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by: Renee Lehner


Renee Lehner
GPA 3.73

David Parichy

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About this Document

David Parichy
Study Guide
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This 2 page Study Guide was uploaded by Renee Lehner on Wednesday September 9, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to BIOL 411 at University of Washington taught by David Parichy in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 31 views. For similar materials see /class/192304/biol-411-university-of-washington in Biology at University of Washington.


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Date Created: 09/09/15
Novem 1 Novem 1 Novem 1 BIOL 411 THIRD EXAM STUDY QUESTIONS ber 17 2008 Cancer as a Developmental Program gone Wrong Cancer is clinically described according to different stages Describe what each stage means in terms ofthe tumor growth and also the molecular and cellular changes happening inside the tumor cells What does the stage of cancer mean as far as the chance of survival forthe patient Describe why the survival rates are so low in the final cancer stages APC and P53 are both tumor suppressors Using all of your knowledge of developmental processes gathered in this course which I know is considerablel discuss how tumor suppressors can carry out so many multiple roles in cells Describe the role oftumor suppressors in normal adult life and then how this normal role changes during tumor progression What is metastasis When and how does it occur during cancer progression Name at least 4 developmental genes that metastasizing cells use to accomplish their migration and the role of each of these proteins in the process of metastasis Now that you know how tumors are formed and develop to metastasis imagine yourself as a cancer researcher at a prestigious Seattle institution Use your knowledge of how embryos and cells can be manipulated learned for the first exam to describe three different experiments you will try to see if you can inhibit tumor formation and metastasis in mice ber 19 2008 Stem Cells and Medical Research Human Embryonic Stem Cells have been in the news for the past couple of years as one of the new promising therapies for medical research Describe the three different ways that human embryonic stem cell lines are made as we discussed in class What are the advantages and disadvantages to each ofthe different methods What are the steps involved for in vitro fertilization IVF from the beginning to a possible pregnancy What are the success rates and complications involved in this procedure Your roommate and you are having a discussion about medical research and embryonic stem cell research Your roommate says that they are concerned because of the possibility of using human embryonic stem cells may lead to increased abortions and they don t see how stem cells are different that any other kind of cell They say that it doesn t seem possible that stem cells can potentially cure neurogenerative diseases or spinal injuries Using all of your knowledge gained in this course what do you say to your roommate In 2001 the Bush administration banned the use of federal funds except to work on about 25 different human embryonic stem cell lines already in existence at that time However between 2004 and 2007 several states including California found ways to fund embryonic stem cell research from their state budgets Why is it difficult to use old human embryonic stem cell lines for medical research What are the possible problems and dangers How could these problems be overcome ber 21 2008 Larval Cloning in Echinoderms ln lecture you hear about the work of a talented UW Biology graduate student Dawn Vaughn who found that larval cloning occurred in response to the presence of predators Describe Dawn s experiments and what her conclusions were Do you find her results convincing Why or why not Be sure to support your answer with the concepts that you ve learned in this course Larval cloning is what Scott Gilbert would call Developmental Biology in the real world What is meant by larval cloning and where does it occur Where does the clone form and what does it contain Does it metamorphose into a gravid adult What kind of environmental conditions stimulate larval cloning You decide to go to graduate school and follow up on these larval cloning experiments You are interested to see whether the clone goes through a gastrulation process similar to normal development so you decide to study the process of larval cloning in the sea urchin Which three genes do you first concentrate on studying and why did you pick these three Where do you expect to see expression in the clone Predict the outcome of your experiments Some researchers believe that larval cloning in echinoderms might be a result oftheir highly regenerative nature What kind of cell would be involved in larval cloning and in regeneration What are the developmental steps that stem cells must go through in each process Do you think that understanding the cellular and molecular nature ofthese processes would be important for medical research


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