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by: Ilene Kub


Ilene Kub
GPA 3.89


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About this Document

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This 4 page Study Guide was uploaded by Ilene Kub on Sunday September 6, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to SSC 306 at University of Texas at Austin taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 67 views. For similar materials see /class/181534/ssc-306-university-of-texas-at-austin in Statistics Scientific Computat at University of Texas at Austin.

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Date Created: 09/06/15
Data Set 1 ANOVA Below are the results of a study on the effect for strain of bacteria on the nitrogen content of red clover plants and the analysis of variance Equalsized groups of five were used Strain 1 2 3 4 5 6 M 288 M 1326 M 1464 M 2398 M 1992 M 1870 s58 s143 s412 s377 s113 s160 Source SS df MS F F crit Between Treatments 847046667 5 16941 Within Treatments Total 1 129974667 29 What is the within treatments sum of squares a 84705 b 28293 c 1 1 2997 d 1 6941 What is the F value for this experiment a 75 b 16941 c 2940 d 1437 What is the conclusion reached by this test a There is no relationship between years strain of bacteria on the nitrogen content b There is a relationship between years strain of bacteria on the nitrogen content What is the total number of bacteria samples in this study a 5 b 29 c 30 d 24 The scientist conducting the studywas particularly interested in finding out if Strain 2 differed from Strain 5 Is there a difference Use the Scheffe test a No X X 2 b Yes Scheffe Test F12 MSW k 1 quot1 quot2 Dataset 2 Chi Square Test of Independence A random survey of autos parked in the student lot and the staff lot at large university classified the brands by country of origin as seen in the table Are there differences in the national origins of cars driven by students and staff Student Staff American 107 105 European 33 12 Asian 55 47 The degrees of freedom for this chisquare problem are a 1 b 2 c 4 d 5 The expected cell frequency for European cars in the student lot is a 45 b 33 c 2056 d 2444 The derived chisquare for this problem is a 872 b 888 c 7828 d 786 Which of the following is not an assumption of the chisquare test a the data comes from normal distributions b the dependent variable is a frequency or count c minimum of five expected scores per cell Dataset 3 Correlation amp Regression Here is the fat content in grams and the calories for several brands of burgers Cost I 19 31 34 35 39 39 43 Rating I 410 580 590 570 640 680 660 What is the correlation between fat content in grams and the calories a 96 b 86 c 04 d 76 What are the fat content in grams and the calories of the burger that is an outlier in the data above a 19 660 b 43 660 c 19 410 d 35 570 If you remove the outlier from the data set what is the correlation coefficient a 76 Dataset 4 Two Proportion 2 Test A suney in 2006 found that 69 of 223 boys aged 1214 said they played computer or console games like Xbox or PlayStation or games onlinequot Of 248 boys aged 1517 only 62 played these games In this evidence of a real agebased difference What is qhat pooled for this test a 69 b 31 c 62 d 35 Pooled Standard Error What is the pooled standard error A A SEp1 p2 a 04390 b 00349 c 45226 d 23333 What is the value of the z score in the test used to determine whether there is an age difference a 24 b 159 c 164 d 07 What is the twotailed pvalue associated with the z score in the test used to determine whether there is an age difference a 0559 b 1 1 18 c 8882 d 9441


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