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by: Jonatan Stroman


Jonatan Stroman
GPA 3.73

Jacob Hutchison

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About this Document

Jacob Hutchison
Study Guide
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This 2 page Study Guide was uploaded by Jonatan Stroman on Wednesday September 9, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to DRAMA 101 at University of Washington taught by Jacob Hutchison in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 58 views. For similar materials see /class/192051/drama-101-university-of-washington in Drama at University of Washington.




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Date Created: 09/09/15
Drama 101 Introduction to Theatre Spring 2008 Final Exam Review Guide 11 The nal exam will cover all material from the course reading assignments including plays read lectures and productions seen A signi cant number of questions will be derived from the lecture quizzes 7 understanding the reasoning behind the quiz questions will be very helpful for the nal exam Below is a breakdown of some of the most important subjects with some important concepts and vocabulary but not necessarily exhaustive Subjects Play analysis 0 Plot structure I Point of attack Inciting incident Climax etc I Sequential analysis D Ball I Stasis and intrusion I Aristotelian analysis and 6 elements of drama 0 Dramatic action I Two ways of formulating central dramatic question and central character s journey 0 Theme I How to state a theme effectively a statement about the human condition or about some speci c topic Acting o Improvisation Rules and techniques 0 Stanislavski method Benedetti articles I Objective SIP Obstacle Beats Tactics Magic If Emotional Recall Given Circumstances Elements of Characterization etc o Actor s responsibilities and the rehearsal process Dramaturgy 0 Production Dramaturgy and New Play Dramaturgy o What is the dramaturg s job Playwriting o What is a playwright How does one do that work What is the playwriting process method and mechanics Directing o What are the director s responsibilities What skills and abilities should a director have How does a director get his or her vision onto the stage techniques and tools 0 Production statement Design 0 Types of theatre spaces 0 What are the designer s responsibilities What are the functions of design 0 How does the designer create the design ie process and tools 0 What kinds of skills should designers in each area have Costume set lighting and sound Greek drama and Oedipus Rex o Dionysus City Dionysia Thespis Satyr Play Greek Comedy Old and New Greek Tragedy Chorus Choregus Aristotle Poetics Aeschylus Sophocles Euripides Aristophanes Menander 0 Parts of the Greek theatre Theatron Orchestra Parados Proskenium Skene Deus ex machine 0 Time Hubris Hamartia o Anagnorisis Peripeteia Catharsis Aristotle Elizabethan England and Hamlet 0 Historical context I Medieval English drama Liturgical Vernacular and Secular dramas I The changing worldview at the end of the medieval period I The social cultural scienti c religious and political upheavals to name a few in England in the 1639h century Queen Elizabeth 7 how did she and her government affect theatre 0 Theatre as a commercial enterprise 0 o What was the role of the playwright at this time Kyd Marlowe Shakespeare Jonson How did theatres function What was the London theatre scene like at this time o What happened to the Elizabethan English form of theatre after Elizabeth s death 0 Some vocabulary masterless men patronspatronage licenses shareholder apprentices Puritans pit or yard groundlings galleries the heavens or the shadow tiring room spoken decor blank verse and prose gurative language Moliere 0 Life and work of Moliere as told by Brockett o Commedia dell arte I Scenarios Stock characters servants masters lovers Capitano Dottore Pantalone Zanni Arlecchino Lazzi o Neoclassical France I Palais Royal French Academy Unities Decorum Poetic Justice Le Cid controversy Cardinal Richelieu Louis XIV Realism andA Doll House 0 Melodrama o Realism I Objective vs subjective position representational vs presentational I Freud Darwin and MarX and the role of science and logic in Realism Musical Theatre 0 Beginnings and history of modern musical theatre 0 Broadway Productions 0 Rosencrantz and Guildenstem are Dead 0 Fair Play 0 The Misanthrope For plays and productions it would be good to know the major characters and plot points at a minimum


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