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English 2027 (Poetry)

by: Alexia Gallien

English 2027 (Poetry)

Marketplace > Louisiana State University > Lecture > English 2027 Poetry
Alexia Gallien
GPA 2.75

Dorothy McCaughey

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About this Document

Notes on Dante's Inferno. His journey through hell and lessons learned.
Dorothy McCaughey
Study Guide
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This 6 page Study Guide was uploaded by Alexia Gallien on Thursday July 3, 2014. The Study Guide belongs to a course at Louisiana State University taught by a professor in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 146 views.


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Date Created: 07/03/14
Dante39s Inferno Justice 0 A complement to love 0 Giving to each his due because of nature and because of actions 0 Inferno created by Justice to give each his due and his desire 0 Purgatorio retraining in Justice 0 Paradiso examination of the mystery of Divine Justice justice gives each sole what they desire Contrapasso the punishment is the sin 0 Undecideds of Canto 3 a Fly a nameless banner b are stung by wasps c drips pus that feeds magots d neutrals 0 Virtuous pagans in Limbocanto 4 a Never decided to believe in God b People that didn t know of Christ or died before he began his teachings c NO PHYSICAL TORMENTS d Mental desire for God but will never see himLonging for God 0 Francesca and Paolo of Canto 5 Lust a whirlwind driven by passionNo reasoning b Their circle of hell is guarded by Minos c They are stuck together for all eternity d She is not happy about that she seems terribly upset e Paolo never speaks a word while looking down at him 0 Ciacco of Canto 6Guttony a lie in mud overpowered by slime weighed down by their greed b Had filth rain into his mouth The souls are the mortal sin Hell39s Gate 3 attributes of HeCanto 3 lines 2230 0 Starless airdarkness black 0 Shrieks of Lamentation 0 Anguish 0 Raucous groans 0 Cadences of anger 0 Tongues confusedcan39t communicateNO LANGUAGE 0 outcries desire subjugates reason Dante has to go to hell in order to understand the nature of sin Pity binds us with the one we feel sorry for Pity connects us by our sympathy and compassion Question 0 Why doesn39t Dante can feel pity for the souls in hell 0 The souls chose to be there and he would be taking the sin into himself Beatrice pitied Dante and sent Virgil to help him and he pitied him Day 2 Odysseus Dante Too selfreliantdoesn t39 trust anyone especially his crewNo sef confidencefrozen in fear Lost but forging ahead Lost and giving up Has to learn to trust someone else Eager to trust someone else Heroic as an epic hero should be Cowardly no pretensions to being heroic A ruler and king a nobleman Everyman just like us 1st time a commoner acts as hero of the epic Brave Fearful Epic Heroes Persistent and Alive face obstacles at every turn 0 Desires will out reason 0 Dante Pilgrim and Odysseus are both alive Dante Odysseus Follower Leader Has guide VirgiHas divine help Athena Trusting Too sef reiantat first Weak Confident Fearful Courageous Timid quiet humble Boastful prideful Has no definite idea pod purpose Knows his purpose to get home Willingly went on journey Curse to wander No real family Family inspires him Beatrice was the love of his life he saw her when they were children fell in love with her at site perhaps no blood famiy No heroic qualities he is ordinary Heroic extraordinary Judge of the Underworld 6 Judges the souls desires and throws it to the proper circle D Antitype of Christ of the Last Judgment quotThere standeth Minors horribly and snars Examines the transgressions at the entranceJudges and sends according as he girds him Inf V46 0 Minos wraps his tail around the center as many times to indicate what circle of Hell he is in Francesca da Rimini Dante39s First Real Test 0 Preparatory examples hos lust destroys the city 0 Contrpasso of darkness winds and separation 0 Francesca as eloquent spokeswoman for courtly love and the dolce stil nuovo Dante39s poetic style 0 She mistells the story lies either to herself or to Dante 0 Dante faints as Lancelot fainted before Giuiovere the 3939little deathquot orgasm Francesca kissed Paolo first her husband was cripple so she began to lust over her husband39s brother gthe does not tell the story correctly she said that Paolo kissed him first Dante was seduced by her story The Test 0 He cannot see the truth or recognize the goodness 0 She mirrors him as the courtly lover and poet 0 Emphasis on love that sees one person as its total focus 0 Eyes that mirror back only the self feed oneself 0 Mouth source of kiss mingling of souls nad words 0 Francesca39s sweet style that doesn t mathc beher false substance 0 Antitype of Beatrice who will show him a reflection of Christ speaking the turh call him by name and lead Farinata Second Test 0 Rises in tomb in response to Tuscan language 0 Manner of speech essential to him 0 Unbending in his dedication to his political party and considers himself the savior of the city though his party has torn it apart 0 Defines worth by heredity and political party 0 An antitype of the father figure 0 Proudly and disdainfully prophesies Dante39s exile 0 Image of the political partisan Heresy as Sin of Division 0 One who clings to a faction or splinter of the whole 0 Rejects the unity of the whole 0 Full of pride and refusal to bed 0 Short sightednesscannot see the present problem of whole of hell explained here 0 Isolation 0 Lack of wholeness Pier della Vigne Third Test 0 Chief counselor of emperor Frederick II 0 Use not language to manipulate others 0 Poet and essayist presents his own story to elicit sympathy for himself as rejected servant 0 Pity problem with identifying with them and losing sight of truth 0 Suicide as a habit of denial and rejection not limited to final act itself 0 Soul possessed by desire Retreat of Suicides 0 Loss of body 0 Loss of human identity 0 Loss of movement 0 Loss of freedom of speech 0 Realm of Non identity Contrast with Christ on the Cross 0 Christ took upon himself the human body freely 0 Christ39s body hanging on a treecross brings redemption 0 Pier39s fist words parody Christ39s quotWhy has thou forsaken mequot 0 Thorns and beambles like those used for crown of thorns 0 Parody of the Garden of Gethsemane


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