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Exam 1 Study guide

by: Willie Colvin

Exam 1 Study guide KIN 300

Willie Colvin
Intro Exercise and Nutritional Sciences
Alicia Jane Johnson (P)

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About this Document

First exam study guide
Intro Exercise and Nutritional Sciences
Alicia Jane Johnson (P)
Study Guide
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This 2 page Study Guide was uploaded by Willie Colvin on Sunday September 13, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to KIN 300 at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa taught by Alicia Jane Johnson (P) in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 13 views. For similar materials see Intro Exercise and Nutritional Sciences in Kinesiology at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa.


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Date Created: 09/13/15
Exam One Review Fall 2015 KIN 300 Introduction to Kinesiology Exam one is worth 200 points 0 25 multiple choice questions 25 X 050 points each for 1250 total points 0 15 truefalse questions 15 X 050 points each for 750 total points 0 2 extra credit questions 2 X 050 points each for 100 total points Things to remember 0 Exam one will include chapter 1 chapter 2supplemental slides 1 supplemental slides 2 and chapter 3 o All materials covered inclass and those assigned as outofclass textbook readings are included 0 Arrive to class ontime The exam will begin promptly to ensure students have ample time to finish during the class meeting time 0 You will be able to use any type of writing utensil on the exam eg pen pencil etc 0 Below are the main points or sections from each chapter They are not the only topics to be included on the exam It is simply to focus your attention and provide a place to begin from Chapter 1 Dilemma of Our Times Lifespan Physical Activity and the Obesity Health Crisis 0 The definition of overweight and obesity 0 The definition of body mass index BMI o The four BMI number ranges and their corresponding BMI categories 0 Which regions of the United States have the highest and lowest obesity numbers 0 What might be some possible reasons for this 0 What might have contributed to such high obesity rates in the United States overall 0 Know the basics of the four lifespan categories 0 What are the approximately the age range for each 0 What types of physical activity might be available at each categoryage Chapter 2 Evolution of Physical Activity Philosophies and Programs amp Supplemental Slides 1 Sport History 0 Physical education 0 The definition of nationalistic I How did this View help contribute to the state of physical education 0 Know the names of the two major proponents of physical education in Europe 0 What did physical education first focus on I What types of activities were they doing I What types of equipment were they using I Where did the training take place 0 What are examples of appropriate female activities throughout history 0 Don t worry about the section titled The emergence of physical activity in American physical education 0 Fitness 0 What did early forms of fitness include o How did technological advancements help fitness 0 Sport 0 What did early forms of sport include How did religion money and someone s sex affecthurt sport How did industrialization help sport How did advancements in technology and communication help sport How did immigration help sport Who started intercollegiate sports What are some purposes for having intercollegiate sports What period was known as the Golden Age of Sport OOOOOOO Supplemental Slides 2 Sport and North American Culture and Values 0 What does a country s culture consist of o How does culture affect sport and how does sport affect culture 0 The definition of values 0 Known the six most common values in North America ie success competition achievement progress materialism and conformity o What is each value generally about 0 How do we see each value in general societyUS culture 0 How do we see each value in sport Chapter 3 Developing an Infrastructure to Support Physical Activity and Healthy Lifestyles o The definition of infrastructure 0 What are some examples of infrastructure in general societyUS culture 0 What are some examples of infrastructure in physical educationphysical activitysport 0 Know that there are a number of organizations and laws at the national state and local levels to support physical educationphysical activitysport o What is the purpose of the organizationslaws at each level ie national state and local 0 Don t need to know the names of any specific organizationslaws 0 What does colocation mean 0 What are community schools 0 What are their goals


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