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by: Dr. Leilani O'Conner


Dr. Leilani O'Conner
GPA 3.89


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This 2 page Study Guide was uploaded by Dr. Leilani O'Conner on Wednesday September 9, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to COM 546 at University of Washington taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 32 views. For similar materials see /class/192429/com-546-university-of-washington in Communication at University of Washington.




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Date Created: 09/09/15
Friedman notes Flattener 3 amp 4 Flattener 3 Work ow Software The third layer of innovation the work ow phase V ndowsNetscape paved the way for standardizing the way we move data Forthe world to get flat all internal departments had to become interoperable no matter what hardware or software you were running In the lat 90 s technology companies forged more common webbased standards XML amp SOAP created the foundation for software program to software program interaction The foundation for webenabled work flow Once everyone s application could connect with everyone else s application work could ow to the four corners ofthe world Software companies competed not over the architecture of the web but what applications could run on that architecture Software allowed for companies to focus on speci c innovation rather than inventing the whole system Thanks to the platform that emerged from the rst three platforms V ndows Netscape and webbased application standards we were not just able to talk with each other more we could do things together Through collaboration we could build coalitions projects and products together cue the sound of angels singing in the background Flattener 4 Open sourcing The open source movement for software involves thousands of people around the world coming together online to collaborate in writing computer code Friedman s point is that this movement is about building from the bottom up rather than accepting formats or content imposed by corporate hierarchies The word opensource comes from the idea that companies or ad hoc groups make the source code for a program available on line The intellectual form ofopensourcing has its roots in the academic and scienti c communities where for quite some time selforganized collaborative communities of scientists have come together to solve a problem Apache software was webbased code for managing servers This is the code that enables computers to host web sites It was originally created by the National Center for Supercomputing and when they failed to make timely improvements on it an adhoc group of programmers began to rewrite the code on their own Eventually the community of programmers grew to over 1000 each making contributions that were peer reviewed before it was added to the base code Why would people want to work in this way Friedman says it is all about ego The people working on these problems feel they are pretty bright and writing a particularly tight piece of code is a way to show their peers just how brilliant they are So opensourcing is nothing more than a variation on peer reviewed science When IBM embraced the Apache Web server with the understanding that any work they contributed to the code would be publicly distributed it was saying that it believed in the opensource model This server was not just useful it was best in its class Friedman says this new era of opensource programming is characterized by the collaborative innovation of many people working in gifted communities as opposed to the industrial revolution where it was characterized by individual genius Examples of the opensource model that many of us are familiar with include the Apache web server the Linux operating system and the Wikipedia online encyclopedia But here is the rub If everyone contributes their intellectual capital for free were do the resources for new innovation come from lfthere is no monetary motivation for improvement who pays to make it better IN addition Microsoft wants to know how do we keep track of who owns what piece of any innovation in a free world Will all software eventually be open source If you build an application on top ofopen source code who owns it Friedman believes opensource is an important attener because it makes available for free the many tools that users around the world would have to buy to use Consequently open source networks the people who create it can challenge existing hierarchical structures with this horizontal model of innovation


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