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Test 3 Study Guide

by: Alicia Rinaldi

Test 3 Study Guide PSY 271

Marketplace > University of Miami > Psychlogy > PSY 271 > Test 3 Study Guide
Alicia Rinaldi
GPA 3.7
Stress Management
Barry Zwibelman

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About this Document

Topics include Robert Sopolsky video, journal writing, yoga, t'ai chi, coping, behavior modification, procrastination, exercise, and spirituality.
Stress Management
Barry Zwibelman
Study Guide
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This 6 page Study Guide was uploaded by Alicia Rinaldi on Tuesday September 8, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to PSY 271 at University of Miami taught by Barry Zwibelman in Spring 2015. Since its upload, it has received 80 views. For similar materials see Stress Management in Psychlogy at University of Miami.

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Date Created: 09/08/15
Stress Test 3 Study Guide Robert Sopolsky Video Went to Africa to learn about human stress amp disease by studying baboons sedated them then took blood amp studied stress hormones Scientists used to think ulcers were the only thing stress causes Stressincreased blood pressuremore plaque builds upeventually heart attack 0 Brain cells of stressed lab rats were smaller than those of healthy rats 0 Brains of dominant monkeys have ore dopamine than subordinate monkeys Sopolsky started feeling stressed Journal Writing Principles 1 private place a how was my day thoughts feelings 2 free owing thoughts 3 pictures instead of words For Stress Management 0 reduce rumination dwelling on stressful thoughts 0 release emotions that can train your energy anger guilt brainstorming a script to resolve issues 0 identify chronic stressors of which you may not be aware Happiness most people consider themselves fairly happy when ranting life quotas a wholequot Yoga 0 physical and mental training 0 sleep diet leisure activities 0 physical training gentle stretching movements designed to bring balance to the entire body physical balance postures 0 mental training relaxation meditation 0 asanas series of body positions 0 pranayama breathing control 0 moral and ethical training Hindu philosophy 0 do no harm to yourself or others objectives of a yoga session 0 breathing 0 learn sequencing of the various postures techniques breathing 0 regular practice 0 several varieties 0 most popular in US hatha yoga a yoga system of physical exercises and breathing control sequence of asanas one after another combine breathing concentration and asanas may include meditation 3 concepts 0 the art of balance 0 the art of breathing the art of conscious stretching 0 some postures may seem quite easy while others seem impossible you should not push yourself to the point of pain move to the limit of your own physical ability With practice the more difficult asanas will become easier T ai Chi relaxation technique described as a moving meditation 0 the Chinese View of health differs from the western view in that the Chinese view is based largely on a balance of opposites yin and yang o wholeness can only be achieved by combining yin and Yang 0 4 basic principles 0 fasting the heart 0 wuwei action without physical force 0 return to nature 0 winning by losing 0 similarity between t39ai chi and hatha yoga is that they both unite body mind and spirit 0 shown to be effective toward the treatment or relief of chronic pain 39 qigong o the softest least destructive of the martial arts 0 research shows signi cant results with hypertension stroke and cardiovascular efficiency Coping o emotionfocused o manage emotional reaction 0 change the distress o tactics I stay busy with other things to keep my mind off the problem don t worry about it because I gure everything will wok out ne try to convince myself that it is not really happening step back from the situation and give myself time to think feel better about the situation reduce anger frustration and fear 0 positive reappraisal 0 physical tactics deep breathing muscular relaxation caution used excessively can lead to denial wishful thinking 0 ex put off writing term paper until later 0 problemfocused o solve the problem 0 change the stressor 0 works best when there are realistic opportunities for changing the situation you have some control 0 tactics study the possibilities for solutions and consider several alternatives talk with a professional person about ways to improve the situation take some action to improve the situation take things one step at a time o 2 types of problemfocused seeking social support quotI talked to someone to nd out more about the situationquot planful problemsolving quotI made a plan of action and I followed itquot 0 ex start working on a term paper right away 0 no single coping strategy is uniformly effective for all situations Behavior Modi cation 0 a therapeutic process designed to replace an undesirable behavior with a more desirable behavior 0 2 necessary components 0 positive goal what you plan to do can t be negative saying something you won t do quotmy goal is to eat fruits and vegetables for snacksquot o a very speci c behavior substitute quotI will eat fruit instead ofjunkquot 6 stages 0 1 Awareness you realize that you think or behave in a manner that you want to change 0 2 desire to change the motivation for change becomes greater than the bene ts of existing behavior also discussed with this topic depressed people tend to stay depressed because they enjoy the social support they receive and depression may become a part of their identity 0 3 Cognitive restructuring changes in perceptions and attitudes that must accompany behavior change 0 4 Behavior substitution specifying what behavior you wish to adopt expressed as a speci c positive 0 5 Bounce back the quotstages of changequot behavior modi cation model recognizes that relapse falling back on old behaviors for a while is part of the process and not an indication of failure 0 6 Evaluation analysis of the new behavior to determine if the desired results are being achieved 0 social support 0 tell other people about your desire to change formalizes your commitment encouragement and support Procrastination which one are you 0 quotI now I should do it but just can t seem to get startedquot 0 quotJust one more video game then I ll get goingquot 0 quotWhy start early I work better under pressurequot stats 0 90 of college students 0 of these 25 are chronic it worksl makes it easy to do and hard to change 0 procrastination increases anxiety 0 but also reduces anxiety 0 5 steps of overcoming procrastination awareness break inertia cognitive restructuring small chunks of time speci c subgoals if you get stuck make 2 lists why am procrastinating CDLJ39gtLJLJII I bene ts of getting the job done textbook 0 lazinessapathy 0 fear of failure 0 need for instant grati cation o straightforward procrastinator someone who knowingly does something other than the job at hand deceptive procrastinator someone who attempts to work on projects but only scratches the surface stalling on the completion of tasks 0 timetrap procrastinator a person who does other tasks such as laundry thus keeping busy while still avoiding the more important responsibilities 0 perfectionist someone who is obsessed with the details of every task aiming for quality yet ends up getting caught up with the details and missing the whole picture 0 lifestyle behavior trap a behavior in which people have a hard time saying no and end up overwhelmed with multiple responsibilities Longitudinal study of procrastination o 3 variables performance stress illness 0 DV quality of performance 0 Negative aspects of procrastination anxiety dejection sadness 0 Positive less time suffering 0 Conclusions short term bene ts long term costs 0 Exercise In times of stress it s easy to turn to unhealthy behaviors Many people let the idea of exercise itself stress them out Our bodies were made to be active so our natural inclination during stress is to move Aerobic exercise keeps our physiological systems working well Remaining inactive results in an immense strain on internal systems Anaerobic amp aerobic o Anaerobic muscle strength and toning o Aerobic with air rhythmic repetitive motion heart rate elevated for 1520 min The intensity of the aerobic activity is measured by one s target heart rate zone training zone maintained for the duration of the workout 0 Normal heart rate 6080 bpm 0 Athletes 3550 bpm 0 Better shape fewer beats per minute 0 Big 5 0 Burns off stress hormones 0 Natural release of endorphins 0 Return more easily to homeostasis following stress 0 Better quality sleep 0 Increased immune function 0 all or none conditioning 0 frequency daysweek o intensity target heart rate 0 duration minutessession what makes physical exercise different from the stress response is that parasympathetic rebound effect your body s rate of return to homeostasis after physical exertion is quicker degree of relaxation attained is more complete 0 effects of exercise on stress response test 0 immediate burns off catecholamines amp stress hormones o shortterm prepares body for future stressful episodes minimize physical arousal for nonphysical threats 0 long term efficient functioning of heart lungs blood vessels kidneys muscularskeletal tissue exercise helps you burn off more calories even when you re not exercising metabolic rate Spirituality 0 try to feel connected to where you are 0 in the spiritual context stress is a lack ofconnectedness and a lack of direction 0 connectedness serious thinking about something greater than yourself meaning direction purpose quotif you are a part of me and I am a part of you I will be much more likely to treat you in peaceful waysquot inner peace an outcome of spiritual health 0 spiritual health may or may not include the adherence to a religion prayingplacebo effect healing results not because of the intervention of a higher power but bc of the belief people will get better many religions prohibit health risk behaviors religions engagement boosts social support 0 sense of meaningpurpose control over lifepositive emotion amp appraisals


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