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Midterm Study Guide POSC 1123 Texas Government

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by: Sherman Paul

Midterm Study Guide POSC 1123 Texas Government POSC 1123

Marketplace > Prairie View A&M University > Political Science > POSC 1123 > Midterm Study Guide POSC 1123 Texas Government
Sherman Paul
GPA 4.0

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About this Document

These notes cover what is going to be on the next test. This midterm is key so make sure you take the time to look at these notes before the test this week. Let me know if you have any questions.
Texas Government
Dr. Lee McGriggs
Study Guide
McGriggs, Midterm Study Guide, POSC 1123, Texas Government
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1 review
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"Same time next week teach? Can't wait for next weeks notes!"

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This 8 page Study Guide was uploaded by Sherman Paul on Sunday March 6, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to POSC 1123 at Prairie View A&M University taught by Dr. Lee McGriggs in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 63 views. For similar materials see Texas Government in Political Science at Prairie View A&M University.

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Same time next week teach? Can't wait for next weeks notes!



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Date Created: 03/06/16
Sherman Paul POSC 9:30 McGriggs Midterm Study Guide What are the most pressing priorities in Texas legislation? - Budget and Appropriation How many members in Texas House and Senate? - 181 total members - 150 Texas House - 31 Senators (20 Republicans, 11 Democrats) When Texas legislatures vote according to wishes of their constituents what type of representation is this? - According to the interest of the district What is the role of interest groups? - Organize a voting block to represent certain groups - Provide information and support legislators and their staf - Vast array of issues legislative addresses is reflected in the variety of interest groups involved in this process - Ofers provisions for bills - Gives advice to legislatures - Coalition building or negotiations - Gives a view of the public What techniques do business groups use to influence legislation? - Lobbyists/Lobbying What is meant by the term citizen legislature? - Legislature members are still seen as citizens - They are paid low salaries, which forces them to have other full time jobs in addition to being legislatures What is the function of gatekeepers in Texas legislature? - Gatekeepers are often senior staf membes - Hold influence over the member’s allocation of time and who gets their attention - Possess “institutional memory” or knowledge about a past circumstance and can help solve similar situations What is the sponsor of the bill do? - Present the bill into the Texas legislative What can be done only by members of the legislature? - Present bills to the legislation - Known as the sponsor of the bill How many readings does a bill go through on the floor of each house? - Three What does it mean when a committee marks up a bill? - Make changes and edit What is the primary responsibility of the Calendar Committee? - Schedule legislation If a committee moves a bill to the bottom of the agenda what is this called? - Pigeonholing What is a filibuster? - Used to defeat legislation - When members take a long time to debate a bill, that they actually talk it to death What is the bully pulpit? - An individual with an outstanding/respectful position of authority - Uses superior authority to speak out on any issue - Members of TX legislation use their power of authority to speak about an issue Who is responsible for resolving the House and Senate version of a bill? - Conference Committee What is the line item veto? - Allows governor to reject certain sections of the bill, but not whole thing - Takes ⅔ vote to override line item veto Under what condition may the governor use his line-item veto? - Only with parts of an appropriation bill Why was former governor Rick Perry criticized for calling special sessions? - Special sessions are called to focus on important state business - Rick Perry called special sessions as a result from his political and policy priorities rather than an immediate crisis facing the state What distinguishes the capital press corps from reporters who report on legislation? - Capital press corps area coverage is primary the state government, mainly legislation - Capital press corps participates in the flow of information that circulates through the Lege (legislation) - The other group of news media professionals occasionally reports on the legislature, a more broad governmental beat - Occasionally cover events connected to legislation What are the requirements to be governor? - 30 years old - Resident of Texas for 5 years - Citizen of United States - 4-year terms What are the eligibility requirements of a senate? - 26 years old - A citizen for Texas for five years - Resident of the district for 1 year - 4-year term What are the eligibility requirements to be a house of representative? - 21 years old - Citizen of TX 2 years before election - Resident of the district for 1 year - Elected 2 years, reelection every even year What importance did the constitution of 1876 provide? - Gave us plural executive What is senatorial courtesy? - Governor appointments are confirmed when a senator from the appointee’s district approves - If the senator approves, the other senators will usually follow suit The legislative board plays a huge role in legislation in what way? - Governor cannot override decision made by legislative board What is the purpose of the governor’s message? - The governor presents a message to persuade or sway public opinion What is unique about Texas executive? - Plural executives: Popular officials are elected not appointed - Plural executive limits the power of the governor - Distributes power amongst many political leaders What are the responsibilities of the Secretary of state? - Administering election laws - Oversee voter registration What three actions can the governor take when presented with a bill? - Sign bill into law - Veto the bill, legislation can override veto with a ⅔ vote from both houses - Do nothing to it, bill will automatically come into efect after 90 days What privileges/ responsibilities do the governor hold? - Chief Legislature - Only individual that can call legislature into special session - Budgetary powers - Can use a line item veto - Party Chief - Appoint judiciary in a vacancy What does the Sunset Advisory Commission do? - A part of the legislative administrative powers - Recommends the continuation of state agencies What are the three temporary committees? - Conference Committees - Interim Committees - Ad Hoc Committee What are the roles of Conference committees? - Largest impact out of the three temporary committees - Resolves disputes between house and senate on a particular bill What are the roles of interim committees? - Considers bills outside of the time of the regular session - Prepares work for next session - Always working What are the roles of ad hoc committees? - Establish specific issues, problems, or questions What is the significance of the committee system? - Influences what bills are considered and how far they advance - Shapes legislative process - Shapes distribution of power What are permanent committees? - Committees that carry over from one session from another What are examples of permanent committees? - Standing Committee - Special Committee -Substantive Committee -Procedural Committee What are the two types of committees in the Senate? - Standing Committee  Permanent committee of the senate  Members are named by Lt. Gov  Deals with public policies - Special Committee  Subcommittees of standing committee  Less permanence than standing committee  Study important areas that are public policies What are the two types of committees in the House? - Substantial  Similar to standing committees  Deal with substantive public policy such as environment or insurance - Procedural  Regulates the operations of the house  Calendar Committee is a procedural committee What is the process of a bill becoming a law? - Bill must be introduced by Texas legislature - Bill is given a number - Referenced to the committee by speaker and is given a first time reading - Hold a committee and public hearing - Report the bill out, can be determined favorable/unfavorable - Bill can substitute amendments/ remove add - Bill is printed and goes to another committee - Goes to a Calendar Committee - Goes to a second reading; discussed, debated, and amended - Goes to a third reading, debated, must be passed by ⅔ vote (Final passage by House) - Sent to Senate - Bill must go through the same process in the Senate - If upheld, and signed by governor then it becomes a law What kind of approach does Texas take to looking at a bill? - Traditionalistic and analytical What is the role of the Texas legislative? - Making laws - Controls “purse” budget - Least weakest branches - Meets every other year for 140 days (regular session) - Can meet for special sessions (if called by Governor) Who is the most powerful person in the senate? - Lieutenant Governor - Dan Patrick fills position currently Who is the most powerful person in the house? - Speaker of the House - Joe Strauss fills position currently What is the role of the Speaker of the house? - Most powerful person in the house - Appoints all members to the committee - Refers bills to the committee - Maintain order on debate floor - Signs all bills and joint resolutions What is the role of the Lieutenant Governor? - Most powerful member in the senate and state - Most powerful legislator in Texas - Interpret rules - Appoints all committees - Refers bills to committees - Serve as providing officer - Chairman of Legislative Budget Board and Legislative Council What is the protempore? - Member of legislature who steps in for Lieutenant Governor when they are absent or position is vacant - Appointed by the Speaker of the House What is gerrymandering? - When redistricting, drawing lines to benefit one party over another - Political and racial gerrymandering What two Supreme Court cases involved gerrymandering? - Baker v. Carr: Requirement that state legislature districts must have same number of citizens - Renalds v. Sim: Both houses in districts have the same number of citizens What is done every ten years to help limit racial and political gerrymandering? - Redistricting What is incumbency? - Rate of reelection What is the benefit of having a high incumbency rate? - Slows down the change of government and legislator’s makeup in the face of the state’s growing diversity What are the three types of bills? - General: Applies to all - Special: Provide exceptions to general laws, applies to a single person or class - Local: County or City or specific area What is a bracket bill? - Identify characteristics of a class of beneficiaries that only the intended beneficiaries display What are the characteristics of a bracket bill? - Reasonably relate to the purpose of the law - Allow the defined class or area to expand or contract with changing circumstances What are the three types of resolutions? - Simple resolution: formal statement of opinion, not a proposed law, doesn’t require signature of government - Joint resolution: used to prose amendments to TX Constitution, must be approved by voters, ratify proposed amendments to U.S. Constitutions - Concurrent resolution:  Must be approved by both chambers, require action by governor  Ofer a commendation or memorial  Administrative actions within the legislature What administrative powers does the Texas legislation have? - Ratify gubernatorial appointments - Create, abolish, and redefine state agencies - Require regular and special reporting - Approve state agency budgets What kind of immunity does the Texas legislature’s have? - Can’t be sued for slander - Can’t be held responsible for statements made during regular legislative session


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