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by: Sallie Lind PhD
Sallie Lind PhD
GPA 3.84


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About this Document

Study Guide
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This 2 page Study Guide was uploaded by Sallie Lind PhD on Wednesday September 9, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to ESRM 201 at University of Washington taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 67 views. For similar materials see /class/192034/esrm-201-university-of-washington in Environmental Science and Resource Management at University of Washington.

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Date Created: 09/09/15
Study Questions for Final Exam Ni Diagram the hydrologic cycle and it components What percent of water is in the earth s oceans and what percent is in freshwater Where is most of the freshwater List 5 uses of rivers that indicate their importance What is a watershed Describe why streams in a watershed are important ecologically What are the three main causes of precipitation Humans are using more and more of the freshwater on earth Why is this a problem How do plants play a role in the water cycle Does thinning of trees in the Cedar River watershed negatively affect the hydrologic process there What is a hydrograph and how does it differ in natural forest and urban environments Where are impervious surfaces found How much impact do they have on the water cycle Describe 5 roles that soil microbes play Define the term mycorrhiza What benefit are mycorrhizas to plants Do plants pay a price for having mycorrhizas What does the fungus get out of this arrangement Where is the fastest decomposition likely to occur in western Washington Why Defrne soil pro le forest oor A horizon B horizon How do soils near Seattle differ from those at Snoqulamie Pass How have glaciers played a role in soil formation in western Washington Defrne decomposition soil soil order soil organism Why is it important to study the cycling of elements like carbon nitrogen and phosphorus Discuss the term belowground ecosystem Why is it so important to study Define GIS GPS raster images vector images lidar What is active remote sensing versus remote passive How are GPS collars used What is the definition of wildlife in Washington state How has the study of wildlife changed from 50 years ago to today What types of wildlife are favored by industrial forestry with 55 year rotations What are the 7 types of species in species ranking List 3 positive and 3 negative functions of wildlife in relation to plants How have plants reacted to herbivory Discuss single and multiple species approaches to wildlife management Describe the four factors that determine the abundance of wildlife populations Define habitat coarse grained species fine grained species area sensitive species and give one example of each List 6 things that logs CWD provides for wildlife How do large living trees provide for wildlife How do small mammals or bats relate to forest successional stage Define 7 edge fragmentation patch core habitat Describe some approaches for minimizing the effects of fragmentation What are wildlife reserves 7 is it better to have a single large reserve or several small reserves Describe how forest management in Washington has changed from 1970 to the present day Mention in your answer the endangered species act forest practices act Northwest Forest Plan fish and wildlife and HCPs and the species of concern in WA 36 Describe how the Yakama tribe is managing their ecosystems Why do we consider their management techniques to be at the leading edge of management Watch the Denman Series Video mentioned in Lecture 16 by Phil Rigdon 0n Yakama Nation Forestry httpwwwuwtvorgprogramsdisplayeventaspxrID16146 Starting at 8 minutes 40 seconds and ending at 20 minutes 5 seconds De ne HCP Forest and Fish Law sustainable forest management forest practices rules spotted owl circle What are the three zones related to riparian management in Washington How do they relate to the Desired Future Condition of riparian areas 3 What is forest certi cation What do the acronyms FSC and SFI mean and how did these schemes develop Does forest certi cation do a better job of providing ecosystems services than regulation putting laws in place to protect forests 40 Discuss the concept forest health How does it relate to ecosystem management 41 What are the four main causes of forest health problems 42 What are the major forest health issues 43 List 5 insect and 5 diseases that are causing major forest health problems in Washington 44 Rate the following causes of tree mortality in western and eastern Washington from 1 most mortality to 4 least mortality re bark beetles root diseases wind 45 Discuss solutions to the forest health problems in the western US and Canada 46 What is climate change likely to do to the occurrence of insects diseases and re U gt1 LA 00 gt0


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