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Modern Japanese

by: Mrs. Jayson Johns

Modern Japanese JPN 111

Mrs. Jayson Johns
GPA 3.9


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About this Document

Study Guide
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This 3 page Study Guide was uploaded by Mrs. Jayson Johns on Tuesday September 8, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to JPN 111 at University of California - Davis taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 50 views. For similar materials see /class/187306/jpn-111-university-of-california-davis in Japanese at University of California - Davis.

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Date Created: 09/08/15
ma 3z 34 Ill 3 332 33 fr L m KLD gt3 32301 3 3 0025 Us 4 to the of xx 57 gm 9 03 0042 iii 4 level em 030 if 17 22 4amp9 are Lmk 0204 gtlii 3 7 official letter gj algfZ39j39cj 0353 l 3 7 actual conditions lg fir amp 0373 7 X 4 Prf is ipnd gl e 3 k x r m re 72 lt 0387 3 7 has relations with j 3 7 3 5 il j m 77A 0429 l 77 V exchan es X g U15 0503 if 4 edge Egg g 0627 7 77 7 degree of goodness ifi 064i 5 l 7 special W 0775 77 subject of study gas gil 1 i i gil 0865 it 77 seals ilkie lCAiLE 0945 iii tightens 4 if a 4 27 04 3 V recognizes 573 y 3 A argues 058 URE U theory x 075 7E asks for E a 3 at M lt i i d y i l I20 E at term I76 714 kind of thing gig I294 9 aspires 3 5 I376 s7 7 dwelling house 33 re t leelest l444 i 7y single e i 411 33M I455 7 y ideaidea for W 7 3 3EW75 473 1 draws near 5 5F U I488 EL happy 30 x30 m s s s I499 e 7 Widespread seize 332533 satires 537 J y recommends j g gj 583 5 3 7 gov39t ministry ig g giggly W020 Emile 3 KLD i xeroxtot eat matey 7 i72i 2amp5 i 7 tube I756 E 37 hopes 3 3 5 E 822 if 7 4 state of a thing I987 BE 74 garden mo 23 E 25 1 7 L H rli7 fig 1 new information in color KLD i xeroxtot matey 7 0006 t y without fail 7 tr L e 00i2 it 77 changes into i kti it await it t 00i5 b7 ac tting 3122 tint7 ant7 iii7 as 975 0044 i 1 r7 lives 22 ii a tierennin Mfr ii a 0098 iii a returns 72 iii a 5 we U i ii m 035 9i 77 outside 2c z u 7 55M 7i 9 if 7 g es 3 H A 03957 conductsholds 325 Z 73quotquot TT 7 W lt Wt gii t 0222 ii J 4 253 we 939 rim 7 t i 39 s o o 0285 7 77 7357 no 7 75735 73 i 3 397 place ia ia i ff i 0654 7 77 4 mechanical device gym h39 M i 0736 i a nth anemia t 55 0757 7n U advantage i rll i a 5 5 t i t 5 0760 3U v EiLZES ioI we n5 iiiSilt an an 5 tar et 0767 947 71 5 suffix creates 7 3 E47 547 adj 0768 U 7 knows L 39 u E tr 5 u U A t LEAEH Zquot 7 quot teaches i002 3 at a 7 religion ateach 23gt wag a 55 em 5 ing 099 it 7 section 0 an we e13 5 Elt rt 9 informs i i earring t a 5 H63 j F7 moves 77 71117 7 E El 1347 l fn E i23i i 9 g39gt er 25 itix EA in i235 3 i7 bean ire fine iii E WM Emile 3 KLD 2 52 iii5312 fees ma a 2 7 V I242 X y wrltmg 82 t E E jut Ste I272 53 7 interchange of 5 we 2 5 combines I274 a j 7 fitsmatches i 7 U U 9 jagE I277 Joy whole 43 9 39 d 52 I352 39enaning e2 33333 a at ease I373 7 V peaceful 31 543 g m inexpensive I455 7 V ideaidea for gm gggggmyg house 7 I458 77 family 32E 33 375 iiiA x C I552 95 JE ahead 1 3 I825 78 9813 am LID ESE iii 3 E0 71 E seeswatches VB t 65 E 7 sows aidj ix 5E m75 3 77 7 studies I I I 8 I625 i y M ed institution 38 e mmb ei thinks f I633 E has in mind at 362 F B quota 7 I703 a 2 2 7M e2 geese wee employsuses 889 FF 357 useforuse 711 3 5 83 838 things to do eye 8 e I927 E E 7 numbered item y El E4 1 E a 7 0 a a g 93 5 gt35 fy mmy gem 8 i5 j 7 country lt a W 39FT F F 57ix 57 counter times 3 t t M I974 I2 I C tuu2eegggize em 333833 a mannerbearing asses throu h 2 I982 2 v 7 Enmmm Pniral z 2522 33 323 me 8383 2026 1 J V chooses X 5332 23 185 185 as 2039 2 e thinks irA i a EE z 77 e z 5 V i7 2047 a 14 Person 0 2I4I T 7 not 7M5


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