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child development discussion

by: Kitae Notetaker

child development discussion CD 201

Marketplace > Western Michigan University > Child Development > CD 201 > child development discussion
Kitae Notetaker
GPA 2.9

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About this Document

this is a paper about different parenting and how it effects kids
Child Development
Study Guide
child development. discussion, western Michigan university
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This 1 page Study Guide was uploaded by Kitae Notetaker on Sunday February 28, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to CD 201 at Western Michigan University taught by in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 20 views. For similar materials see Child Development in Child Development at Western Michigan University.


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Date Created: 02/28/16
I have experienced and observed secured attachment, insecure-avoidant attachment but haven’t seen firsthand insecure-resistant attachment or insecure-disoriented attachment. Having a healthy relationship with parental figures is very important to a child’s development because the way a parent treats a child will affect any other relationship a child will have for the rest of their lives. Secure attachment relationship is the healthiest relationship and the mother responses quickly to a child’s needs and hold them often. Mothers that have a secure attachment with their child shows sensitive responsiveness which is responding quickly and adjust their responses to their child’s needs (Cook & Cook, p.185) The unhealthiest attachment is insecure-disoriented attachment are linked to parents who have suffered child hood trauma or parents who have unresolved issues with their own parents (Cook & Cook, p.186). These types of parents do not sensitively respond to their child’s needs. Also children in insecure- disorganized attachments are at a higher rate to have special needs such as Down syndrome or Autism. The mother is one of the most important figures to a child. I have seen some parents ignore a child when they are visibly in need of comfort, beat the child, tell them to shut up or just let the child cry themselves to sleep but that cause a child to not be have a secure base with the mother or father. I believe the type of parenting that will lead to insecure attachment relationships may be when the child cries or need attention and the parent doesn’t respond in a timely matter or doesn’t respond at all that’s when the insecure- resistant attachment or insecure-disoriented attachment behaviors will show in a child. According to John Bowlby Ethological theory he believes that a child's attachment is clear during distress because the child will want to be near a protective adult (Cook &Cook, p.181). The person the child is attached to provides a secure base for emotional comfort for the child. In terms of the type of attachment the child will have to a parent the first year of life is the most important time to form that according to AinsWorth (Cook&Cook, p.185). Of course any attachment relationship is a two way streak a child in a more secure attachment a child will cry less, respond more positively to their mother and want bodily contact from their mother but in an insecure attachment the child will cry more, show more anger and disrupt the bodily contact (Cook &Cook, p.186). to have the healthiest relationship possible with your child it is always best to positively respond to their needs so that the child knows they can always depend on you, spoiling a child with attention is never a bad thing because that will create a healthy and happier child in the long run. Cook, J., & Cook, G. (2014). The World of Children. Pearson Education.


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