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UIUC / Human Dev And Family Sciences / HDFS 120 / What is the main difference between cohabitation and marriage?

What is the main difference between cohabitation and marriage?

What is the main difference between cohabitation and marriage?


School: University of Illinois at Urbana - Champaign
Department: Human Dev And Family Sciences
Course: Intro to Family Studies
Professor: Robert hughes
Term: Spring 2016
Tags: HDFS 120, HDFS, Human Development and Family Studies, Intro to Family Studies, and Family Studies
Cost: 50
Name: HDFS 120 Study Guide For Exam 1
Description: These notes cover all of the material for Exam 1.
Uploaded: 03/03/2016
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Monday, January 25, 2016

What is the main difference between cohabitation and marriage?

HDFS 120 lectures for exam 1

marriage: the emotional and legal commitment of 2 people to share  emotional and physical intimacy, various…  

-U.S. is behind in terms of cohabitation

-most people who cohabit have less than a high school degree  

-age at first marriage is increasing because of cohabitation

-family: a family of two or more persons living together/ committed and related by  blood, marriage, or adoption, share intimacy, resources, decision making  responsibilities, and values

-mens marriage status declined

-never married increased We also discuss several other topics like How do you find the absolute minimum and maximum?

-widowed declined

-divorced increased  

-stay at home moms=25%

Why is bronfenbrenner's ecological theory important for teachers?

-stay at home dads=2 or 3%

-Urie Bronfenbrenner is a famous person in family studies  

-human development was “the science of strange behavior of children ins strange  situations with strange adults for the briefest possible periods of time” -Bronfenbrenner If you want to learn more check out What does the doppler effect mean?

-Bronfenbrenner taught us that in order to understand children we had to put the whole  society ecologically together: social ecological model Don't forget about the age old question of What is the meaning of anorexia nervosa in eating disorders?

-exosystems: indirect social environments that influence the micro & meso social  conditions

-mesosystem: relationship between micro social environments

-microsystem: immediate social environments  

micorsystems: school…  

Frederic Le Play (the overlooked scientist)

How does the mesosystem influence a child's development?



Monday, January 25, 2016


-unstable (“frail shrub”)

Ernest W. Burgess (founder of family studies) 1926

-known as “grandpa Ernie”

-kept all old teaching records  

Family Systems Theory:

- gives us guidelines for understanding and predicting what will happen - helps focus and set boundaries If you want to learn more check out What is the meaning of tax advantages?

- guides application  

-capture the relationships or interactions between people  

-need to identify the “dynamic properties” of the family. we call this “systems”  -measures individual characteristics  

cohesion: degree of togetherness & separateness in the family between family  members  

Flexibility: the amount of change that occurs in leadership, role relationships and  relationship rules

Communication: the grease that smoothes the frictions between partners and family  members  

Challenges in families

-fostering gender equality

-connecting relationships to health  Don't forget about the age old question of Are humans the only animals who have music?

-teaching parents skills to foster social and emotional well-being

-reducing relationship conflict

-understanding the unique strengths of families that vary by ethnicity and sexual  orientation

-dealing with military family stress  

-another kind of family stress is poverty


Monday, January 25, 2016

-solving problems of family violence

Family Science Research Methodology  

basic research methods:  


-collecting data

-analyzing data  

WEIRD Family Science-the sampling problem =  







Representative Sample: a group of participants (as sample) that are generally the  same as the population of interest

-common factors that may influence whether or not a sample is representative -age, sex, gender, education, employment, ethnicity, social class Don't forget about the age old question of How many times can you harvest fruit trees in animal crossing?

-special and/or important characteristics of samples

-timing of family or marital event

-how long since divorced?

-how long married?

-how old are children?

-how long remarried?

-Vulnerability or Risk-factors

-number of family transitions

-gave birth during adolescence  


Monday, January 25, 2016

-parents are deceased

-lived in foster care

Critical Period: data collected before and after a significant event

-pre and post marriage, divorce, remarriage, new parent….

-data collected during a particular age for children  

Self-report data collection:

-survey (quantitative)

-theoretical scales (quantitative)

-Interview (qualitative)

Experimental Data Collection

-Ethnography (qualitative)

Observation & Monitoring Data Collection

-video & audiotaping (quantitative & qualitative)

-portable monitors of verbal and/or physiological data (quantitative & qualitative) Experiments

-testing the effectiveness of prevention or clinical interventions (quantitative)  Surveys

-sociological approach

-often focused on large samples of people/families to get general trends, info -multiple questions (most closed-ended)

-collect via print, telephone, and/or online

Advantages-quick, useful to unobservable info

Disadvantages- research bias in answer selection (ex: ethnicity), social desirability, one question measures can be unreliable

Theoretical Scales

-psychological method  


Monday, January 25, 2016


-psychology, sociology & anthropology  


Experiential Data Collection—Ethnography

-might ask questions  

-rich way to collect data

Observational Methods

-moms would carry around tape recorders from when they get home until the kids go to  bed  

-census is taken every 10 years  

-Howard University-one of the premier historically black universities in the country Exam 1 Review:

-on first 3 chapters in the book  

-Ernest Burgess: founder of family science

-Frederick LePlay: french industrialist who studied families around Europe

-In family systems theory…balanced means flexibility and cohesion are about the  same…not to chaotic not too rigid

-interviews are qualitative (open-ended data gathering), surveys are quantitative  

-Enmeshed, chaotic families (unbalanced/extreme on cohesion and low on flexibility)  would most likely respond to stressful events with poor problem-solving abilities, all  together, and in unpredictable ways

-one of Harriett Pipes McAdoo’s major contributions to family science is that she  broaden the study of families to include more racially, ethnically diverse families into our  studies

-introduced the concepts of “family ethnicity”  

-“weird” stands for…western, educated, industrialized, rich, democratic…families 5

Monday, January 25, 2016

-demographic trends indicate that more americans are living in 2-parents families with  their own biological children False  

-There is a growing number of father-headed, single-parent households in the U.S. True

-In exploring the strengths of ethnic/racially diverse families, the authors identify unique  strengths among all types of families True

-The “social ecological model” is important to understanding families b/c it requires us to  think about the context in which families are embedded and ways in which other forces/ factors may influence families  

-helps us think about the close and distant factors that shape families  -remind us that historical events and time shape families  

-contribute to solving one of the major grand challenges in family science 6

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