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Kapitel 1 Study Guide

by: William Bartek

Kapitel 1 Study Guide German 1100

William Bartek
German I
John Jolly

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About this Document

Study guide for the first exam in German. Covers personal info, hobbies and interests, asking questions, gendered nouns, personal pronouns, and general vocab for this entire chapter. Contains usefu...
German I
John Jolly
Study Guide
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This 5 page Study Guide was uploaded by William Bartek on Wednesday September 9, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to German 1100 at University of Missouri - Columbia taught by John Jolly in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 45 views. For similar materials see German I in German at University of Missouri - Columbia.


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Date Created: 09/09/15
Deutsch 1100 Kapitel 1 Exam Guide Exam Date 914 Overview 0 Themes of this section 0 Personal information o Describing yourself 0 Hobbies and interests 0 Asking questions 0 Grammarin detail 0 Nouns 0 Gender 0 Definitive articles 0 Personal pronouns o Vocab to study 0 Characteristics 0 Nouns o Verbs 0 Personal Pronouns o Interrogative pronouns Personal Information 0 When introducing yourself telling personal information in German is vital 0 Going over basic vocab covered later in the guide will help the most in this section but some vocab will be covered here 0 Some common info given Vorname Surname Think vor before Nachname Last name Geburtsort Birthplace GroBe Height typically in cm or m Alter Age Beruf Profession OOOOOO StraBe und Hausnummer Street and house number 0 Now I ll list some examples of some of the less common vocab words from above in complete sentences to give you an idea of how to construct a typical greeting Hallo ch heiBe Daniela Mein Nachname ist Lercher ch komme aus Graz in Osterreich ch wohne jetzt in Wien in der MozartstraBe 36 ch studiere Musik bin 165 groB und 19 Jahre alt Nouns and Gender 0 Each and every German noun has an assigned gender to it o Masculine der 0 Feminine die 0 Neuter das 0 Most gender articles are the same as the gender of the noun they represent but some others are tricky o der Mann the man masculine 0 die Frau the woman feminine o das Buch the book neuter o Memorization is key and recommend flashcards on the nouns covered in the Vocab section of the study guide to help remember what articles go with what noun for this section 0 For plural nouns the article is always die regardless of gender 0 der Freund die Freunde the friend the friends Verb Conjugation 0 Most verbs follow typical ending patterns as seen in the table below ich komme finde heiBe du kommst findest heiBt ersiees kommt findet heiBt wir kommen finden heiBen ihr kommt findet heiBt sieSie kommen finden heiBen 0 Not all verbs however will behave this way 0 Sein for example ich bin du bist ersiees ist 0 Simple memorization and recognizing the verbs that don t follow this rule is the only real way to learn conjugation Personal Pronouns 0 Personal pronouns are the words we use instead of names like he she it etc 1st Person ich I wir we 2nCI Person du you informal ihr y all informal Sie you formal Sie you all formal 3rel Person er he it sie they sie she it es it lnterrogative Pronouns 0 German questions will always start with one of these words Wann When Was What Wer Who Wie How Wo Where Woher From Where Other Grammar Rules German verbs are always second in the sentence while the subject and other elements are more flexible o Ich studiere Informatik in Deutschland Unlike in English the subject of the sentence can either go before or after the verb 0 Informatik studiere ich in Deutschland still the same sentence as before Characteristics alt ernst exzentnsch fa ntastisch faul fleiBig unfreundich groB gut humorvoll interessant kompliziert konservativ langweilig lustig nett neugierig pra ktisch ramontisch ruhig sch Uchtern sportlich stressig sympathisch toll old serious eccentric fantastic lazy hardworking unfriendly tall good humerous interesting complicated conservative bonng cheerful nice curious practical romantic quiet shy athletic stressful likable super Nouns der Amerikaner der Beruf das Buch das Deutsch das Essen das Fahrrad der Freund der Geburtsort der Geburtstag das Hobby das Interesse dasJahr der Journalist der Mann die Mensa die Musik der Name das Praktikum der Professor das Semester derSpaB der Student die Universitat der Wohnort die Zeitung American Occupa on Book Gennan Foodea ng Bkyde F end Birthplace Bhthday Hobby Interest Year JournaHst hAan Cafete a h u c Name Internship Professor Sennester Fun Student University Re dence newspaper arbehen besuchen bk ben diskutieren essen fahren nden gehen heiBen h ren kochen kmnmen lernen lesen rnachen reisen sagen schicken man spk en studieren surfen tanzen telefonieren wandern wohnen Verbs to work t0n t to stay to discuss to eat to driveride to find to go to be named to hear tocook tocome tolearn toread todo totravel to say tosend to be to play tostudy to surf to dance talk on phone to hike to residelive aber bestimmt danke sehr Das macht Spars ganz gern heute hier ich bin geboren immer jetzt natUrHch nicht nie oft sehr viel wirklich but definitely thanksalot that s fun very gladly today here I was born always now naturally not never often very a lot really


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