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Notes for Quiz 3

by: Edward Avakian

Notes for Quiz 3 Soc Sci 164c

Edward Avakian
GPA 3.62

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About this Document

Lectures 9-11 that will be on Quiz 3
Prison Gangs
Al Valdez
Study Guide
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This 14 page Study Guide was uploaded by Edward Avakian on Wednesday March 2, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to Soc Sci 164c at University of California - Irvine taught by Al Valdez in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 48 views. For similar materials see Prison Gangs in Social Sciences at University of California - Irvine.


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Date Created: 03/02/16
SocSci 164c 9 lecture th 02/02/2016 ▯ Eme members do not use graffiti ▯ ▯ Does Mexican Mafia use graffiti in prison? No they don’t ▯ ▯ Eme uses #13; black hand ▯ ▯ Review  Black hand symbol  Very important  Adapted from the costra nostra (NY) Italian mafia  Surenos, rival general public know the symbol  Black hand = death  It is a right that is earned to wear it (tattoo) ▯ ▯ Alpha male personality: if you are with many males, there is going to be conflict ▯  Members are recruited by the Eme only; no application  Total US membership: 150  Looking for those who are violent and show leadership ability  God father is your sponsor: Padrino ▯ ▯ Mexican Mafia rules  Cannot be a coward, rat, raise hand against another member without permission  Cannot be a homosexual, sleep with another member’s wife or gf ▯ ▯ Politicking = use of Eme rules against another member; winner in politicking juice = political strength ▯ ▯ If you are high in position and respected, you can break every single rule and still get away with it ▯ ▯ Violation is punished by death, immediate sanction ▯ ▯ Depending on social-political status, a member can break the rules; because the membership is made up of rule breakers, Eme rules are broken every day ▯ ▯ The Mexican Mafia has three factions that are considered official part of the EME organization (on the continental US)  California, relatively small  Federal  Arizona ▯ ▯ Mexican Mafia is a trans gang ( Mexico and Guatemala )  Rival of EME: Lechugas (lettuce) ▯ ▯ AB, BGF, west = not transnational ▯ ▯ ▯ Arizona factions  Pete Moreno faction  New Mexican Mafia members; Texas Mexican Mafia (not recognized by any other); it is independent o Abbreviation is Emi, not Eme o Comprised their own symbol of a patch  “Black hand of death” is the symbol ▯ ▯ AB BGF are not transnational ▯ ▯ EME is transnational ▯ ▯ Rivalries of EME are Lechugas (which means lettuce) and Texas Mexican Mafia ▯ ▯ NF rivals – ▯ ▯ Aryan brotherhood rivals – BGF, NF, Texas Mexican Mafia ▯ th ▯ 4 faction of EME  Operating in Hawaii  Sugar cane plantation ▯ ▯ There are 4 factions of the Mexican Mafia ▯ ▯ All members are not equal in the Mexican Mafia ▯ ▯ The Federal faction is the most organized of all factions ▯ ▯ Arizona faction is another faction of EME  New and not recognized or accepted by mother organization  Members are called “lechugas” ▯ ▯ REVIEW  Carnales divided into two groups  Those with intellectual status become the leadership ‘carnales de palabra’  The others become the thugs of the organization ▯ ▯ There are 4 terms for Surenos  1) all southern California Latino gang members  2) Mexican Mafia trusts these members to do EME work in prison and out of prison ▯ ▯ Surenos in prison are the workers ▯ ▯ “Mexican Mafia Surenos” are the “surenos in prison” = also called “camaradas” (friends) ▯ ▯ “Surenos” are entire gang ▯ ▯ If you haven’t gone to prison, you cannot be a camarada; you’re just a street Sureno ▯ ▯ Surenos in prison are going to be “camaradas” for the purposes of the quiz ▯ ▯ Surenos are southern California gang members ▯ Camaradas are Surenos who put in work in and out of prison for EME ▯ Soldados are the most violent type of camaradas; do all the violent acts for the EME ▯ ▯ ▯ REVIEW  EME members consider themselves as “gangsters” because of the level of their behaviors, organized criminal activities and social/political status within the prison system  They view themselves as demi-gods, like celebrities  They are somewhat narcissistic ▯ ▯ Simplest solution for any problem is murder ▯ ▯ Motorcycle gangs live for violence ▯ ▯ Surenos vs Soldados  Sureno = generic definition  Soldado = integrated into the fabric of the Mexican Mafia; must be willing to participate in violence and commit in any violent act as required by the organization; carry a specific burden to kill for the organization; soldado means soldier in Spanish ▯ ▯ Soldados are the most violent type of camaradas; do all the violent acts for the EME ▯ ▯ SHU (Security Housing Unit) is a type of solitary confinement ▯ ▯ Solitary confinement will drive you crazy ▯ ▯ The Mexican Mafia would select a camarada to be a rep for the gang ▯ ▯ When a rep comes in, the Eme rep supersedes the local leadership ▯ ▯ Eme gang rep = camarada out of prison ▯ ▯ Rep is a direct link from street gang to Mexican Mafia ▯ ▯ Hierarchy  EME contact = gang rep  Shot caller  Down Homie  Members ▯ ▯ La Mesa  Spanish for “table”  Serves as clear leadership for organization  Mesa = commission  Each mod has a representative called a mesero = commissioner  Each cell block (group of mods) has a mesa  The meseros rule the cell block, they are the leaders ▯ ▯ Meseros are the same as gang rep, except they are in prison ▯ ▯ Even though Eme is highly organized, it still remains under a horizontal leadership structure even though it has vertical components in it ▯ ▯ SocSci 164c – 10 lecture th 02/11/2016 ▯ Eme  Prison, street gang  Horizontal with vertical components o Carnal de palabra: shot caller o Camaradas – Sureño trusted member who is in prison o Soldier -> violence o Mesero: Mexican mafia gang rep in prison o Mesa: the entire unit / commission o Two prison operations, one in prison and one outside ▯ ▯ Carnival talk – Eme term for verbal codes ▯ ▯ Sureño gang members can fight with one another ▯ ▯ La lista  Spanish for “The list” (hit list)  Ultimate sanction  You can come off the lista depending on the social political status within the gang  When you’re in prison, only Eme members are put on the lista  Discipline for Eme gang members: fine, beating, x (death)  We also have the GLL (green light list), that has the same levels of punishment  GLL is for anybody  If you’re on the lista, only a Eme member can issue out the prescribed sanction/punishment  If you’re on the green light list, anyone can punish you  You can be on both lists ▯ ▯ Women can be placed on the lista ▯ Women can be killed by carnels/ soldados/ camaradas  How: o Witness to a crime o Collateral damage to a crime ▯ ▯ Children are never to be killed in any Mafia operation ▯ ▯ All prison gangs don’t want to kill children ▯ ▯ The Mexican Mafia uses violence as an act of terror ▯ The Mexican Mafia uses violence as a form of discipline ▯ ▯ I-13 (gang in OC)  Carnal  Gang rep  Shot caller  Member ▯ ▯ If you are not in prison, you are on parole, not probation ▯ ▯ Lowell Street gang  Known as the green light gang  Tax free (don’t pay taxes to Eme) ▯ ▯ Las Señoras  Wives, girlfriends, female relatives who aid gang members; willing facilitators  1) enhances their social status  2) is a means of status mobility (money, political status, power)  Ugly looking, not a lot of self esteem; targeted  Crew Leader: established by Senora to carry out whatever is necessary  Senoras are used for: o Communication o Mules for contraband and drugs o Facilitator o Crew leader  Cannot use the black hand tattoo, but they can use the black hand symbol in speaking for their husbands ▯ ▯ Two types of Surenos in prison:  Those who help La Eme are “Surenos/Camaradas”  Those who back up the brown race “Camaradas”  These are Hispanic prisoners (gang members and non gang members) who will get involved in a race riot, but will not do work in Mexican Mafia Sureno is also a general term used on the outside and refers to any Hispanic gang members living south of Bakersfield, CA There are also street gangs in and out of California that are named Sureno or Sureno-13 Sureno outside the state of California to form a group When rival gang members form to sell drugs, also known as Sureno 13 ▯ ▯ Soc Sci 164c 11 lecture th 02/18/2016 ▯ Las senoras can: ▯  issue hard candy green lights (murder) ▯  Issue discipline baby candy green lights ▯  Can use murder as a solution to the simplest problems just as the carnals do ▯ ▯ Surenos ▯  General term that applies to SoCal Hispanic street gang members ▯  4 definitions ▯ Camaradas ▯  Surenos in prison who assist La EME ▯  Surenos- umbrella term ▯ Mafia calls Surenos, “camaradas” ▯ ▯ Surenos ▯  Rival Sureno gang members from SOCAL go out of state to sell drugs ▯  Non- California Mexican youth in other parts of the country that emulate the true behaviors of SoCal Surenos ▯ ▯ Discipline levels: ▯  Hard Candy (death-capital) ▯  Baby Candy (corporal) ▯  South Siding (13 Surenos X 13 seconds) ▯  Taxing (money) ▯ ▯ Green Light Lists ▯ Carnal list (LISTA) ▯  Only carnals on the list ▯  Only EME members can make the hit ▯ General Green Light list ▯  If a carnal is on the list and a Sureno makes the hit, the Sureno has the instant credits ▯  Any Sureno can make the hit ▯ ▯ EME now transnational: ▯  Arms trafficking ▯  Drug trafficking ▯  Human trafficking ▯ ▯ Nuestra familia- sombrero with dagger through it ▯ The NF began as an idea at the Deuel Vocational Institution in 1966 and was organized into a prison gang in 1967 at San Quentin State Prison ▯  Began as a self-protection group against EME exploitation ▯ ▯ NF- vertical leadership and well organized in prison ▯ Membership in the NF is a lifetime commitment ▯ Evolved in a criminally oriented gang with the goal of controlling all drug trafficking in California Department of Corrections (CDC) prisons ▯ ▯ NF Leadership ▯  Executive body of NF is now known as “La Mesa” ▯  The Mesa is selected from the leadership of the NF ▯  The Leadership is comprised of Category III Members (hardcore) ▯  NF membership is Hispanic and is recruited predominantly from northern California ▯  Because many members came from Rural areas, NF members are scornfully referred to by their enemies as “farmers” and “sod busters” ▯ ▯ NF Associates and Alliances ▯  Closest allies are the Northern Structure (NS) prison gang ▯  NF has almost 10x more members than EME ▯ NF will also align with the BGF and One (1) faction of the Texas Syndicate (TS) prison gang ▯ ▯ Recruitment through music ▯ 1998 GUN and CUETE CD’s promoted unity amongst all Nortenos; used as recruiting tool for the NF ▯ Cuete- Gun ▯ ▯ NF Symbols, tattoos and documents ▯  5 point star ▯ o respect ▯ o commitment ▯ o worthiness ▯ o loyalty ▯ o trust ▯  letter N ▯  Huelga bird ▯ o gang membership tattoo (looks like colonel symbol in military) ▯  Tattoos can be anywhere on your body ▯ NF Enemies ▯  The AB, EME ▯  Mayan #14- 2 lines with four dots ▯  Tattoos can have a regional meaning ▯  5 point star is a generic tattoo for nortenos ▯ ▯ Nuestra Familia (NF) ▯ Started 10 years after EME ▯ Started by Nortenos for Nortenos ▯ Formed for protection against EME ▯ Fishing- communication with homemade strings ▯ All gangs use ancient languages ▯ Codes in form of pictures ▯ Communication is the key for prison gang success ▯  Kites, wilas (huelas), verbal codes including sign language ▯ ▯ NF has a vertical organizational leadership ▯ La Mesa = board of directors, advise the NF general ▯ Para military ranks ▯ ▯ BGF ▯  Most political gang in the US ▯  Started by George Jackson and Jeffrey Gaulden ▯  George Jackson was a former member of the Black Panther Party, founded the Black Family in 1966, later changing the name to the Black Vanguard ▯  It became the BGF prison gang in 1971 after Jackson had been shot and killed during an attempted escape from San Quentin prison ▯ ▯  Overall, the BGF considers itself a revolutionary movement ▯ o Based off Chinese philosophies ▯  Eradication of racism ▯  Overthrow the US government and end capitalism ▯  Struggle to maintain pride/dignity in a prison environment and a racist society ▯ ▯ Dragon is a symbol for the BGF or dragon climbing up a tower ▯ ▯ ▯


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