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First Shakespeare Exam Sample Questions (free on Blackboard)

by: Nicole Dorsey

First Shakespeare Exam Sample Questions (free on Blackboard) English 323

Marketplace > University of Missouri - Kansas City > Foreign Language > English 323 > First Shakespeare Exam Sample Questions free on Blackboard
Nicole Dorsey
GPA 3.3
Joan Dean

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About this Document

This is literally copied and pasted from Professor Dean's post on Blackboard. She will post three essay questions on Blackboard, three days before the test, and those are what you should also pract...
Joan Dean
Study Guide
First Exam, Sample Questions, Essay Sample, Shakespeare, Richard the III
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This 2 page Study Guide was uploaded by Nicole Dorsey on Tuesday September 8, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to English 323 at University of Missouri - Kansas City taught by Joan Dean in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 95 views. For similar materials see Shakespeare in Foreign Language at University of Missouri - Kansas City.


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Date Created: 09/08/15
Sample Questions First Examination English 323 Shakespeare Part Directions Identify describe or explain eight of the following Each response is worth up to ve points forty points possible in this part In the case of quotations a complete answer includes the identi cation of sources speaker but most importantly the significance of the passage No books Please write on this paper 1 X quotNever came poison from so sweet a placequot Y quotNever hung poison on a fouler toadquot 2 quotDespair and diequot 3 stichomythia Partll Directions Respond to one topic Answer in welldeveloped essays that an English professor will enjoy reading Each essay is worth up to 30 points 60 points possible in this part You may use a dictionary 1 In each of these history plays the king must respond to traitors or those who attempt to betray the king Discuss how the king s response to such characters is indicative or not indicative of the his character and his rule In the case of Richard II you can deal with either Richard II or Henry IV and on a good day might try to do both In Partlk avoid plot summary at all costs be sure to focus on the plays themselves budget your time CHARACTER LISTS Richard III RichardDuke of Gloucester GeorgeDuke of Clarence Edward IV Queen Elizabeth Duchess of York Lady Anne Queen Margaret Rivers Grey Hastings Buckingham Exton Prince Edward RichardDuke of York Stanley Richmond Catesby Tyrrell Richard II Richard Mowbray Bolingbroke York Aumerle Duchess of York Northumberland Harry PercyHotspur Bishop of Carlisle Bushy Bagot Green Queen John of Gaunt Duchess of Gloucester Henry V Chorus BolingbrokeHenry V Fluellen Gower Macmorris Jamy Canterbury Ely Gloucester Clarence Cambridge Scrope Grey Pistol Nym Bardolph Hostess King of France the Dauphin Catherine Alice Constable of France Burgundy


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