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Midterm review

by: Aimee Garces

Midterm review CJE4174

Aimee Garces
GPA 3.415
Comparative Criminal Justice
Clarence Stephens

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About this Document

Comparative Criminal Justice
Clarence Stephens
Study Guide
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This 3 page Study Guide was uploaded by Aimee Garces on Monday September 7, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to CJE4174 at Florida International University taught by Clarence Stephens in Fall 2014. Since its upload, it has received 51 views. For similar materials see Comparative Criminal Justice in Criminal Justice at Florida International University.


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Date Created: 09/07/15
0 Chinese Criminal Justice know rights and criminal procedure 0 Four components police courts procuratorate corrections 0 Chinese has informal system of justice social control mechanism mediation commitees etc 0 Corrections falls under ministry of justice 0 4 general categories of legal professionals in development of societies 0 Adjudicators advocates legal advisors legal scholars A court should have two basic characteristics to function properly 0 Judicial Independence 0 Judicial lmpartiality 0 Systems of criminal procedure Criminal Civil Sacred Socialist and Popular 0 Common Law right to counselright to trial by jury right to bail pretrial investigation39 0 Socialist law influenced by confucian philospophy Pretrial investigaton public safety office or procurator or local court can initiate investigation then give case to procurator Right to counsel allowed from the day case is transferred to procuratorindigent offenders provided with counsel Right to remain silent silent is treated as admission of guilt Popular System of Criminal Procedure What does it call for in the way of participation 0 it is called populr because it is a system that calls for the popular participation of citizens who are not criminal justice professionals 0 Plea Bargaining 0 when dedendant pleads guilty to charges against them 0 Major criticism in the adversarial system Q manipulation of the systems by criminals 0 Definition of the adversarial system and inquisitorial system Q adversial set of legal procedures used in common law countries to determine the truth during adjudication whereby the prosecution and defense counsel compete against each other 0 lnquisitorial main model of criminal procedure trial in this system is lessl like a competition and more like a continuing investigation 0 Names of the Supranational Courts 0 special criminal courts and courts of human right decisions cross national boundaries and may have higher legal standing than decisions of courts in individual countries 0 international courts have been accepted internationaly as legitmate 0 international criminal court 0 international court of justice 0 What system has plea bargaining O adversial system Criticisms of Plea Bargaining O The right to remain silent and US Constitution 5th amendment 0 Criminal procedure in most socialist countries are derived from what family of law 0 civil law systems The right by jury O for socialistno trial by jury trial by panel of judges Which system has adversarial system 0 used in common law countries Presumption of Innocence of the Accused O the potential for abuse in lengthy secret trial proceedings is evidentincluding lengthy detentions Computer technology to analyze data 0 COMPST Saudi Arabia their moral police 0 Mutawa nondemocratic societies police are chiefly responsive to who 0 to the ruling elite ex china and saudi arabia compare to nondemocratic societies 0 formedand operate within variety of cultural historial and economic factors Deviance control function of the police 0 refers to the police mission and tasks that enforce commnity values and laws In Monarchy who is the chief of state 0 the king or queen Unitary Centralized Civil Law Country 0 France ALL 6 countries for correct description of criminal justice 0 england nonconstitutional monarchy unitary governmentpower is centeralized 0 France unitary centeralized civil law 0 germany civil law tradition 0 Japan written constitution hybrid legal system influence mediaton compromise and consensus civil law 0 0 China unitay multinational socialist law country 0 saudi arabiia non constitutional monachy WHat document of france basic principles of criminal law come from O declaration of rights of man and of the citizen Q lengthy pretrial confinement O criticism for the inquisitorial system 0 low crime rate in saudi arabia 0 crime is not always reported 0 review magna carta petition of rights and act of settlements what they did what tradition did they bring about 0 ushering in a tradition of a limited government in which the rulers are constrained in their actions by a compact with the people


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