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Review for Test 1

by: Alyssa Notetaker

Review for Test 1 MA155-70

Alyssa Notetaker
Statistical Reasoning
Yanping Xia

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About this Document

These are all practice problems to prepare for test 1!
Statistical Reasoning
Yanping Xia
Study Guide
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This 8 page Study Guide was uploaded by Alyssa Notetaker on Sunday September 13, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to MA155-70 at Southeast Missouri State University taught by Yanping Xia in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 145 views. For similar materials see Statistical Reasoning in Mathematics (M) at Southeast Missouri State University.

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Date Created: 09/13/15
Review Test 1 Practice problems for Chaptl Determine whether the underlined value is a parameter or a statistic 1 In a survey conducted in the town of Atherton 25 of adult respondents reported that they had been involved in at least one car accident in the past ten years A parameter B statistic 2 282 of the mayors of cities in a certain state are from minority groups A parameter B statistic Provide an appropriate response 3 A survey of 1602 American households found that 32 of the households own a DVD recorder Identify the population the sample and the individuals in the study 4 A survey of 1015 American households found that 78 of the households own at least two bicycles Identify the population the sample and the individuals in the study 5 Parking at a large university has become a very big problem University administrators are interested in determining the average parking time e g the time it takes a student to find a parking spot of its students An administrator inconspicuously followed 120 students and carefully recorded their parking times Identify the population of interest to the university administration A the students that park at the university between 9 and 10 AM on Wednesdays B the parking times of the 120 students from Whom the data were collected C the entire set of faculty staff and students that park at the university D the parking times of the entire set of students that park at the university 6 A telephone poll asked 1422 registered voters quotWould you vote for the current vice president if he ran for president Of these 1422 respondents 35 would vote for the current vice president if he ran for president The administrators of the study concluded that 35 of all registered voters would vote for the current vice president if he ran for president Identify a the research objective b the sample c the descriptive statistics and d the conclusions made in the study Classify the variable as qualitative or quantitative 7 the colors of book covers on a bookshelf A qualitative B quantitative 8 the number of calls received at a company s help desk A quantitative B qualitative Determine whether the quantitative variable is discrete or continuous 9 the number of bottles of juice sold in a cafeteria during lunch A continuous B discrete 10 the weight of a player on the wrestling team A continuous B discrete Determine the level of measurement of the variable 11 the musical instrument played by a music student A ordinal B ratio C nominal D interval 12 the medal received gold silver bronze by an Olympic gymnast A ordinal B ratio C nominal D interval Determine what type of observational study is described Explain 13 Researchers wanted to determine Whether there was an association between high blood pressure and the suppression of emotions The researchers looked at 1800 adults enrolled in a Health Initiative Observational Study Each person was interviewed and asked about their response to emotions In particular they were asked whether their tendency was to express or to hold in anger and other emotions The degree of suppression of emotions was rated on a scale of l to 10 Each person s blood pressure was also measured The researchers analyzed the results to determine Whether there was an association between high blood pressure and the suppression of emotions A retrospective Individuals are asked to look back in time B cohort Individuals are observed over a long period of time C crosssectional Information is collected at a specific point in time 14 Select a random sample of five state capitals from the list below using the two digit list of random numbers provided Begin with the uppermost left random number and proceed down each column When a column is complete use the numbers at the top of the next right column and proceed down that column Lu umrJ ulLI WM IIII39L JIIJIiIJJIM39I39nIn um Linu Luff quotluluquot un t leiv Ll lk LulJ uLLIIL ml ulul39 IIquotIIJI lulu LULIILIJIIII State Capitals 1 A j l 11 tharlesturuw 21 Hartford CT 31 Mou 41 13151 2 Annapu sgl l 12 Chugrermu rf 22 Hale121ath 32 mg mg mw 42 Saarmnm u 1151 3 tlamtut GP 13 Cullnr ia 513 23 Hum l39l m H1 33 Mummyshut MT 43 Salem DH 4 1151191513 11 Golmr jugl DH 24 I i p a 3amp1 Emmi TN 44 Salt City IN UT 5 Austin TE 15 Can2min 25 Juuksuu M3 3 915131133 EMF 45 Santa FEHM Butuu uugu U v letters111 l i w 16 DBMLCU 26 Gityimm 36 DIWmW p 15 Spring eld IL T Bismaluk ND 3917 DeuMumeaI 2T Juneau HR 3 Pluueujzg r11 EtPuuL MN a Emisejf is DmrEE as Humng 33 P iem fll as 9 Bustu rtb 19 Frar afortli39l 29 dumb NE 39 4 Topeka KS 1 Carsun 311131413 2E F5 Llll39lEE lglg 439 NC in Timm r NJ at E 92 TE 5 lit 3 W as 151 5 11 91 A Springfield IL Des Moines IA Boston MA Santa Fe NM Columbus OH B Springfield IL AtlantaGA Providence RI Santa Fe NM Columbus OH C Carson City NV Boise ID Atlanta GA Cheyenne WY Boston MA D Boston MA Concord NH Dover DE Santa Fe NM Richmond VA Identify the type of sampling used 15 Thirtyfive math majors 29 music majors and 26 history majors are randomly selected from 585 math majors 279 music majors and 393 history majors at the state university What sampling technique is used A systematic B stratified C cluster D convenience E simple random 16 Every fifth adult entering an airport is checked for extra security screening What sampling technique is used A systematic B simple random C cluster D convenience E stratified Provide an appropriate response 17 An online newspaper conducted a survey by asking quotDo you support the lowering of air quality standards if it could cause the death of millions of innocent people from pollution related diseasesquot Determine the type of bias 18 A farmer wishes to test the effects of a new fertilizer on her potato yield She has four equalsized plots of land one with sandy soil one with rocky soil one with clayrich soil and one with average soil She divides each of thefour plots into three equalsized portions and randomly labels them A B and C The four A portions of land are treated with her old fertilizer The four B portions are treated with the new fertilizer and the four C s are treated with no fertilizer At harvest time the potato yield is recorded for each section of land i What is the response variable in this experiment ii What is the treatment in this experiment iii How many levels does the treatment have in this experiment iv Identify the experimental units v What type of experimental design is this vi Give outline of this experiment The practice problems for Chapter 2 1The bar graph shows the number of tickets sold each week by the garden club for their annual ower show Numtmfr 9f Ticketa 5131 Each Week D 5D leeks 5chle 1 13 1 1 quot 39 Number of T1 1 E39A39I39 quotI 139a i 1 i i During which week was the most number of tickets sold A week 1 B week 5 C week 4 D week 2 ii During which week was the fewest number of tickets sold A week 2 B week 4 C week 6 D week 5 iii Approximately how many tickets were sold during week 5 A 46 tickets B 40 tickets C 19 tickets D 11 tickets 2 The following doublebar graph illustrates the revenue for a company for the four quarters of the year for two different years Use the graph to answer the question ED 55 5 ll 35 3E 25 ED 15 1C1 5 REWmHE I311 William Elf dollamjl lat 2nd 3rd 4th Gum he Tamil Year 2 i In what quarter was the revenue the greatest for Year 2 A third quarter B first quarter C second quarter D four quarter ii In what quarter was the revenue the least for Year 2 A second quarter B first quarter C fourth quarter D third quarter iii What was the revenue for the first quarter of Year 1 A 7 million B 35 million C 20 million D 4 million 3 A study was conducted to determine how people get jobs Four hundred subjects were randomly selected and the results are listed below Construct a frequency bar graph and a relative frequency bar graph Round percents to whole numbers 3415 32 124 59 32 4 A nurse measured the blood pressure of each person who visited her clinic Following is a relativefrequency histogram for the systolic blood pressure readings for those people aged 25 to 40 Use the histogram to answer the question The blood pressure readings were given to the nearest whole number Relative Frequency 035 030 025 020 015 010 005 000 l 100 110 120 130 140 150 160 Systolic Blood Pressure mm Hg i Approximately what percentage of the people aged 2540 had a systolic blood pressure reading of at least 110 but less than 120 A 35 B 35 C 30 D 15 E 035 ii Approximately what percentage of the people aged 2540 had a systolic blood pressure reading less than 120 A 35 B 50 C 35 D 15 E 5 iii Given that 200 people were aged between 25 and 40 approximately how many had a systolic blood pressure reading less than 130 A 50 B 25 C 150 D 100 E 75 5 The following data show the number of laps run by each participant in a timed running race 46 65 55 43 51 48 57 30 43 49 32 56 i If the stems are 3 4 5 and 6 how many leaves are on the quot4 stemquot A4 B0 C1 D5 ii If the stems are 3 4 5 and 6 what are the values of the leaves are on the quot4 stemquot AO B5 C33689D3689 iii Is the variable quotnumber of laps runquot discrete or continuous A Neither B Continuous C Discrete iv What is the mode for number of laps run A 3 B 43 C 30 D 65 6 The grade point averages for 40 evening students are listed below Construct a frequency histogram and a relative frequency histogram Eratie Paint Average Frequency 1 11 le l E 11 5 19 Equot ECU 24 1 25 29 E ail 341 1E 35 39 2 4111 44 1 7 A sample of 15 Boy Scouts was selected and their weights in pounds were recorded as follows 97 120 137 124 1 17 108 134 126 123 106 130 1 10 100 120 140 a Using a class width of 10 give the upper and lower limits for five classes starting with a lower limit of 95 for the first class b Construct a frequency distribution for the data c Construct a frequency distribution for the data using five classes Describe the shape of the distribution A uniform B bell shaped C skewed to the left D skewed to the right Construct a dot plot for the data 8 The local police using radar checked the speeds in mph of 30 motorists at a busy intersection The results are listed below Construct a dot plot for the data 44 38 41 50 36 36 43 42 49 48 35 40 37 41 43 50 45 45 39 38 50 41 47 36 35 40 42 43 48 33 Explain what is misleade about the graphic 1 The leume dl sales dmllaledll A elf a deuhled but ue area multiplied by 4 E elf a has dauhled but the area has multiplied by B C pi a has dammed but the area has D graphic is net misleading 2 l39liTIUEIl SEIEE Elf WHEETES Ell Eemnaw H sans aama sauna aaua maria iaua Number Build E d E i E E l an A vertical scale dues m1 begin at E The label is incemplete C is depicted in the A v39 v D The graphic is net mjsleadmg


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