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Answers to the Old Exam 2

by: Haley Johnson

Answers to the Old Exam 2 BIOL 243L 003

Haley Johnson
GPA 3.6

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About this Document

This is a filled out study guide with the answers from Old Exam 2 on Blackboard,
Human Anatomy and Physiology Laboratory
Dr. B
Study Guide
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This 5 page Study Guide was uploaded by Haley Johnson on Wednesday March 2, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to BIOL 243L 003 at University of South Carolina taught by Dr. B in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 97 views. For similar materials see Human Anatomy and Physiology Laboratory in Biology at University of South Carolina.

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Date Created: 03/02/16
Exam 2 1.Codon What type of mRNA contains the information or code for the amino acid sequence of proteins? 2.Translation The process of synthesizing RNA from a DNA template. 3. Simple Squamous Epithelial Tissue What type of tissue is specialized for diffusion? 4. Connective Tissue What type of tissue is found in the small intestine? 5. Mammary Gland What gland use the apocrine mode of secretion? 6. How do mucous membranes differ from other epithelial tissues? 7. Connective Tissue cells are Name two important ways epithelial tissue is different from connective tissue. surrounded by blood capillaries and Epithelial Tissues cells are not. 8. Epithelial Tissue covers the internal and external of the organs; Connective Tissue just connects anchors and support other tissues or organs. 9.Ground Substances What are the two major parts of the extracellular matrix in connective tissue? 10. Fibers 11._Walls of large arteries; Where is elastic connective tissue located? Give one example. within certain ligaments associated with the vertebral. Within the walls of the bronchial tubes. What type of tissue forms intervertebral discs? 12. Fibrocartilage Name three important differences between cartilage and connective tissue 13. Connective Tissue Proper is proper. Be specific as the exact differences. vascular and Cartilage is avascular. 14.______________________ 15.______________________ 16.Skin What comprises the integument? List two important parts. 17. Hair 18. Stratum Granulosum What is the third deepest lay of the epidermis in thick skin? 19. Dense Irregular Tissue The reticular layer of the dermis is comprised of what type of tissue. 20. Stratum Corneum What is responsible for the water proofing properties of the epidermis? What type of burn damages both the epidermis and the dermis yet the skin can regenerate fairly quickly? 24._2 degree burn What is deep to the dermis? 25. Hypodermis What do sebaceous glands secrete? Give the name of the substance and 26. Secrete oily substances. indicate whether it is a carbohydrate, lipid, protein or nucleic acid Lipid Where do sebaceous glands secrete the substance described above? 27. Secrete sebum into hair What is responsible for goose folicle bumps? What organelle synthesizes protein? 28. Arrector Pili What part of the cytoskeleton is comprised of actin and is involved in cell 29. Ribosomes motility? 30. Actin filaments What part of the cell is located between the plasma membrane and the nuclear envelope? 31. Cytoplasm Name one function or process that occurs in the nucleus? 32.Regulates all cell activity What forms the backbone of the plasma membrane? What type of membrane protein completely transverses (goes across) the plasma membrane? 33.The lipid bilayer What type of molecules can diffuse across the plasma membrane? 34.Transmembrane Protein Can there be net movement of these same moleucles into the cell when there is 35.Carbon Dioxide and a higher concentration inside than out without the expenditure of energy? Oxygen By what process does glucose enter the cell? 36.______________________ What would happen to a cell placed in a hypertonic solution? 37.Faciliated Diffusion 38.Cells would shrink 41. What is the difference between negative and positive feedback? Give on example of positive feedback. (4 pts) 42. Diagram the path of a secretory protein from its site of synthesis to the cell surface labelling the important organelles and indicating the function of these organelles? (4 pts) 43. Draw the structure of the plasma membrane labelling the important molecules and indicating hydrophobic and hydrophillic regions. Indicate the portion that is the major barrier for molecules. (5 pts) 44. Why is there nearly one enzyme for each of the thousands of different chemical reactions that occur in the body? (5 pts)


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