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Exam Study Guide

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by: Kristina Notetaker

Exam Study Guide COMM 3332

Kristina Notetaker

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About this Document

These notes will cover what will be on the exam.
Risk Communication
Jason Coronel
Study Guide
50 ?




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1 review
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"Better than the professor's notes. I could actually understand what the heck was going on. Will be back for help in this class."
Shad Lehner

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This 2 page Study Guide was uploaded by Kristina Notetaker on Sunday March 6, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to COMM 3332 at Ohio State University taught by Jason Coronel in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 36 views. For similar materials see Risk Communication in Communication Studies at Ohio State University.


Reviews for Exam Study Guide

Star Star Star Star Star

Better than the professor's notes. I could actually understand what the heck was going on. Will be back for help in this class.

-Shad Lehner


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Date Created: 03/06/16
3163 Exam 1 Review: 50 multiple choice. Difference between Theory and Hypothesis. Difference between validity and reliability of measures D B independent and dependent variables. Know random assignment and what it does. Difference between random assignment and arbitrary assignment. *Difference between an experiment and an observational study What a confound is and how to minimize its effects. Difference between internal and external validity. Demand characteristics. Difference between a lab, field, and natural experiment. What is a confederate? *Different types of observational studies (5) Immutable characteristic (and why its important) Difference between open ended and close ended questions. Good practices in writing survey questions (what to do and what to avoid) 3 Different types of survey response scales (advantages and disadvantages) What is Acquiescence Bias What is Question order Effects *What is Social Desirability Bias Know the three approaches to dealing with social desirability biases (list experiment, randomized response technique, bogus pipeline procedure) Difference between a self-report and non-self-report measure. Difference between explicit and implicit attitudes Response times and the Implicit Association Test (what does the IAT measure) Know how to measure explicit and implicit stereotyping Psychophysiological Measures Eye Tracking (and what you can measure with it) Skin Conductance Response ( what you can and cannot measure with it) fMRI (basic idea of what its measuring) Know HOW the Control Question Test (Polygraph) works (pattern of results if someone is telling the truth...) Difference between a population and a sample Types of probability and non-probability sampling Representative Sample (and what sample will get you this.) Know the types of questions in semi-structured interviews Know the problems and idea around focus groups Know basics of Wiki Surveys Know general procedures for content analysis Difference between Manifest and Latent content Difference between explicit and implicit racial appeal ads Know major responses in history of responses in history of research ethics (what was importance that emerged from them)


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