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study guide exam 2 py 352

by: Helen Hardin

study guide exam 2 py 352 PY 352

Helen Hardin
GPA 2.8
Developmental Psych
Jeffrey Parker

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About this Document

this is the study guide for exam 2 in py 352
Developmental Psych
Jeffrey Parker
Study Guide
50 ?




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This 3 page Study Guide was uploaded by Helen Hardin on Friday September 11, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to PY 352 at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa taught by Jeffrey Parker in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 83 views. For similar materials see Developmental Psych in Psychlogy at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa.


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Date Created: 09/11/15
PY 352 Jeffrey Parker Study Guide The Child After The Constructivist Revolution 0 Child is active like a little scientist 0 Socialization is twoway now or bidirectional 0 Perceptions are changing 0 Biology and genetics are integrated 0 Past is prologue 0 Development is discontinuous and qualitative 0 Scientific focus is the organism and then though biology social life and growth Selfdetermination theory 0 Constructivist perspective on development 0 Organismic and evolutionary theory of motivation and personality 0 Central tenants 0 People are active organism O Evolved tendencies toward growing mastering challenges and new experiences into a coherent sense of self 0 Social contexts that can either support or thwart these tendencies 0 Can catalyze lack of integrations defense and fulfillment Competence 0 Children need competence according to SDT 0 Selfbelief in ability to perform well 0 Bandura Autonomy 0 Desire to have a choice 0 High when people feel they are engaging in action because of choice not pressure or any other external factors 0 Universal urge to be causal agents 0 Eagerness and volition 0 Willingness Relatedness 0 Third motive in life 0 Organizes children s learning is a desire for a sense of shared experience connection warmth atmosphere Biology and Destiny Conceptual models 0 Goddard s argument Preformatism and Predeterminism 0 Arnold Gesell 0 Developmental psychologist Provided origins that emphasized nature over everything else Traits controlled by nature Basic nutrients are all that is needed Took two twin girls I Trained one to walk and climb stairs I That twin could walk or climb earlier 0 Many things are governed by neurological ripening O O O 0 Biology and Destiny 0 Behavioral genetics plays a role in intelligence 0 Poses a dilemma on how we should raise children Magnitude vs Variability 0 Treetops not trees fallacy is problematics 0 IQ may be heritable Shared and non shared environments 0 Shared environments 0 Experiences that children in a home have in common 0 Non shared environments 0 Experiences unique to individual children as they interact with tohers Power of non shared environment 0 Siblings raised the same way are no more alike than other children raised differently Concept of goodness to fit 0 Temperament is predictable 0 Activity level emotions sociability Types of children temperamentwise 0 Easy child 0 High biological regularity O Readily approaches new objects or people 0 Positive attitudemood 0 Difficult child Biologically irregular Withdrawn Low adaptability Negative attitudemood 0000 Are some people more sensitive than others 0 The idea that evolution expects a certain environment 0 Children evolve from experiences Orchids and dandelions 0 Modern interest 0 Idea that some people are more sensitive due to genetics and personal experiences 0 Some more susceptible to external factors than others which are orchids O Dandelions are like weeds they grow anywhere but you can still kill them but they are resilient Role of genetic regulation of dopamine through DRD4 gene 0 Controls the receptor in the brain 0 Controls how dopamine affects sensitivity to positivity 0 Less dopamine means you learn less from negativity 0 Dandelions don t collapse like orchids do


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