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Marriage & Family Study Guide Test 1

by: Alison Notetaker

Marriage & Family Study Guide Test 1 Family Studies 213-001

Marketplace > University of New Mexico > Family Studies 213-001 > Marriage Family Study Guide Test 1
Alison Notetaker
GPA 3.85
Marriage & Family Relationships
Ryan J. Kelly

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About this Document

This the study guide Professor Kelly handed out in class that has potential test topics along with my answers from my lecture notes.
Marriage & Family Relationships
Ryan J. Kelly
Study Guide
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This 6 page Study Guide was uploaded by Alison Notetaker on Saturday September 12, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to Family Studies 213-001 at University of New Mexico taught by Ryan J. Kelly in Spring 2015. Since its upload, it has received 36 views.


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Date Created: 09/12/15
Studv Guide for Test 1 Think about setting uo studv droups thev alwavs help and make studvino more eniovable lf vou have questions feel free to email me and I will get back to vou as soon as I can rvankellvunmedu Five elements that comprise a marriage in United States 1 Marriage is a legal contract between a couple and state regulates economic and sexual relationships Marriage is emotional relationship Sexual monogamy Marriage is legal responsibility for children 5 Announcementceremony P90 What is polygamy What are the three forms Polygamy 2 and more spouses Polygyny 1 husband with 2 more wives Polygandry1 wife with 2 more husbands Polyamory multiple loves multiple emotionalsexual partners Hint I would be familiar with how to spell each 5 reasons why polygynous relationships may predict poor health Limited economic resources Unequal treatment across wives Verbal physical abuse Increased loneliness Increased jealously What is serial monogamy Practice 1 person that has several spouses in a lifetime modified polygamy Family of origin born amp reared vs family of procreation person begins marrying and having children vs nuclear family main nuclear vs binuclear family divorced parents remarry What is a blended family When divorced parents remarry Traditional modern and postmodern families how do they differ from each other Traditional families are when the husbands are the breadwinners amp wives are the homemakers Modern families are dual earners both work Postmodern families consist of lesbian or gay couples as well as mothers and fathers single by choice What is a role reversal family A role reversal family is where dad stays home and mom is breadwinner We discussed 10 different ways that marriage and family have changed since 1950 Be able to identify 4 of the 10 reasons no need to recall 10 different kinds 1 Divorce is more accepted 2 Sexual values hooking up more accepted 3 Homosexuality same sex more acceptance 4 Gender roles increase women in work stay at home fathers Understand each of these frameworks related to marriage and the family Social exchange framework view relationships in costprofits and operate from premise of utilarianism Family life course development framework emphasize stage and pattern like development of families Structurefunction framework suggests marriage and family contribute to larger society Conflict framework individuals compete for valuable resources Symbolic interaction framework views marriage and family as symbolic Knox identifies 5 common sources of conflict what are they From chapter 3 part 1 What might be a sixth Behavior affects how you feel Cognitions and perceptions how you cognitivelyperceive the partner s behavior Value differences conflicting values Inconsistent rules disagree inconsistent on rules Leadership ambiguity uncertainty about rules Finances lack of resources for necessities P P PP NT What is a competing conflict style A competing style is when couples compete to win an argument How about a parallel conflict style Both partners are low on assertiveness and cooperativeness deny lie How about a collaborating style Both partners are assertive but cooperative highest martial satisfaction Gottman s four horsemen of the apocalypse What are they 1 Criticism attacking person s personality or character 2 Defensiveness perceive self as victim being attacked 3 Contempt acting superior 4 Stonewalling withdrawal from conversation Among the four horsemen of the apocalypse which is the strongest predictor of divorce Contempt Can Gottman s four horsemen have an impact on the unborn baby Yes the presence of the four horsemen during the 3rcl trimester of pregnancy can result in difficult temperament among the child during the 1St 3 years of life You are a new therapist and are working to help improve couples communication techniques Be familiar with 6 things you can teach your clients about effective communication techniques in class we discussed 15 no need to memorize all 15 Make communication a priority set time aside Establish and maintain eye contact show interest Ask open ended questions greater opportunity for feelings Utilize reflective learning paraphrase and restate what partner said Use I statements non threatening Touch conveys emotion bond intimacy P P PP NT What is reflective listening Reflective listening is restating or summarizing what your partner said What are soft emotions Soft emotions are sad or hurt using more positive communications What is Gottman s 5 to 1 Gottman s 5 to 1 is couples who say 5 positive complements for every negative comment Very successful What is branching Branching is going out on different limbs of an issue rather than staying focused on the issue ldentify 4 leading reasons for cheating in romantic relationships that we discussed in class these are also based on a Wilson et al study 1 Relationship dissatisfaction 2 Revenge 3 Lack of Commitment 4 Attraction to other What is emotional cheating Based on the Carpenter 2011 Psychology of Women Quarterly study is sexual cheating more harmful than emotional cheating Emotional cheating is when one partner has intense emotional attachment outside of a relationship According to the Carpenter study emotional cheating was more harmful than sexualchea ng What is conflict resolution How to resolve conflict Be able to identify 4 ways of successfully resolving conflict we discussed 7 of them Addressing reoccurring disturbing issues discuss concerns Identify new desired behaviors focus on what you want Summarize your partner s perspective confirm you are hearing correctly Generate alternative win win solutions both feel satisfied with outcome PWNT Researchers have repeatedly demonstrated that marital aggression can negatively impact children s development ldentify 4 facets of a child s development that marital aggression might in uence 1 Kids have poor health 2 Sleeping problems 3 Anxiety and symptoms 4 Poor grades Four different types of defense mechanisms that can hinder resolution attempts be familiar with each 1 Escapism withdrawing from a problem 2 Rationalization justifying one s behavior 3 Projection partner attributes individual feelings attitudes or desires to the other 4 Displacement shifting feelings to another person Ludic love as a game multiple partners Pragma love that makes logical and rational sense Eros romantic love intense lasts for a long time high on passion and sexual desire Mania out of control love must have the other person Storge nonsexual love no intense passion respect friendship and commitment Agape selfless and giving love without expecting anything in return Triangular view of love How does it work Do not take time to memorize the 8 different types of love based on the triangular view Rather simply understand the three components of the triangle and how the triangle works In other words are the three basic elements of love that Sternberg identifies ln Sternberg s triangular view of love the three main elements are intimacy passion and decision of commitment We see this in each relationship regardless of sexual orientation Based on the triangular view of love what is consummate love Consummate love is love with passion intimacy and commitment most ideal What is an arranged marriage Who might arrange the marriage An arranged marriage is mate selection where parents pick a spouse for a child but the child has the ultimate say This tactic is very prevalent in the Indian society A growing number of studies have examined relations between arranged marriage and satisfaction in relationships Toward gaining a more indepth understanding of such associations what might be some variables to consider Hint See last slide from chapter 5 part 1 Cultural valuesnorms 2 Depends on how each couple define happinessmartial satisfactionintimacy 3 Over time increased exposure to the spouse may develop many feelings of love and care Endogamy cultural restrictions to select marriage partner within 1 s social group Exogamy cultural expectation to marry outside family group Homogamy theory of mate selection individuals attracted by similar characters age education open mindness to religion Role theory of mate selection interested in a partner who has similar characteristics as opposite sex partner girl looks for guy like her father Complementary needs theory selecting a partner whose needs are opposite Your friend Sam just broke up with her partner and is feeling down It has now been several weeks since the breakup and she continues to struggle Based on the Spielmann MacDonald and Wilson 2009 study would it help Sam get over her relationship if she were to find a new partner lf Sam is optimistic then finding or dating a new person may be beneficial to speeding up the healing process Can you identify three reasons as to why those who marry at 18 years of age or younger are at greater risk for divorce 1 Relationship could be a rebound 2 Easy escape 3 Unplanned pregnancy What is educational homogamy When men and women prefer those who have similar levels of education Among women is greater educational attainment related to a less likelihood of getting married Three reasons why singlehood is more accepted now Sexual revolution increased discussion on sexuality Women s movement equality in education employment income Gay liberation movement provided support for same sex marriage We discussed whether married people are always more happy than singles or those who divorce Based on the Hawkins amp Booth 2005 study is marriage always related to best outcomes Unhappy married couples that stay together are more susceptible to detrimental health outcomes than those who divorce and remarry or divorce and stay single Why is hooking up such as risk factor for STDs Because usually since it s a one time thing a person s sexual past isn t discussed as well as drugs and alcohol could be involved in the equa on Potential positives to Internet dating Highly effective try new identities eliminate people who aren t compatible with you quick Potential negatives to Internet dating Ease of deception inability to assess chemistry potential dangerous situations What is cohabitation Two unrelated adults involved in an emotional and sexual relationship who sleep in same residence at least 4 nights a week We identified 8 types please be familiar with 4 of them Here and now enjoy relationship now and want to spend increased time together Testers test relationship by cohabitating Engaged building life together for long term Money savers economic convenience PWNT


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