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French 1 Chapter 3/ Midterm Study Guide

by: Mara Phelps

French 1 Chapter 3/ Midterm Study Guide F100

Marketplace > Indiana University > French > F100 > French 1 Chapter 3 Midterm Study Guide
Mara Phelps

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About this Document

Everything that will be on Exam 3!
French 100
Marcel Tchatchou
Study Guide
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This 6 page Study Guide was uploaded by Mara Phelps on Wednesday March 2, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to F100 at Indiana University taught by Marcel Tchatchou in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 42 views. For similar materials see French 100 in French at Indiana University.

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Date Created: 03/02/16
MIDTERM STUDY GUIDE Will focus on Chapter 3 Leçon 1 Places on a College Campus un amphithéatre – lecture hall des associations étudiantes – student organizations la bibliothèque universataire (la B.U.) – university library des bureaux administratifs – administrative offices le bureau des inscriptions – registrars office le bureau du prof – professor’s office la cafeteria – cafeteria le centre sportif – sports complex le centre étudiant – student center un centre informatique – computer center un garage – garage une infirmerie – health center un lab de chemie – chemistry lab un labratorie de langes – language lab une navette – bus or shuttle un pavillon – main building un permis – permit un plan du campus – campus map la residence – residence hall le restaurant universitaire (le resto U)– dining hall une station de metro – subway un terrain de sport – playing field, court Here are words you can use to describe where things are in relation to one another... Prepositions- à côté de – next to, beside à droite de – to the right of à gauche de – to the left of dans – inside derrière – behind devant – in front of en face de – across from loin de – far from près de – close to, near Here are some similar words you will need to know… après – after un cours – course ici – here retrouver quelqu’un – to meet someone se trouver – to be located une voiture – car l’argent – money autonome – independent une carrier – career les gens – people en plein air – outdoors le prestige – prestige le public – the public la responsabilité – responsibility un salaire – salary les services – the service desk le travail - work As we were talking about a college campus, here are terms about lessons… l’allemand – german le calcul – calculus l’espagnol – Spanish d’historie – history de chemie – chemistry biologie – biology une langue étrangère – foreign language la littérature – literature la philosophie – philosophy l’anthropologie – anthropology la botanique – botany la psychologie – psychology la zoologie –zoology la physiologie – physiology l’astronomie – astronomy l’économie – economy le théâtre – theatre la danse – dance le cinéma –film le dessin- drawing la musique – music la peinture – painting la sculpture – sculpture la photographie – photography l’infomatique – informatiques le journalism – journalism le droit- law la gestion – management le journalisme - journalism les lettres – humanities la medicine – medicine les sciences de l’éducation – education les sciences humaines – social sciences les sciences physiques – physical sciences un bacc(alauréat) – B.A. or B.S. degree More words having to do with College un dictionnaire – dictionary un diplôme – degree beaux-arts – fine arts une majeure – major une specialization - major une mineure – minor une note – grade un semestre – semester un trimestre – trimester un devoir – essay, assignment un essai – essay un examen – exam un exposé – oral presentation un projet – project Describing… difficile – difficult ennuyeux/ennuyeuse – boring, tedious facile – easy final/e – final intéressant/e – interesting médiocre – mediocre obligatoire – required Verbs for this topic…. lire – to read avoir une note – to receive a grade suivre un cours –to take a course passer un examen – to take an exam réussir un examen – to pass an exam adorer – to adore aimer – to like or to love aimer beaucoup – to like or love a lot aimer bien – to like fairly well détester – to detest préférer – to prefer répéter – to repeat suggérer – to suggest être doué(e) – to be talented aider les gens – to help people devoir – must, to have to gagner – to earn s’intéresser à – to be interested in pouvoir – to be able to vouloir – to want, to wish voyager – to travel Where people work! un bureau – office une clinique – private hospital un hospital – public hospital Careers un acteur/ une actrice – actor/actress un(e) agent(e) de police – police officer un(e) architecte – architect un(e) artiste – artist un(e) assistant(e) social(e) – social worker un(e) avocet(e) – lawyer un chanteur/ une chanteause – singer un(e) comptable – accountant un(e) dentiste – dentist un écrivain – writer un facteur / une factrice – mail carrier une femme / un homme d’affaires – business woman/man un(e) fonctionnaire – government worker un infirmier / une infirmière – nurse un(e) informaticien(ne) – programmer un ingénieur – engineer un(e) journaliste – journalist un(e) musician(ne) – musician un(e) pharmacien(ne) – pharmacist un professeur – teacher un(e) représentant(e) de commence – sales rep un(e) secrétaire – secretary un serveur / une serveuse – server un(e) tecnicien(ne) – lab technician un vendeur / une vendreuse – sales clerk HOW TO RESPOND…. When asking a question, you put the noun before the adjective, and when you affirm the statement, do it as follows… Q- Les résidences sont nouvelles? (The residences are new?) A- Oui, ce sont des nouvelles résidences. (Yes, these are new residences.) TIPS WITH PLURAL WORDS… The final letter of the plural form of some adjectives are usually not pronounced. Trés, Joliés, fillés is pronounced like…. Tré, Jolié, fillé When these adjective types are before a noun, you here the /z/ sound, as shown. les beaux enfants is prounounced les beauZenfants. VOWELS /O/ AND o as in sport The vowel in the word beau is /O/ and is short and is different that the slided word in English bow. The other o that is in sport has less tension yet still dows not slide like in English. These words inlufe le prof, il est fort, and il adore. CONJUGATION WITH –RE VERBS word- attendre j’attends nous attendons tu attends vous attendez il attend ils attendent Good luck with chapter 3!


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