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by: Malvina Orn


Malvina Orn
GPA 3.77


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About this Document

Study Guide
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This 3 page Study Guide was uploaded by Malvina Orn on Monday September 7, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to PHY 303L at University of Texas at Austin taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 87 views. For similar materials see /class/181840/phy-303l-university-of-texas-at-austin in Physics 2 at University of Texas at Austin.

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Date Created: 09/07/15
Exam Advice for PHY 303L Before the Exam Starts As you sit down check the bubble sheet on your table It should have your name student number SSN and the exam version number preprinted and bubbled in Make sure the name and that SSN are indeed yours if not you are probably sitting in somebody else s assigned seat and that they are spelled and bubbledin correctly Remember a bubble sheet without the correctly bubbledin SSN and the exam version number cannot be graded If your SSN is wrong or misbubbled or your bubble sheet is damaged tell this to proctors right away do not wait until the exam begins If a proctor gives you a blank bubble sheet to use instead of a bad preprinted sheet you should immediately write and bubble in your name your SSN and the version number of your exam The proctors will distribute exams at 7 PM sharp Each student will have a different version of the exam Before you do anything else make sure the version number of your problem set is the same as the version number preprinted on your bubble sheet Also make sure your problem set has all the questions count them the proctors will announce how many there should be and that all pages of your set have the same version number 7 the same as on your bubble sheet If your problem set is bad or the version numbers do not match call a proctor immediately get a new problem set and a blank bubble sheet instead of the preprinted one with a wrong version number As soon as you get anew bubble sheet immediately write and bubble in your name your SSN and the version number of your exam the version number should be the same as on your new problem set During and After the Exam 0 Keep your student ID with you during the exam 7 the proctors will spotcheck ID s to make sure the right students are being tested Organize your exam problems Mark the beginning and the end of each problem Make up a name for each problem for your own use Label the problems in a sequential order Your total number of problems should agree with the number on the board It is desirable to organize your scratch paper Use only one side to write up your work Put one problem or at most two problems on one page Put the problem numbers on the right upper comer of each page Please remember that the scanner and the grading computer read your bubbles and not your mind 7 if you don t bubble in your answer it does not count Use a soft pencil to fill the bubbles and fill them completely The scanning machine does not read ink and it may get confused by partially filled bubbles Do not delay bubblingin your answers till the last minute of the test as you may run out of time It is best to bubble in each answer as soon as you are done with the question And if you later come back to an already answered question and discover a mistake use your eraser Make sure to erase everything cleanly otherwise the scanning machine may still read it If you finish answering all questions before the exam is over use your time to check your answers and make sure they are bubbled in correctly 0 Make sure your preprinted bubble sheet has correct bubbles for you student number and the version number of your exam If your bubble sheet is not preprinted make doubly sure you bubble in your student number SSN and the version number Without this information your exam cannot be graded and you will receive a zero score At the end of the exam bring your bubble sheet to the proctors table Bring your student ID with you 7 the proctors will make sure you are indeed the student whose exam you are turning in Once the proctors announce the exam is over do not delay turning your bubble sheet in If you procrastinate your exam will not be collected and you will get a zero score The solutions to the exam problems will be available on the web 7 in the same place as the homework solutions 7 shortly after the end of the exam The exam scores will also be available on the web after the exam is graded the grading usually takes a couple of days Multiple Choice Problem All exam questions are multiple choice Make sure you read all possible answers proffered on the problem sheet7 sometimes a few answers are printed on the next page 7before answering the question Remember that a wrong choice gives negative points this is worse than no answer at all which gives you exactly zero points Specifically choosing a wrong answer out of N possibilities eams you 100 N 71 of the question s points for example a wrong answer on a 5point 5choice question eams you l25 points So ifyou are clueless about a particular question it is better to leave it unanswered Giving a randomly chosen answer is like playing an honest roulette The odds are even but watch out for Murphy s Law On the other hand if you have rejected several answers as definitely wrong but still cannot choose which of the remaining two or three answers is correct your best bet is to select the select the answer you like most It s a gamble but now it s a gamble with odds in your favor If you change your mind make sure to erase your wrong answer cleanly otherwise the scanning machine may still read it On numerical multiplechoice questions the correct answer may be slightly but only slightly different from your result because of the roundoff errors You should select the answer that is closest to your result Note that if your result is nowhere near any of the 10 answers proffered on the problem sheet then you are probably wrong On the other hand if your result is very close to two or more of the 10 proffered answers you should consult with a proctor something may be wrong with the problem On questions involving multiple choices of algebraic expressions first derive the correct expression write it on the scratch paper then compare it to the expressions given on the problem sheet Select the expression that s algebraically identical to your answer If none of the expressions fit consult with a proctor Maybe you are wrong but sometimes the problem is misstated Miscellaneous Advice On exams time is always short Do not get stuck and spend too much time on one hard question while many easy questions remain unanswered If a problem feels too hard move on to the next problem 7 or to any other problem you know how to solve Your best strategy is to answer all the easy questions first then go back to the mediumhard questions and leave the really hard questions for the last part of your exam Some problems are multipart ie involve several related questions Often but not always the questions can be answered out of sequence So if you have difficulty with the first part of a problem don t give up instead take a look at the second or third etc part and see if you can solve it first Some problems may be poorly written you have already seen a few on your homework assignments If you are confused by a question and are not sure what exactly are you supposed to calculate ask a proctor to clarify do not rush to calculate something wrong Finally if you need the value of a physical constant eg g 98 msz and it s not given in the text of the problem check your formula sheet If it s not on the formula sheet either ask the proctors to write it on the blackboard You will be given a copy of the course summary sheet containing important equations at the exam This summary sheet was handed out on the first day of class and is available on the web During any exam questions on these equations will not be answered However at other times your questions are surprisingly welcome


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