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Japanese 202: Chapter 17 Study Guide

by: Adrianna Martin

Japanese 202: Chapter 17 Study Guide Japa 202

Marketplace > Japanese > Japa 202 > Japanese 202 Chapter 17 Study Guide
Adrianna Martin
GPA 3.7
Japanese 202
Miho Endo

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About this Document

The study guide covers new vocab, new kanji, and new grammar points.
Japanese 202
Miho Endo
Study Guide
Japanese, kanji, vocab, grammar
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This 0 page Study Guide was uploaded by Adrianna Martin on Sunday February 28, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to Japa 202 at a university taught by Miho Endo in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 41 views.


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Date Created: 02/28/16
New Kanji l year age Top radical to stolo EDD DDDD DDDDD DDDD NA lllllllllll Child Children DDD 20 years old I main lord DDDD DD DDDD DDDDD IDDEM world DDDDDDDD care I to tie to join left radical DUDE thread right radical ll good luck DDDD DDDDD DDDD EDD Dljlj world l marriage left radical woman top right radical last name DD bottom right radical day lj The day a woman changes her last name DDDD DD DDDD NA DDDD39DDDDDD to get married IDDUDE newly wed l to gather Top radical old bird DUDE DDDD EDD DDDD DEEDDD DDD39 DDDD to gather to collect DDDDDDDD to concentrate l to start to reveal Top radical departure to start DDDD DDDDDDDD DDDD NA DDDDDDDDDDD to make public to give a presentation IDDUDE pronounce DD39 DDDDD departure l to express surface Top radical animal Bottom radical clothes EDD DDDD DDDDDDD DDDD DDDDDDDD DDDDDDDDDDD to make public to give a presentation I to learn top radical feather DD white feather used to write notes as you learn DDDD EDD DDDD DMD DD39DDDDDD to learn IDDEM calligraphy l letter character Top radical katakana l DDDD I DDDD NA IDDEM calligraphy DD39DD character letter l goods re nement All radicals mouth DDDD DD DDDD DDDDD IDDUE a piece of work book lm etc DDDDDDDElegant I lively left radical water DDDD DDDDD DDDD NA DD39DDDD activity DDDDDDLife living l to copy Top radical katakana l DUDEDD DDDDDDQD IDDEED photograph DDDDDDDDCamera shop photo studio I true reality Middle radical eye to see DUDEDD DUDED 39DDDD photograph Camera shop photo studio D39DDDD center I to walk Top radical to stop DUDEEDD DDDDDDQD IDEDD to walk 1 eld Top left radical rice eld Top right radical katakana l DUDED DUDED IDEDD realm eld DDDDDDDDMnMs Ono Vocab Nouns DDDDDD EDD DD EDD DD DD DD DDDDDD DDDDD DUDE DDDDDD DDDDD guest visitor client customer man hot water woman lockkey re paper Salary contact lenses the lowest the worst salarymancompany employee overtime work DDDDD DDDDDDDDD DDDD DDDDDD DDD DDDDDD DDDD DDD DDDD DD DDD DDD DDD prime minister shopping mall spoon lottery difference zoo news panda heater bread secret boots dormitory DDDDDDDD traVe39 agency adiectives DDDD DDDDDD DDDD DDD kverbs DDD DDDDDD DDDDDD DD DDDDDDDDD Dangerous envious a little a dew strong to choose to select to boil water to comb one s hair to get crowded ga to win a lottery II to take off clothes DDDDD to shave one s head verbs DDD to make tea coffee etc wo DDDD to be born ga DDDDDD to lock D DEM to be suf cient to be enough ga DDD to get used to ni Irregular verbs DDDDDD to pray ni DDDDDD to put makeup on DDDDDDDD to get a fulltime job at company ni DD to wear small items necktie watch etc D DDDDD to get a divorce Adverbs and other expressions DDDDDDDDDD congratulations DDD I wonder casual DDD oneseW DDDD very DDD seecasuaD DDD moreover DDDD for example DDDDD compared with DDDD according to DD before DDDD after all Grammar lnference amp Hearsay We already learned that you can say what something seems like from your own experience by combining verb stem DDDD We are calling that inference Now we are learning how to say what someone else said something is like We are calling this hearsay since you heard someone say it This pattern shows that you are less certain that the statement is actually true To form the pattern combine short form DDDD We can also begin the statement by saying whowhere we heard it from by saying source DDDD Example DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD I heard from the news that the mall seemed crowded on Christmas EDD DD is the informal version of the quotation particle D and it can be used after a short form instead of DDDDDDDD or DDDD to quote what you heard from someone else Example EDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDUDE Takeshi said tomorrow is his birthday He wants a stuffed animal EDD H is used to explain if or when statements To say an if or when statement you say the if statement rst followed by followed by what you will do if the if statement occurs For example if you want to say that you will take a plane there if you go to Japan you would say quotlfl go to Japan I will take a planequot Keep in mind that for statements the rst statement has to take place before the second So you could not use it to say quotlfl go to my mom s next week I will hang out with you this F dayquot The in comes from the short past tense of the last word in the if statement So for the example you would say If the subject of the rst statement is different from the second you need to use instead of Example DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD lfl was a kid again we would play all day long HITIHITIHITI DDDDDDDD describes something you do not need to do It is formed by dropping the from the N form of a verb and adding Example DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD I do not need to go to school today DDDUDD Noun can be used to say that something resembles something else Example DDDDDDDDDDDDD This person looks like a panda Short form verb can be said to say that something seems to be true Dictionary form implies that something will happen past tense implies something did happen and implies something is happening Example DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD It seems that Takeshi is crying D l BeforeAfter something Noun llNoun DDDD Dictionary form DMDD form DMD Example DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD read a travel book before going to Japan ElElEl form DEM is used when you do one thing directly after doing something else The second thing done needs to be an action Only two actions clauses can be used in the sentence The rst sentence is what you did rst and the second is what you did second Example DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD I take a shower and then eat breakfast


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