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University of Memphis - CHEM 1120 - Class Notes - Week 7

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> > > > University of Memphis - CHEM 1120 - Class Notes - Week 7

University of Memphis - CHEM 1120 - Class Notes - Week 7

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background image Chemistry II Notes – Week 5 Ch. 16: Chemical Equilibrium Dynamic equilibrium o Both sides of a chemical equation are happening at the same rate Equilibrium constant o K
o K is unitless
o Ratio of products and reactants at equilibrium
o Changing the concentration of anything changes everything
o Law of mass action
K = [C] c [D] d  / [A] a [B] b   aA+bB↔cC+dD o K is products over reactants
o Reciprocal of reverse reaction
As product concentration increases, the reverse reaction rate increases o At equilibrium, concentrations are constant Reactants and products aren’t necessarily equal in amount There can be product or reactant favored reactions When K is greater than one o Product favored reaction
o Less reactants used
When K is less than one o Reactant favored reaction
o Less product remaining
For gases o K p  = P c c  x P d d  / P a a  x P b b   o Partial pressures in atm
o K
p  = K c  x (RT) Δn Delta n is the change in moles between reactants and products If it is zero then K will equal K c Heterogeneous Equilibrium o Liquids  and solids don’t count
o H
2 O(l) ↔ H + (g) + OH - (g)  K c  = [H + ][OH - ]

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School: University of Memphis
Department: Chemistry
Course: General Chemistry II
Professor: Brewster
Term: Spring 2016
Tags: Chemistry
Name: Chemistry II Week 6 Notes
Description: the end of chapter 16 notes and the beginning of chapter 17 notes
Uploaded: 03/07/2016
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