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GOV notes 2

by: Victoria King

GOV notes 2 1113-010

Victoria King
GPA 3.71

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About this Document

has information about the constitutional convention and some exam material
American Federal Government
David Boren
Study Guide
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This 1 page Study Guide was uploaded by Victoria King on Monday March 7, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to 1113-010 at University of Oklahoma taught by David Boren in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 26 views. For similar materials see American Federal Government in Political Science at University of Oklahoma.

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Date Created: 03/07/16
constitutional convention: under the articles of confederation­ unicameral house, no power to tax, one vote, amendment process must have 100% vote, most  demographics were farmers conflict of 1785 farmers vs bankers, the demand of the farmers were high, but many were in debt. thus shays  rebellion because the government didn’t have money to tax, they didn’t have money to raise an army or an insurrection  experience of rhode island­ lets print more money to make up for it. however, the bankers got in  trouble and fled.  the country party vs the commerce party How to be protect ourselves against invasion?? This leads to the national convention the call for the national convention­ the official instructions to delegates. they were told they  were only going to amend the articles of confederation  philadelphia convention 1787: madison meets with randalf and washington. his plan was radical  because it did away completely with the articles of confederation.  one state said that they weren’t coming created a system of checks and balances for sharing power people were scared of a tyrant or a king, so this split the power small states like the voting because it was equal to them. 1 vote.  they needed to do it by population two houses­ house of rep is population, senate­ gets 1 vote (or two votes) "the business of government is compromise”  slavery??? will they be represented? thus became the 3/5th compromise  ratification­ 9 states must now approve federalists and antifederalists majority rule of democracy  intentions of the framers­ stated in the federalist 10 faction­ a political party or group with similar self interests most common source­various and unequal distribution of property most dangerous­ majority first object of government­ secure the good and private rights of the people and their property remove the cause of the faction, or give the people the same freedom, ideas, and interests how the constitution guards against majority: 2. the constitution limited suffrage 3. made a republic, not a democracy 4. large republic instead of 13 small ones 5. indirect elections 6. staggered elections


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