that are different from those that arise when members of the same culture communicate True In the United states cultural diversity is A term that refers to the representation and acceptance of multiple cultural groups within a givensetting Any generalizations about a generation are arbitrary and subjective because each generation is a mix of different kinds of people with different kinds of experiences False refers to the learned behaviors and social beliefs associated with being male of females gender The ways that people alter their communication styles when they interact with people with disabilities Can improve when they become more aware of their attitudes and communication styles Throughout history religious has been a factor in civil unrest wars and crimes against humanity exclusivismf You are visiting a country for the rst time and you know only a few words Intercultural interaction The verbal and nonverbal language and symbols that you use about a group are indicative of your respect for others and your ability to think before you speak Since several generations live through some of the same times and historical events their worldviews are essentially the same False Which of the following would not be associated with intercultural competence stereotyping According to the 2000 US Census data the African American and Hispanic American groups are nearly equal in size while the European American group is about ve times larger True According to Hall 1990 is a fundamental basis upon which all cultures rest and all their activities revolve Time Intercultural communication occurs every time people from difference cultures interact False Socioeconomic and class differences affect communication patterns because they in uence All of these One factor contributing to how men and women communicate and relate differently is that girls and boys have grown up primarily engaged in different kinds of Play activities and games No matter how culturally sensitive individuals become they will none Ethnocentrism is the attitude that one39s culture is superior to others True Some languages contain words that have no English equivalents True According to D Tannen identi able differences between typical female and male brains prove that None of these An example of a nonverbal cue that is universally understood is the OK sign made by joining the thumb and fore nger to form a circle False ln Hofstede s cultural model refers to the level of tolerance in a society for ambiguity and unstructured situations Uncertainty avoidance One of the best reasons for increasing understanding and communication across generations is that There are four different generations in the US working sidebyside for the rst time in history Recent studies of religious identi cation in the United States indicate that more people identify themselves as than as actively af liated with a religious group religious or somewhat religious is the process by which individuals learn the rules and norms of a culture other than their own Acculturation The third stage of developing intercultural sensitivity may be especially dif cult for Individuals who don39t recognize that the mainstream culture has vast privileges compared to other groups Sexual refers to negative attitudes and behaviors based on sexual orientation usually directed at people who are identi ed as gay lesbian or bisexual Prejudice Groups that are part of an encompassing culture are known as cocultures Intercultural communication takes place whenever people of different cultures interact unless it is among small children who are just playing together False The notion of what is considered intimate is consistent across cultures False Hall emphasized how the de nition and organization of can differ signi cantly among cultures space A term used to refer to physical characteristics such as skin color facial features and hair texture is Race A problem with ethnic grouping is that the groups are not based on mutually acknowledged and easily used criteria True Power distance describes the degree to which members of a society accept the unequal distribution of power among memberss True The experiences and events shared by the members of any given generation may be signi cant at the time but they have little overall impact over the lifespan of the generation False refers to how directly or indirectly members of a society share interpersonal information and meaning High or low cultural context According to the Oregon study of ethnic communication and collaboration styles are less likely to experience cultural differences as a central concern in their lives than others Second generation immigrants When the majority portion of a population regards itself as the normative group with small ethnic groups identi ed as culturally different this is an example of Invisible privilege Asian and Western European cultures are quite similar in their approaches to showing emotions and expressing affection in public False Ethnocentrism is a characteristic of intercultural competence False Online communication is especially helpful in maintaining or improving relationships in which the individuals are Separated by distance and time When you interact with someone online and of ine on an ongoing basis the relationship may be different online from how it is of ine The document formatting language used to link computer documents is called HTML Which of the following is not a signi cant difference between facetoface relationships and online text relationships Online relationships last longer than face to face relationships In a research study with teenagers Lenhart 2001 it was concluded that use of the Internet Improved relationships with peers more than often than not An example of communicating meaning in message construction is All of these Cyberspace relationships involve people who Exist in the ether and meet electronically in a disembodied faceless form The term LOL used on the internet typically means Laugh out loud In discussing the stages of an internet relationship the term recon guration means fantasies Researchers at several universities are studying excessive use of computers and the internet Their ndings include none of these Which of the following is true about online communication Hidden elements of one39s personality unconsciously surface in text communication Which of the following is most true about privacy in cyberspace There is no real privacy in cyberspace The communication opportunities in cyberspace are helping us to Recognize the limitations of thinking that people have only one self or identity Blogging is an internet phenomenon that originated in the mid90 s A blog is A website or web community where people concentrate on a primary topic and are limited to sites of related interest As a group women are more likely than men to use emoticons to clarify their feelings in emails True To have more than one identity or password ls common for people using the internet The words Internet and world wide web Are not the same although often used synonymously The term digital divide refers to The gap between population groups who have and don39t have access to computers and the internet Cyberspace is a term based on William Gibson39s book Neuromancer 1984 which was A fantasy novel about a world of computers The easy and continuous opportunity to send computer messages to a particular person can Create a comforting feeling that the person is always there In terms of the stages of an Internet relationship the tendency to create a fantasy image of the other persona and to ll in the gaps of the relationships is called fantasy integration A reason that people are drawn to cyberspace romances is All of these To ame someone on the internet is to Write disparagingly about the person Which of the following is true about textbased online relationships The lack of touch and body contact signi cantly reduces the expenses the experiences of intimacy Which of the following is most true about relationships in cyberspace anonymity is a feature that has attracted millions of people to the cyberspace community Studies show that people who spend a lot of time on the internet spend indicate The visual appearance of a text message can reveal a sender39s mood and state of mind True Text based communication has a paradoxical blend of feeling close and maintaining distance True In terms of the stages of an internet relationship recon guration occurs when The individuals meet face to face and must align their fantasies with reality Text communication enables people to avoid the face to face cues that Are distracting and irrelevant The digital divide refers to the extent to which one group within the larger population has greater access to computers than another The internet started as A university experiment with military communications for national security One of the advantages of cyberspace communication is that it prevents loneliness False According to Suler humor is especially easy to express in text relationships false Recent studies have shown that interpersonal communication mediated by the computer can be as deep and complex as personal contact True An early sign of being addicted to the internet is All of these The WWW began with Dr BenersLee a physicist who All of these According to Suler there is a special type of interpersonal empathy that is unique to text relationships True When the internet rst started each computer was physically linked by cable to other computers What is learned online about one s own interpersonal style cannot be carried into of ine relationships False Building a helping relationship and applying the helping conditions Is not always an orderly and logical process Helping relationships can help people All of these The essential element for providing a helping relationship rests with None communication Which of the following is true about volunteerism All of these People who volunteer for a cause report that They get back more satisfaction and joy than the energy or effort they expend When another person initiates a helping relationship with you then small talk or ice breakers may not be needed to get things going In a typical helping relationship One person is being helped and the other person is being a facilitator A primary difference between formal and informal types of assessments is formal assessments consist of standardized measurements to which a person responds The best example of the second level of selfexploration is I want to travel to France when I graduate Partners in a marriage or long term relationship Can establish a helping relationship and at timely moments take turns facilitating one another Knowledge of helping relationships and managing the helping process is Valuable in all relationships Which of the following is not a characteristic of the rst stage of the helping process Going beyond the presenting problem to the real one Which of the following is an example of a useful sequence of facilitative responses in the rst stage of the helping relationship open question followed by clarifying or summarizing and making a feelingfocused response before asking another open question Self enhancement self improvement self development and similar personal goals are luxuries of people who live in The eight stages of the helping process discussed in this course are applied Over several meetings or perhaps in one long meeting The main factor that motives people to talk with others about their concerns is Anxiety Which of the following is not viewed as a psychological emergency or a pressing need for referral Expression of depression over having been laid off from a job One way to determine if you have facilitated a person to talk at a deeper level of selfdisclosure is to examine The helping relationship is best viewed as A relationship in which a caring and facilitative person provides assistance At the rst level of selfexploration talk is about all of these When referring a person for professional help which of the following is the least appropriate question to ask yourself Will this person resent me or see me as a failure for not being able to help In a helping relationship the facilitator encourages the other person to share and explore ideas by Listening and responding appropriately to all three levels of selfdisclosure One of the major reasons helpers like to use informal assessments is that They rely on rst hand observations and are often easier to construct and use Which of the following is not considered a stage of the helping process analysis and interpretation Perhaps the real test of whether or not a response or action is facilitative is it helped to move a person toward a desired goal The majority of businesses in the US view volunteerism as Part of their overall business plans and strategies The third stage of the helping relationship is called exploring and discovering There is an emphasis on Searching for personal meaning in events gaining insights and nding new ideas and alternatives Which of the following typically is not granted rights of privileged communication your employer People who are distressed and seeking a helping relationship are typically All of these When you contact an emergency agency which of the following is the least consideration at the moment Asking to speak with a supervisor if a helper responds in a less friendly way than expected A primary difference between casual and intimate helping relationships is the breadth and depth to which the persons selfdisclose The major reason that people don39t volunteer is Thinking that they don39t have enough time In the helping relationship the helper and helpee might be viewed as a small learning community The best place to start volunteering your efforts ls locally where you can see the fruits of your labor As a tutor or mentor to a young student you can provide a helping relationship During the rst stage you will want to None of these The best example of the third and deepest level of selfexploration is lyndsey this I m The essential element for providing a helping relationships rests with The communication skills used by helper and helpee Helping relationships are characterized by people who Provide facilitative conditions such as caring respect understanding and trust Privileged communication is Private information that by law a person cannot be forced to disclose The interim stage of the helping process is a time when The helpee takes responsibility for implementing a plan of action If you work with someone in a helping relationship it is likely that during the second stage of the helping process you will make some kind A comprehensive study of volunteerism in the United States showed More than a million adults volunteer annually The biggest problem in the Planning and taking action stage of helping is all of these If after using your best communication skills to assist an individual the person is still highly stressed or increasingly dysfunctional then one of the most helpful things you can do next is Refer the person for professional help Helping can be viewed as All of these The best example of the third and deepest level of selfexploration is I m so bored with this project The best example of the rst level of selfexploration is Davis I wish Assessments in helping relationships focus on several things Which of the following is not among them astrological The key to providing a helping relationship is creating the facilitative conditions and using facilitative responses


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