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UIC / Math / MATH 16322 / math 121 uic

math 121 uic

math 121 uic


School: University of Illinois at Chicago
Department: Math
Course: MATH 121- PreCalculus
Professor: Aviva calamaro
Term: Spring 2016
Tags: exponents, linear speed, growth and decay, Converting, degrees, radians, trig, financial applications, radioactive decay, arc length, pythagorean Theories, tan, sin, cos, SEC, cot, CSC, and Trig Functions
Cost: 50
Name: Math 121 Exam 2 Bundle
Description: This Bundle covers logarithms, log properties, solving log and Exp. equations, financial applications, growth and decay, radioactive decay, converting between degrees and radians, arc length, linear speed, etc.
Uploaded: 03/03/2016
15 Pages 143 Views 0 Unlocks