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Bisc 132

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1 review
by: Victoria Kemp

Bisc 132 BISC 132

Victoria Kemp
LA Tech
GPA 3.0

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About this Document

Study guide for test 2
BISC 132
Dr. Kemege
Study Guide
50 ?




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1 review
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"If Victoria isn't already a tutor, they should be. Haven't had any of this stuff explained to me as clearly as this was. I appreciate the help!"
Nova Conn V

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This 4 page Study Guide was uploaded by Victoria Kemp on Monday February 29, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to BISC 132 at Louisiana Tech University taught by Dr. Kemege in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 87 views. For similar materials see BISC 132 in Biology at Louisiana Tech University.


Reviews for Bisc 132

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If Victoria isn't already a tutor, they should be. Haven't had any of this stuff explained to me as clearly as this was. I appreciate the help!

-Nova Conn V


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Date Created: 02/29/16
Define Hyphae single or branched tube with multiple nuclei and connected cytoplasm. Hyphae has components divided by a what? Septa (cross walls) Hyphae has how many cell(s). What flows freely one, cytoplasm Define Mycellium mass of hyphae Mycellium grows on/through what? Substrate Mycellium has multiple ____ that increases the _____ for nutrient uptake hyphae, surface area Mycellium absorbs ____ directly ____ of the body nutrients, outside What does Mycellium secrete digestive enzymes. Cell walls are made of what. chitin How many nuclei can cells have multiple What cells have one nuclei Monokaryotic What type of cells have 2 nuclei Dikaryotic What function does Mitosis not directly lead to Cytokinesis Asexual reproduction produces _____ dispersed by the wind, spores Heterotrophs: Some can be _________ carnivores What do Heterotrophs hunt invertibrates this is what Most heterotrophs are. They can break down _________ (very thoroughly) & ________. derivative. dead organic matter, cellulose Microsparidia are this type of cell .They obligate intracellular _______ Unicellular, parasites. Microsparidia can completely take over this. Cell host Microsparidia has the smallest ________ genome eukaryote Blastocladiomycota has what type of life cycle haplodiplontic what two typez of multicellular stages of life does Blastocladiomycota have haploid and diploid Basidomycota has a unique____ structure, aka _____ reproductive, basidium Basidomycota produces ____,____ mating spores which form the ___________ haploid monokaryotic, primary Mycelium Mutualistic both benefit Define Commensal One benefits, the other is not affected Parasitic One benefits, the other is harmed Obligate Symbiosis required for survival Facultative Symbiosis not required for survival What are lichens considered (req. for survival, both beneficial) obligate mutualistic Lichens are between ______&_______ fungus and photosynthetic Lichens: The ____ protects the partner fungus Lichens: The partner gives ____ (_____) to the fungus. nutrients, photosynthesis What conditions are lichens found in arctic Micorrhizae are considered _______ (not req for life, both beneficial) facultative mutualistic Micorrhizae are between what plant roots & fungi In micorrhizae, fungi aids in the absorption of _______ form the soil while the plant provides _____ mineral nutrients, sugars Micorrhizae can grow _______ roots around/through What are Leaf cutter ants/fungi considered________ (req. both beneficial). obligate mutualistic Ants cut/carry leaves to colonies to feed leaves to the ____ and then eat them fungus Candida albicans are also known as Human Fungal Pathogens Human Fungal Pathogens are associated with what lower immune system. Candida albicans can cause what type of infection yeast infections, bladder infections. Plant Fungal Pathogens can damage ______ food crops. Humans have a what type of life cycle diplontic Plant traits include chlorophyll _____&_____ a&b Plants have a unique _______ structure. chloroplast Plants have what type of cell wall cellulose Give an example of a photoautoptroph plants Most plants have what type of life cycle. haplodiplontic In humans, only the ______ is multicellular diploid In plants, what stages are multicellular haploid and diploid Sporophyte multicellular diploid Gametophyte multicellular haploid Haploidiplontic: The __________ (2n) produce _____ spores (unicellular) by __________ Sporophyte, haploid, meiosis Haploidiplontic: The spores are divide by this function to form gametophyte mitosis Haploidiplontic: The gametophyte produce egg and sperm by this function mitosis Haploidiplontic: The egg and sperm= zygote (2n), divides to produce _______ sporophyte Green Algae: includes ________&__________ chlorophytes and charophytes Green Algae: are multicellular or unicellular in _________ form(s) diploid/haploid Chlamydomonas reinhardt: can Swim using what flagella Chlamydomonas reinhardt: are Not this haploidiplontic Chlamydomonas reinhardt: Can perform what type of reproduction Asexual/Sexual Bryophytes: Prominent _____ (1n) gametophytes Bryophytes: Prominent gametophyes have a ________ photosynthetic body Bryophytes: lacks what . tracheids Tracheids cells that transfer water/food Liverworts: Definition, and they have no ______ flattened "liver shaped" gameto phytes, leaves Mosses: ______ structures, have rudimentary _______ conducting _________ leaf-like, water, tissues Hornworts: Sporophyte and Gametophyte are what photosynthetic Tracheophytes: Have specialized __________ vascular tissues Tracheophytes: Transfer ______ water/nutrients Tracheophytes: Allows what to grow larger plants Tracheophytes: what does include stems, roots, & leaves Lycophyte: are what Dominant ________ (2n) sporophyte Lycophyte: Club ___ mosses Lycophyte: where do they usually grow moist forest floors Pterophytes: An example is a _____. They have a complex _____. fern, life-cycle Pterophytes: Sporophyte and hameto phyte are both what photosynthetic (T/F) Pterophytes can NOT live independently F, THEY CAN LIVE INDEPENDENTLY Pterophytes: Sperm with flagella, ______ is REQUIRED for reproduction water Gymnosperms : "aka" ____ naked seeds (T/F) Gymnosperms have fruit/flowers FALSE Within gymnosperms, this part that houses the female is exposed. The female relies on what action to fertilize ovule, wind Conifers think cuticle around leaves to reduce water loss Ginkgobilboa: are the only what of the group, Ginkgophytes. living member Dioecious distinct male/female trees (T/F) Ginkgobilboas ARE dioecious T (T/F) Ginkgobilboas produce male/female gametophytes T Ginkgophyte female trees are almost extinct (T/F) Angiosperms have fruits and flowers T Angiosperms attract these things to help pollinate_____ animals Within angiosperms, the flowers house ____ anther Within angiosperms, the flower protects what ovule, female genetophyte Within angiosperms, what doea the fruit surround seed Within angiosperms, what does the fruit nurture plants Within angiosperms,what does the fruits aid in _____ dispersal


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