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Bio 102: Study Guide Test 1

by: Sierra Barton

Bio 102: Study Guide Test 1 Bio 102

Marketplace > University of South Carolina > Biology > Bio 102 > Bio 102 Study Guide Test 1
Sierra Barton
GPA 3.8
Biological Principles II
Dr. Mihaly Czako

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About this Document

This is a practice test for the material that will be on Test 1. It is 30 questions. Of course we could be tested on some things that aren't covered on here, but I tried to cover the important conc...
Biological Principles II
Dr. Mihaly Czako
Study Guide
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This 5 page Study Guide was uploaded by Sierra Barton on Friday September 11, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to Bio 102 at University of South Carolina taught by Dr. Mihaly Czako in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 496 views. For similar materials see Biological Principles II in Biology at University of South Carolina.

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Date Created: 09/11/15
Biology 102 Practice Test 1 L Which of the following is the correct term that describes the branch of biology that names and classifies species into a hierarchal order A Darwinism B Taxonomy C Domain D Biology Which of the following is the correct order in which we name species A domain gt kingdom gt phylum gt class gt order gt family gt genus gt species B domain gt phylum gtkingdom gt class gtorder gt family gt genus gt species C kingdom gt domain gt phylum gt class gt order gt family gtgenus gtspecies D species gt genus gt kingdom gtdomain gt phylum gt class gt order gt family Who wrote the Origin of Species A Aristotle B Carolus Linnaeus C Charles Darwin D Robert FitzRoy Which of the following is the best description of evolution A the diversity of life B descent with modification C natural selection D biology In a scientific experiment which of the following is tested A a result B observation C hypothesis D data 6 TF Individuals evolve over time A true B false Which of the following structures would bones in different species fall under A homologous structures B bone structures C common structures D vestigial structures Which of the following is correct A natural selection acts on an organisms DNA which affects their RNA B natural selection acts on an organisms RNA which affects their DNA C natural selection acts on an organisms genotype which affects their phenotype D natural selection acts on an organisms phenotype which affects their genotype 9 Soon after the island of Hawaii rose above the sea surface less than 1 million years ago the evolution of life on this new island was most strongly influenced by A the founder effect B habitat differentiation C a genetic bottleneck D sexual selection 10 An earthquake decimates a ground squirrel population killing 98 of the squirrels The surviving population happens to have broader stripes on average than the initial population It 3 00 A U l V CD broadness of stripes is genetically determined what effect has the groundsquirrel population experienced during the earthquake A directional selection B a genetic bottleneck C disruptive selection D the founder effect 11 TF Gene flow tends to reduce variation among populations over time A true B false 12 Which of the following is the best definition for population A individuals living near each other B individuals that evolve C localized group of individuals capable of interbreeding and producing fertile offspring D localized group of individuals that eat together 13 In a Hardy Weinberg population with two alleles A and a that are in equilibrium the frequency of the allele a is 03 What is the frequency of individuals that are homozygous for this allele A 09 B 009 C 049 D 90 14 Which of the types of selection is known as direct competition among individuals of one sex typicaly males for mates of the opposite sex A natural selection B intersexual selection C intrasexual selection D balancing selection 15 Which of the following are reasons why natural selection can not fashion perfect organisms A selection can only act on existing variations B evolution is limited by historical constraints C adaptations are often compromises D all of the above 16 Macroevolution can best be described as A changes in the allele frequency in a population over time B very big changes in a population C broad patterns of evolutionary change above the species level D very small changes in a population 17 Which term defines species as groups of actually or potentially interbreeding natural populations which are reproductively isolated from other such groups A The Law of Species B The Biological Species Concept C The Ecological Species Concept D The Law of Biology 18 In a jungle one subspecies of birds mate on the ground while another continues to mate in the trees What is this an example of A temporal isolation B habitat isolation Cgametic isolation D mechanical isolation 19 Which of the following is an outcome of closely related species meeting in a hybrid zone A reinforcement B fusion C stability D all of the above 20 Which of the following is not a way patterns in speciation can be studied A molecular data B morphological data C observing organisms in their habitat Dfossi record 21 TF DNA was most likely the first genetic material A true B false 22 Which of the following is not an eon according to the Geological Record A Heroic B Proterozoic CPhanerozoic D Archaean 23 TF Mass extinction events separate eras A true B false 24 Which term proposes that the mitochondria and plastids chloroplasts amp related organelles were formally small prokaryotes living within a larger host cell A The Law of Prokaryotes B The Endosymbiont Theory C The Prokaryote Theory D The Cell Theory 25 Which of the following can form from interactions of tectonic plates A mountains Bearthquakes C tsunamis D all of the above 26 TF It takes a very short period of time after a mass extinction to gain back genetic variation within the environment A true B false 27 Mammals becoming dominant organisms on earth after the death of the dinosaurs is an example of A natural selection B evolution Cadaptive radiation D adaptive regulation 28 TF lf Hox genes are expressed in the wrong location the body parts can be produced in the wrong location A true B false 29 Which term describes the evolutionary history of a species or groups of related species A phylogeny B biology C paleontology D biogeography 30 Which of the following is the correct representation of a binomial nomenclature A Homo sapiens B Homo sapiens C homo sapiens D Homo Sapiens DSI NFDST399FDNT wgtowowgtgtboowwooowogtwgtogtwowogtw Biology 102 Practice Test 1Answer Key


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