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Mythology Midterm 2 Study Guide 1

by: Anna Perry

Mythology Midterm 2 Study Guide 1 class0030

Marketplace > University of Pittsburgh > Classical Studies > class0030 > Mythology Midterm 2 Study Guide 1
Anna Perry
GPA 3.5

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About this Document

The standard hero motifs broken down for each Heracles' and Theseus' stories. Also a description of the labors (and side deeds) each of them had to do. Comparison between the two heroes
Mythology of the Ancient World
Marilyn Jones
Study Guide
Theseus, Heracles, 12 labors, hero motifs, side deeds
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This 5 page Study Guide was uploaded by Anna Perry on Monday February 29, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to class0030 at University of Pittsburgh taught by Marilyn Jones in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 95 views. For similar materials see Mythology of the Ancient World in Classical Studies at University of Pittsburgh.

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Date Created: 02/29/16
Heracles Theseus One parent is Son of mortal Alcmena and divine Son of mortal Aethra, mortal Aegeus, and divine Zeus divine Posiedon Birth is Alcmena slept with both a mortal and After intercourse with Aegeus, Aethra rose and miraculous or a divine in a single night, and so had went to offer sacrifice. Poseidon appeared from unusual mortal and divine seeds//Alcmena was the sea and possessed her. Theseus is one of in labor for 7 days before the birth mortal and divine seed goddess let her give birth Great Quickly mastered martial arts, big Exerting his full strength, he lifted rock and strength/menan clumsy fingers broke the lyre’s strings removed the sword and sandals. // attacks the ce to others – kills his music teacher bull Heracles failed to kill, and sacrifices to Apollo Truest Twin brother Iphicles Pirithous raided Theseus’ flocks, was caught companion is a red handed and promised to be Theseus’ slave. male He suggested that instead they swear eternal friendship Falls under After murdering his wife and children, Theseus performed six famous deeds of power/compelle becomes slave to cousin Eurythesus to strength on the coastal road d to perform perform for him the 12 labors labors Breaks After Heracles violates xenia, he must Tries to abduct Antiope, provokes the taboo/terrible serve Omphale for 3 years and give Amazonomachy price demanded everything he earned to Eurytus as blood money Resists Heracles forms a relationship with Only the daughter of Zeus could satisfy temptation of a Omphale but leaves when his three Theseus and Pirithous// Elopes with Ariadne woman years of servitude are complete but then is disgusted by her treachery to her father and abandons her Responsible for Theseus and Pirithous travel to the underworld death of to get Persephone but Pirithous dies while they companion are there and Theseus cannot save him Quest/Underworl During his quest for the horses of d Diomedes, Heracles travels to the underworld to bring Queen Alcestis back from the dead. Also descends into underworld to obtain Cerebus Needs help from Nephew assists him w/ hydra// Apollo Theseus uses 3 wishes given to him by gods, spirits, and Artemis order Heracles to let the Poseidon//Zeus sends a plague on Athens magic Ceryneian Deer go//Helius lends him a cup to cross the waters to erythia//Atlas fetches the Apples of Hesperides//Hermes and Athena Returns home, Marries Deianira in Trachis and retires Becomes King after accidentally making his atones for to Euboea to prepare a sacrifice to his father thing he was dead crimes father Zeus Rewarded with Given immortality Instituted many government reforms something of great value Become Becomes god and marries Youth Becomes King of Crete important Death The bile from Nessus poisons Heracles The king of Scyros, envious of Theseus’ greatness, pushed him off a cliff Magnificent Raised into heaven in a cloud gathered Not glorious/ shameful and by treachery round the pyre, an apotheosis Labors Heracles After Effect Theseus 1 To kill the Nemean lion (acquires skin The king banished Heracles Killed Periphetes, a son of and club) from the city Hephaestus, who liked to bash passersby with his club (Theseus kept the club) 2 To destroy the Hydra (nephew He prepared his own death Sinis, a giant and son of Poseidon, accompanies) –Hera put the crab in the who forced travelers to help him stars as the constellation bend a pine tree to the ground; Cancer he’d then let it go, catapulting the bictim through the air. Theseus did the same to him 3 To bring in the Ceryneian deer, which Artemis and Apollo He killed an enormous pig, bred by belonged to Artemis. He wounds the reproach Heracles for an old woman, Phaea. deer capturing the sacred animal –he must let it go. 4 To capture the Erymanthian boar. He One of Heracle’s poisoned Sciron, a rascal who made drove it from the bush and carried it to arrow wounds Chiron. wayfarers bend over to wash his Eurystheus Promtetheus trades his feet, then kicked them down the mortality for Chiron’s slope to a giant turtle who immortality devoured them. Theseus did the same to him Side Visits Centaur Pholus. Opens forbidden Deed wine, which angers Centaurs. Chiron, a centaur, offers them refuge 5 To clean Eurystheus’ stables, makes a Eurystheus refused to pay. Crushed to death Cercyon, a deal with Augeas: if he can do it in a Heracles kills Augeas and powerful wrestler day, he’d receive 1/10 of Augeas’ his sons cattle. He does it in a day. 6 To eradicate Stymphalian birds, he Killed Procrustes, who offered shot them down with his arrows travelers a place to stay and put them in the wrong sized beds. Theseus forced Procrustes to fit into one of his own beds 7 To capture the Creten bull for The bull got away and Eurystheus, rode it back to the wondered to Marathon, Peloponnesus where Theseus killed it 8 To capture the horses of Diomedes, Heracles fed the horses’ who dined on human flesh master, Diomedes, to them. Side If the Queen Alcestis must die, he After, they fled to Mount Deed must bring her back from the dead. Olympus where they were He wrestles death, and brings Alcestis eaten by wolves. back Admetus is still bitter 9 To bring the girdle of Hippoltya, the Hera, disguised as an Amazon Queen, to Eurystheus. She Amazon, ran through the gladly removes the girdle for him city proclaiming Heracles He eventually gives the girdle to had abducted Hippolty. The Eurstheus Amazons attack. Heracles strangles Hippolyta 10 To capture the cattle of Geryon, a Heracles brought most of monster. the cattle to Mycenae, Got too hot, fired an arrow at the sun where Eurystheus Helius lends him a cup – kills Orthus sacrificed them to Hera and Eurytion. Drove cattle across Europe Side 3-headed fire-breathing monster stole Deed cattle, killed him. 11 To bring back the Apples of the Heracles, then must hold Hersperides. up the world while Atlas Needs help from Hereus for directions does that. to the Garden of Hesperides. Eurystheus refused the Persuades Atlas to fetch the apples apples in the end because Side He was to be killed by Busiris but he they were “too dangerous” Deed. burst from his bonds, killed Busiris and Heracle’s sacrifice of his sons Busiris is Death overcome Side Heracles killed the eagle that had Zeus consents that “the Deed been eating Prometheus’ liver and glory of Heracles might be freed Promethius greater than ever before through all the abundant earth. 12 To descend to the underworld and Heracles dragged Cerberus bring back Cerberus. Hades agreed. to Eurystheus, then released it to the world below


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