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by: Addison Beer


Addison Beer
GPA 3.76

Julia Pevtsova

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About this Document

Julia Pevtsova
Study Guide
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This 4 page Study Guide was uploaded by Addison Beer on Wednesday September 9, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to MATH 125 at University of Washington taught by Julia Pevtsova in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 78 views. For similar materials see /class/192071/math-125-university-of-washington in Mathematics (M) at University of Washington.

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Date Created: 09/09/15
Math 125CampD Midterm Information October 10 2007 1 First Midterm on Sections 410 52 55 61 62 in the Stewart book at the usual quiz section time in the usual quiz section room on Thursday October 18 Midterm rules You may use one 8 x 115 sheet of handwritten notes one side only You may also use your simple scienti c calculator No other materials and tools such as books printed notes or graphing calculators are allowed on the exam You will be asked to turn off and put away your cell phone Know your QUIZ SECTION NUMBER and your TA NAME you will need to write them on the exam cover sheet You do not need to bring a bluebook or even paper to write on There will be room on the test paper to do your work and you may ask for extra blank paper if needed There may be different versions of the test This means you shouldn t panic if you accidentally see your neighbor s answer and it s different from yours or if you discuss a problem after the test with other students and their answers are different from yours Test preparation Before taking the exam you should complete and fully understand all home work problems from the rst three homework assignments weeks 1 3 You should work through and understand all examples from class worksheets 1 3 quizzes 1 and 2 solutions are posted on class webpage and practice problems for Midterm I also posted on class webpage Once you feel comfortable with all that material try some of the sample midterms Four old exams are linked to the class webpage many more can be found at the uni ed MATH 125 website By the time of the actual midterm you should be able to do any of the problems from any of the old midterms When is it a good time to start studying NOW ReviewHelp sessions There is no Quiz on Tuesday October 16th your TA will conduct a review session for the Midterm Two of our TAs Sam and Chris have generously agreed to hold a special HELP SESSION on Wednesday October 17th 4 6 pm Location is Smith 102 Taking the test 0 READ INSTRUCTIONS TO THE PROBLEMS CAREFULLY 0 Lay your work out in a logical order Use English as well as symbols as necessary to make your reasoning clear to the grader o If you need more space than is available on the page with the problem the back of the previous page is the best place to continue because then you and the grader can see all your work at once without ipping a page over In any case give clear instructions on where to nd the rest of your work and write the problem number at the top of the new page of work 0 Crossing out the work you don t want us to grade is always a better solution than erasing it It s quicker and sometimes your new reasoning is easier to follow if we can glance at what you tried rst 0 If there is a bonus problem do not attempt it until you have completed the rest of the test Finally a few remarks on academic honesty It should go without saying that everything you write on your test paper should be your own work and not borrowed from your neighbor s paper If there is evidence that convinces me you are claiming credit for work that is not your own work during the test period I will give you a zero on the test and turn the evidence over to the Dean s Committee on Academic Conduct Math 125CampD Midterm Information October 10 2007 2 Midterm 1 review topics 410 Antiderivatives 51 52 53 54 55 61 What they are how to nd them review differentiation formulas and Chain Rule Most general antiderivative versus speci c antiderivative subject to initial conditions Rectilinear motion and Falling body problems Areas under curves Geometrically and via Riemann Sums Approximations Ln Rn Mn The de nite integral Understand Riemann sums and de nition of de nite integrals in terms of them Distance when velocity is positive FTC I and II Know and UNDERSTAND what each of the two theorems is saying Understand the precise relationship between integrals and derivatives Know how to do FTC I and II problems including those involving the chain rule or switching of bounds Inde nite integrals and net change Learn your integral tablel p406 Lots of practice examples from the text or among 54 problems 5740 or sample midterms Understand relation between the net change and the de nite integral of the rate of change amp speci cally distance versus displacement Substitution Understand the method and when it is useful Do lots of practice problems examples in book from class homework practice problems extra practice worksheet from Thursday Oct 11 and exercises at the end of section among problems 7766 De nite integrals of odd and even functions using symmetry to evaluate integrals Areas between curves How to compute understand formulas on pages 438 and 440 Math 125CampD Midterm Information October 10 2007 0 Look over book examples and homework problems 62 Volumes 0 Understand how to apply the de nition of volume in terms of integral of the area 0 Understand Disks and Washers general formula 17 b V R2 dz Disks V R2 7 m2 dz Washers a a o How to slice and in which variable to integrate7 depending on the situation 0 How to compute R and r if necessary in terms of the variable of integration Math 125CampD This Midterm Information October 10 2007 is a copy of the cover sheet for the midterm The number of possible points for each problem will appear on the actual exam Math 1250 First Midterm October 18 2007 Your Name Your Signature TA s Name Quiz Section This exam is closed book You may use one 8 x 11 sheet of notes onesided Graphing calculators are not allowed Do not share notes In order to receive credit7 you must show your work Do not do computations in your head lnstead7 write them out on the exam paper Simplify your answers as much as possible but leave them in exact form eg 7r Do NOT give decimal approximations Place a box around to each question If you need more room7 use the backs of the pages and indicate to the grader where to nd your work Raise your hand if you have a question or need more paper Good luck Problem Total Points Score 1 2 Total Don t open the test until everyone has a copy and the start of the test is announced


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