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Exam 1 Study Guide

by: Kelsey Webb

Exam 1 Study Guide Bios 109

Kelsey Webb
GPA 3.5
Human Biology
Virgil Stola

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About this Document

Human Biology
Virgil Stola
Study Guide
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This 6 page Study Guide was uploaded by Kelsey Webb on Sunday September 13, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to Bios 109 at Northern Illinois University taught by Virgil Stola in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 144 views. For similar materials see Human Biology in Biology at Northern Illinois University.

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Date Created: 09/13/15
Exam 1 Review De nitions QUESTIONS 1 AND 2 Hypothesis a proposed explanation for a set of observations Man attempt to explain why supported by data often used to generate more speci c hypothesis Educated Guess a guess based on knowledge and experience which is likely to be correct Experiment evidence tells if you are right or wrong Prokarvote single cells that lack a nucleus Ex bacteria Eukaryote composed of many cells and have a nucleus Ex humans 0 Archaea prokaryotes that live in extremes Bacteria most diverse prokaryotes 3 When creating an experiment scientists use a group as their reference point and know what the results should be This group is not manipulated in any way This is known as the group 0 Control group 4 What element is needed in a small quantity and serves the purpose to bind oxygen and help distribute it throughout the body De ciencies of this element are associated with decreased energy 0 Iron 5 The answer to number 4 is an example of an element 0 Chemical 6 ln chemical reactions the arrow represents the conversion of to Reactants to products 7 A pH of 3 is considered an 0 Acid 8 At a pH of 3 select the statement that is true o No options listed 9 Life is organized in a hierarchical fashion Which of the following sequences correctly lists the hierarchy from a bottom up perspective 0 Molecule DNA Organele Cell basic unit of all life Tissues Organs Organ Systemsl Organisms Populations Community Ecosystem Biosphere 10 Organic compounds are compounds that have which element Nitrogen 11 Starch is a polymer made up of which subunits and is the energy storage form for Polysaccharides and energy storage for plants 12 What is the structural carbohydrate polymer discussed in class that makes up the exoskeleton of insects and crustaceans Chitin 13 All macromolecules can provide energy but which one has a primary function of longterm energy storage Lipids 14 Nucleotides are made up of which of the following Monomers 15 Proteins exposed to high heat tend to unravel and lose their shape This process is known as o Denaturation 16 This loss of structure from the question above is also associated with an Salt concentration pH or high heat 17 DNA is mostly stranded and RNA is mostly Double helix and single polynucleotide strand 18 RNA has all of the following bases except for List what bases Adenine A Uracil U Cytosine C and Guanine G NOT THYMINE T 19 Proteins are made up of which monomeric subunits ie What monomers 0 Amino acid 20 20 Which of the following is not built from long repeats of monomeric subunits What is built from long repeats of monomeric subunits Polymers 21 A carbon skeleton alone is typically not involved in many chemical reactions However when the carbon skeleton is attached with it increases its chemical reaction capabilities 22 Water s ability to lower its temperature when some of it changes from a liquid state to a gas state resulting in a cooler droplet that helps regulate body temperature is know as 23 Monomers are linked together through a process known as Dehydration reactionsynthesis 24 Which of the following statements regarding triglyceride molecules is false List about triglyceride molecules 25 One would expect to classify organisms deep in Earth s core where temperatures are very hot in what domain 0 26 A valid scienti c hypothesis needs to be Testable and falsi able can be wrong through testing 27 When two atoms of opposite charges are attracted to each other they form bonding This bond forms from the donating or receiving of electrons not sharing of electrons Ionic 28 For carbon to be considered carbon it must have 6 protons The number of protons represents its 0 Atomic number 29 Carbon atoms have different mass number vary in the number of and are known as o 30 Identify the ion listed below de ne an ion a Na b H20 c H d Cl e all are ions 0 Ion atom or molecule in which the total number of electrons is not equal to the total number of protons 31 Proteins differ from one another because 0 Of their sequence of amino acid dictated by the nucleotide sequence of their genes 32 Not listed on study guide 33 The entire structure to the right is collectively called o No picture given look at different structures 34 The idea that all living things are composed of cells and that all cells come from other cells de nes o The cell theory 35 As cell size increases the 0 Volume of the cell may be too large for effective metabolic activity and exchange of nutrients 36 Plasma membranes are permeable to 0 Small lipids such as oxygen and carbon dioxide 37 In the plasma membrane the phospholipid heads 0 Make up the external and internal cell walls each side contacting a liquid environment 38 Protein synthesis requires the use of mRNA which 0 Controls the cell s activities 39 Which of the following particles is found in the nucleus of the waist particles is in the nucleus Protons electrons and neutrons 40 Which of the following statements regarding carbon is false Look at carbon 41 A molecule with the formula C55H110055 is probably an Polysaccharide 42 What are common characteristics shared among all cells Memembrane surrounds and separates the inside of the cell cytoplasm from its surrounding Cytoplasm a semi uid substance inside the cell 0 DNA in the form of chromosomes although the structure of the chromosomes differ 43 A major type of lipid found to make up the cell membranes is Synthesizes lipids 44 Which of the following options correctly pairs a polymer and its monomer Polymer amp monomer Carbohydrate monosaccharide gucose 45 49 MATCHING A Phagocytosis cellular eating engulfment of solid solutes B Exocytosis release of substances by vesicles that fuse with the plasma membrane to release them C Active transport The use of proteins and energy to move molecules against the concentration gradient from low to high concentration D Facilitated diffusion the process of spontaneous passive transport opposite of active transport of molecules or ions across a biological membrane E Diffusion The tendency for molecules to move with the concentration gradient moving from area of high concentration to lower 50 If a red blood cell is placed in a hypotonic solution what is likely to happen to the cell 0 Water rushes into the cell and can cause it to lysis or burst lower solute concentration than in cell


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