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by: Tiara Muller


Marketplace > University of Georgia > History > HIST 2111 > AM HISTORY TO 1865
Tiara Muller
GPA 3.97


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This 3 page Study Guide was uploaded by Tiara Muller on Saturday September 12, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to HIST 2111 at University of Georgia taught by Berry in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 80 views. For similar materials see /class/201971/hist-2111-university-of-georgia in History at University of Georgia.

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Date Created: 09/12/15
Possible Identifications 1 Antietam a WhoWhat i Bloodiest One Day Battle of the Civil War ii Named by the North after a local creek iii Robert E Lee fighting for the CSA Eastern Theatre and the Army of Northern VA iv McClellan Fighting for the US Union and the Army of the Potamic b When i September 171862 c Where i Sharpsburg Maryland d Context i The battle followed a Confederate victory in Virginia the South won a battle Second Bull Run Second Manassas in 1862 had the momentum and pushed forward with an invasion of the North The South is seeking for their independence to be legallydiplomatically recognized by Britain and France iii Prove to Britain and France they are alright iv South is hoping for another Saratoga e Significance i 4300 Killed 18000 woundedgtgt 2000 of the 18000 die later ii Pretty much a draw iii North Claims victory and Lee retreats iv Lincoln gives the Emancipation Proclamation v EP declared Freedom of all slaves who did not return to the union by Jan 11863 vi EP named 10 specific stats where it would apply vii This made it a war against slavery viii However The EP left out the Border States Lincoln did not want to mess with them ix The EP proposed freedom to slaves in the states they didn t control and did nothing to the ones they did control x McClellan didn t follow Lee so he is discharged f McClellan later runs for president in 1864 for the North Democrats 2 Gettysburg a When i July 13 1863 b Where i Adams County Gettysburg Pennsylvania c WhoWhat i Largest Battle in US History ii Robert E Lee fighting for the CSA iii George G Meade fighting for the Union d Context 1Page Possible Identifications i The battle followed a Confederate victory in Virginia the South won a battle Chancellorsville in 1863 had the momentum and pushed forward with an invasion of the North ii South invades north again to hurt union efforts iii Lee had a victory in Chancellorsville in May and is heading north iv By heading north Lee is trying to relieve Virginia from the constant fighting and possibly threaten Washington DC and again wanting Europe to recognize them v Hooker has just been replaced with Meade e Significance i More than 50000 Total killed wounded and missing ii Lee never again attempts to invade the North iii The defeat cripples Lee s Army iv Vicksburg fell 1 day later v Gettysburg Addressgtgt Lincoln states that the War will let the world know if democracy can exist for a long period of time and that the Union is fighting a war for Freedom and Human equality vi The Confederates lost complete political and military control vii European support of the Confederacy was withdrawn without delay 3 gm and 15m Amendments a When i 186518681869 b What i Civil War Amendments ii 13 h Abolishes Slavery iii 14 h Upholds citizenship and protection under Federal Law If you are born in the US you are a citizen iv 15 h Guaranteed voting rights no matter what race color or previous condition c Context i Gag Rule Proslavery forces had prevented any discussion of slavery in Congress so antislavery forces starting in about 1831 had submitted petitions for the abolition of slavery believing that since there was a right to petition the government as guaranteed in the First Amendment of the Constitution such petitions and thus slavery itself would have to be discussed The proslavery forces responded with a series of gag rules that automatically quottabledquot all such petitions preventing them from being read or discussed ii Presidential 1 Johnson is addicted to pardoning because he liked how they came to him begging for forgiveness 2 He allows the south to pass the Black Codes a This means slaves have become surfs 3 He allows southern generals and officers to take political positions iii Military 1 The south is divided into 5 military districts and must accept the 13 h iv Congressional reconstruction policies 1 The Congress is Divided a Thaddeus Stevens wants to give slaves land b Charles Sumner wants to give blacks a vote i Forged the 14 h amendment ZIPage Possible Identifications d Significance i The Amendments force Johnsons Hand ii Former slaves only have 2 choices to pay fines for not having a place to stay a Wage Slavery i Former Slaves worked for a wage but again the master was boss and in control b Sharecropping i Many former slaves chose to sharecrop but went into debt because half of what they produced went to the owner iii Undermining The Amendments 1 13 h amendment promised that Slavery would be abolished but it was undermined by share cropping and the Convict Lease System 2 14 h amendment promised Political Equality but was undermined by the Slaughter House Cases 1873 Says states can discriminate Plessy vs Ferguson rules Separate but Equal Civil Rights cases rule if you own things you can discriminate Jim Crow laws segregate public places 3 15 h amendment promised Democratic Participation but is undermined by Poll Taxes Literacy Tests and Escape Clauses 4 Slave Narratives a WhenWhere i 1840 s to 1860 s b WhoWhat i 1845 Frederick Douglas s Narrative was Published ii Uncle Tom s Cabin is published in 1852 Harriet Beecher Stowe Not a slave but an anti slavery book iii Harriet Jacobs published Incidents of a Slave Girl in 1861 c Context i Missouri Compromise 1820 The LA purchase would all be non slave except the part that would be called Missouri 39i Mexican American War 1846 Lot s of land What to do with it ll Sectional Crisis iv Dred Scott Case If a slave is in free territory are they free No v Abolition Movement has begun brewing d Significance i Reveals horrors of slavery ii The stories find an audience in the mass market which means people want to know more about slavery iii Aided in crystallizing the Abolitionist movement iv A slave could escape and write their story in the North means that the North and South have really become different v Separates the South and North more 3Page


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